Is The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Receiving A 4G Upgrade?


When I think about the “Top 3 things I would have improved on the Sony Xperia Play,” I can’t say 4G connectivity would have made the cut but then again, I guess any upgrade is a good one. Take this leaked image from a Verizon employee who is to begin training on the “Xperia Play 4G.” Nothing else was revealed aside from the addition of 4G in the title and my only thought is if they’re taking the time to upgrade the device with 4G LTE radios, maybe they can throw one of Qualcomm’s new dual-core S4 chips in there and then they’ll really be on to something (a boy can dream). With the low RAM and single-core processor holding back the Xperia Play the first time around — you would have thought those would be the likely upgrade. But I guess Sony Xperia Play Dual RAM Plus didn’t sound as catchy. What do you guys think? What would it take for you to finally consider the Play?

[Via Droid-Life]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Since its sony does it come with free exploding batteries?

    1. or will they sue if any mods are made to the device

      1. Sony Ericsson, not Sony.

        Jesus, you’re a moron.

        1. sony now has full ownership of sony ericson

          1. On October 27, 2011, Sony announced that it would acquire Ericsson’s stake in Sony Ericsson for €1.05 billion ($1.47 billion), making the mobile handset business a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony. The transaction’s completion is expected to occur in January 2012.
            A little fact checking going a long long way.

          2. you just put my facts up for me

          3. Can you read?  I assume not…let me spell it out for you….

            You said “sony now has full ownership of sony ericson”

            The last line of my post stated ” The transaction’s completion is expected to occur in January 2012.”

            Sony doesn’t have full ownership of SE (yet).  Give it a couple more weeks.

          4. so a few weeks then no exploding batteries but lawsuits for modifying 

  2. Dual core cpu, at least a gig of ram and more internal storage. That’s my dream phone wrapped in a play wrapper.

    1. My dream phone includes an Octa-Core CPU and at least 2GB of RAM and less than 9mm thin. Too bad I won’t be seeing this for a couple of years. =/

      1. months

        1. Oh yes, thanks for reminding me about NVIDIA Tegra’s Wayne project. My DroidX’s 2-year contract expires by the end of next year so I’m more than glad going straight to octo-core from single-core! ^^

  3. Idk u tell me

  4. SE actually helps the dev community…

  5. WOW, these guys are arguing over WHEN Sony takes over Ericsson. SO WHAT, thats not important. Whats important is that the phones will no longer have the word ‘Ericsoon” on them…..

    GEEZ… what a bunch of babies 

  6. Faster processor, better positioned volume buttons with a decidedly different shape, that sweet Gig of Ram you was talking about, 4.3″ screen making the buttons a bit bigger in the process and the notification light actually being VISIBLE. 

  7. I read that the new Dual Core is drop in capable.  Can you imagine a addon for 4G and 4G?  Hells yes!

  8. I want to see Sony make a sequel to this, except make it not shaped like a whale and without the super glossy stuff. I wouldn’t buy it, but it just further proves Android’s options and I know plenty of people who would buy this.

  9. If the original Xperia Play was dual-core/LTE, I wouldn’t be caught up in the Galaxy Nexus debacle right now.  I would like for my phone to be a good gaming device, but I HATE touchscreen gamepads.

    In fact, if I knew that a dual-core/LTE Xperia Play would be out before the end of the year, I’d totally forget about the Galaxy Nexus.  This really gives me pause… But I’ve been waiting for the next big thing around the corner for too long now.

    EDIT: Oh, never mind. It looks like the Xperia Play 4G is an AT&T thing. And not a true 4G technology, either. HSPA+


  10. I would consider a Sony gaming handset when they finally sort out Erickson and joins both the Sony vista and mobile together.

  11. um http://www.sonyericsson.com/cws/products/mobilephones/overview/xperia-play-4g?cc=us&lc=en

    no upgrade. do you even google stuff before you put anything online?

    i know its for att but the phone already exists. either the person that sent you that is really from att, or sony/verizon messed up and put 4g because it already exists

  12. Aside from 4G connectivity, the phone needs some boost with its specs. The phone is design to be used by gamer and they should improve the phone to boost its gaming experience, such as playing your PS2 or PS3 games on your phone.

    1. My Laptop can barely handly some GC games, playing them at 50%+ speeds, depending on the game. Slow turn based stay at 80%+ with basic stats of 
      2.1 Dual Core
      4GB of RAM150GB Harddrive

      You won’t be seeing a phone capable of that anytime soon. Now about that tablet coming out… :D

      1. It might be possible in the near future. Your PSP and cellphone into one device. 

  13. Hmm… I don’t really lyk the touchpad things. They should have something lyk they did on the PSP. Those little thingys. :P

    And if this was anything lyk the Vibrant to the Vibrant 4G, it’s a waste of money. -_-

    Boosted specs are a must!! I mean why would I purchase a single-core phone? If I really wanted some type of pad, I’d just get the MyTouch 4G Slide. :P

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