Dec 12th, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:36 pm

When I think about the “Top 3 things I would have improved on the Sony Xperia Play,” I can’t say 4G connectivity would have made the cut but then again, I guess any upgrade is a good one. Take this leaked image from a Verizon employee who is to begin training on the “Xperia Play 4G.” Nothing else was revealed aside from the addition of 4G in the title and my only thought is if they’re taking the time to upgrade the device with 4G LTE radios, maybe they can throw one of Qualcomm’s new dual-core S4 chips in there and then they’ll really be on to something (a boy can dream). With the low RAM and single-core processor holding back the Xperia Play the first time around — you would have thought those would be the likely upgrade. But I guess Sony Xperia Play Dual RAM Plus didn’t sound as catchy. What do you guys think? What would it take for you to finally consider the Play?

[Via Droid-Life]

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