Halfbrick and ToyFoundry Team Up to Bring Fruit Ninja Plush Toys


If you were hoping to find some Angry Birds treatment for the popular game Fruit Ninja, you’re in luck. Halfbrick and ToyFoundry have teamed up to provide Fruit Ninja plush toys. From fruit animated as people to the master fruit slicing ninja Sensei himself, you’ll be able to feed your addiction of the game with these collectibles.

Funny that it also happens to be the season of gift giving so if you know someone who is addicted to this game getting them one of these wouldn’t seem like a bad idea.

The Sensei is is $15.99 and the watermelon is $14.99, but you can get the training pack for $30 with the Sensei and what looks to be half a watermelon. Those last two are only on presale status right now but we’re sure they’ll be shipping shortly. Check it out at Fruit Ninja’s store. [Thanks Joseph!]

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  1. What happened to fruit ninja puss in boots? Its not listed in the amazon app store at all….

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