Feel Like Crying Without Knowing Why? Watch This Video Made Using Stop Motion Animation And Google Street View


Call me a sap, call me emotional. I don’t know why, but something about this video… the wanting to experience something more, the yearning to get away from this desk and travel the world. It just hit home. Built entirely using stop motion animation and Google Street View, the creator tells the story of a simple desk toy who longs to escape the dark confines of the office and take a cross country road trip down the Pacific coast. A trip anyone can take with a little bit of time and using the power of Google Maps. Enjoy.

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Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. ’twas a good video….

  2. Awesome

  3. This was awesome

  4. that was amazing! i must say that was the best off topic post i have every read on this site haha… thank you for sharing!!!

      1. But no, many of us did not cry because we’re not metro-sexual emotional boys! *cough* No hard feelings 

        1. wow your a dick, finding it hard to get along with people on the internet? don’t visit it

        2. you sound like you’re a joy at parties

    1. The video was amazing. Next time I go on a trip, I’ll bring my toy robot around. :D

  5. Definitely one of the most amazing and awe inspiring videos I have ever seen. Absolutely beautiful, both video a music.

  6. omg, that was awesome

  7. I got something in my eye :’)

  8. What a great video. It really is breath taking going down the PCH and wondering about all that water, and where it came from. :)

    1. i just love taking a drive down pch cant it really is amazing

    2. Have you tried driving near the channel island air base at night towards the end of the pch during the night and turning off the headlights? Scariest, thrillest, funnest thing to do when the moons not shining down!! Lol

  9. Wow! Amazing video! A very emotional and powerful work of art.

    Never thought Streetview could be so smooth when stop-motion animated.

  10. how funny that the computer is a mac

  11. MEH!…. All I can say is EEWWWWW MAAACCCFAAGGG!!! lolz j/k Was pretty awesome! I actually liked the video!

  12. Weird and sus

  13. Video of the year for me

  14. that was awesome.  and was all that street footage really google street view?  looked really smooth w/high frame rates

  15. The whole thing was shot on a Galaxy Nexus…Its that amazing 

  16. This is cooler than bacon wrapped shrimp…..well, maybe not that cool…..but it’s cool.

    1. Ron, did you realize you recently won tv personality of the year?  You are amazing.

  17. It didn’t make me cry, but it did make me jealous of that little guy and fill me with incredible joy all at the same time. Absolutely brilliant.

  18. Lost me with the Mac.

    1.  Oh come on, many of the most hardcore Phandroids use a Mac, including many devs!

      1. i’m sure there are some but i doubt the word many applies…

        1. everyone wants a mac….but people dont buy them because they are very expensive which leads to hatred toward them…. =P lol

          1. Definitely my situation.

            Many hate windows for one reason or another but just can’t pony up the cash to move to a Mac. So if your a geek (like me) you install Linux Mint instead ;)

          2. stupid remark: macbook pro highest possible price 4,099.00 < Dell mobile precision M6600 $8,958.00-pc, sony vaio signature Z $4,500+, Dell alienware M18x $6,823.99. and if you compare specs of these pc to the best mac, the pc's kill in every spec. these aren't even the most expensive ones like the ferrari pcs, or Luvaglio $1million dollar pc.

          3. Similarly spec’d PC’s are much cheaper than their Apple branded counter parts.

            Nevertheless, my old inspiron 1525 (cheapest one $500 at the time) still has plenty of life in it despite being over 3 years old, so I would argue that for the average user (anything but a gamer) the specs of any PC (Mac or otherwise)  produced today should be more than sufficient for a long time.

            What I like about Mac’s is that their operating system is rock solid and stable as well as the ultra-durable build quality.

            They made the OS with the idea humans are using it, more than I can say for windows. I have lost hours of work because Windows determined that it was more important to update than for me to save my 12 page paper, AFTER I DISABLED AUTOMATIC UPDATES!!!?!?!? I’ve never experienced such annoyances or head aches from Mac OS or any Linux distro. Don’t get me wrong windows usually works well but these little annoyances add up and have caused me to lose my trust and respect for the OS, it just isn’t where I would like it to be. That being said, because of applications I have to be able to use, I’m forced to use my computer in a dual boot configuration with Windows and Linux Mint.

            Because the apps I need are also available on the Mac I would be able to have my cake and eat it too if I owned one.

          4. “expensive” is relative, primo.

          5. i don’t want one. if someone gave me a top-of-the-line mac for free, i’d sell it. i’ve used one a few times and couldn’t stand the thing. i don’t hate mac, it’s just not for me.

  19. That was freakin cool. The use of the different lamps and everything to give a street light effect was absolutely brilliant.

  20. definitely got chills

  21. Great video. I wish J Dilla could have scored the music for the video.

  22. thank for sharing. awesome video. Is this the same guy that made the happiness  goggles?

    1. Hellbent, by kenna is the video you are referring to. I will go google this now lol

      1. mark osbourne did the original video called “more” then Kenna used it for the video. This video was done by Tom Jenkins! (I love the kenna video and after reading your post I had to find out lol Good Eye!)

  23. The fact that it had a mac didn’t affect me one way or the other. There wasn’t anything mac related other than he used a mac to show google street view. A pc could have done the same thing. No big deal. Awesome video non the less!!!

  24. Epic video

  25. I think focusing on the mac is missing the point. 

    It’s about freedom, beauty, and how lucky we are to be alive living in this vast universe that appears to be dead but because of all of us the universe is alive.

  26. I “liked” this video

  27. Played it while I was at work this morning while my friend watched also. We both agreed it was pretty good, but then the laughs ensued when my friend made the comment: “Watch the guy comes back to the office and he sees everything everywhere and is like “Awww WTF!?”” 

  28. What “Film” making is for – emotion.

    That it takes a film unspeakable violence to elicit the attention of most of the american public.  That’s what makes me want to cry…

  29. Wow. That was pretty cool.

  30. That was really cool! 

  31. Definitely did not make me cry but it was a very cool video and I’m glad you shared it with us : )

  32. Seriously though, how many apple users use Google?

    1. But what other choice is there? I guess they can just search everything on their 4S’s using Siri?

  33. Honestly, that was retarded

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