Al Jazeera Channel for Google TV Now Available


Qatar-based network Al Jazeera has launched an English language channel on Google TV. For now, the app features live Twitter updates on a bottom-positioned ticker with all  of the content filling up the screen above it. They plan to upgrade the application soon after launch to bring a live always-on stream of Al Jazeera coverage. If you enjoy Al Jazeera you’ll want to download it right away. It’s already available in the market here for free. [via GTVSource]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Let me download that right now… Oh, wait – I can’t… still no GTV2.0 update for the Logitech Revue.

      1. That earlier article was hoax.
        But… I just checked, and there is an update *now*. yay.

      2. At least 50% of Revue users did not receive the update until Sunday 10pm pacific time or later.

  2. it will be as fun to watch as women’s basketball…

  3. The channel has been on my Sony Google TV for months, it was under the old Spotlight or Sony Recommends tab.

  4. I believe that this has always been on the revue

    1. This is the revamped native app. Not just a Chrome-based web app.

  5. Well, this is good news. Can the Hitler Speech Archive Channel be far off?

    1. Right, because everyone from the middle east is a terrorist.

      Hate to burst your bubble, but Al Jazeera is a more credible news organization than Fox News.

      1. Oh, there’s no doubt that Al-Jazeera has more in common with CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN and the BBC than FOX.

      2. Are you really that stupid or is that just an act?

        1. [redacted by the thought police]

          1. every news organization has bias. Each of us is responsible for filtering that when we watch/read.

            The Arab Spring would not have happened without Al Jazeera. I think the Arab Spring will end up being a net positive thing for the human species.

          2. Noooo……”I replyied to you”

      3. People like you are what’s wrong with the world today. Seriously, Al Jazeera more credible than Fox? What a daft tool you are. I’m not saying that FOX is the role model of news outlets, but anyone that’s not a fool knows that FOX, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, and pretty much ALL of the mainstream media outlets are all equally biased and equally implausible at any given time.

    2. biggot

    3. My guess is that you are saying this because they actually showed the entire Bin Laden videos when they were released.  They reported them as news, they did not express an opinion about them.  

      Makes you wonder why our news programs censored these videos from us.

      1. That’s what news reporting is. Opinion is, well that.. opinion. Otherwise it would be an editorial piece. A reporter should only give you context and background, not opinion.

        1. But it all comes with bias, no matter if it is opinion or reporting.  There is bias on what is reported, how it is reported, what tone is taken in the report.

        2. If you really think that’s what news reporting is, well…. Then the media has successfully done it’s job on you. Ever heard of Media Ethics? I suggest you go look it up. The reason you think this is an acceptable action for the media is because they’ve told you it is, in not so many words. And you’ve bought it. Don’t feel too bad though…. The rest of the world is in the boat with you, with very few exceptions.

          1. Cool story, bruh.

          2. It would have been better for you to say nothing at all than to reply in the matter in which you did. Your ignorance and idiocy has already been clearly displayed yet you continue to make it worse. @facebook-708741524:disqus is right…the media has successfully done its job on you, and you don’t even realize it because so many others are in the boat with you.

    4. Hitler Speech Archive??? Do you even know what Al Jazeera is or do you just hear an arabic name and a loud “Terrorist!!” alert goes off and you have no choice but to vomit ignorance, hate and fear?

      I mean I was even half-expecting comments like “stupid terrorists!” or “howsabout a bomb on your house you dumb arab!” but you have just reached a new level of retardation my man. Congrats :)

    5. You’re a dumbass

  6. Great, more in-depth coverage of maniacal dictators and oppressive regimes.  But I know that I am most looking forward to the Miss Burka-verse pagent.

    1. And we wonder why some arabs hate us.

      Do you want more coverage of Bieber and Kardashain (sp?) or do you want to know about the people who can destroy the world as you know it.
      (Wait a minute…)

    2. That was a very ignorant reply Eric Keenan. 

  7. Does anyone know if you can watch Al-Jazeera Sport channels as well?

  8. This has been available at least since Sunday… I saw it the 1st time I opened the market as a big Splash Screen when my Revue updated…

  9. The Fox News of the Middle East :D

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