Verizon Galaxy Nexus Retail Box Dispute Settled: All White With Barely-Visible Verizon Logo


Some folks were wondering about the photo of the retail box for the Galaxy Nexus that appeared online recently. It was an odd all-white box with seemingly nothing on it. As some suggested, it could just be another case of the Rezoundies.

What I mean by that is that the HTC Rezound had an all black design on the outside and barely nothing to distinguish itself but an embossed Verizon logo that you might miss at first glance.

It looks like the same will happen for the Galaxy Nexus but on the other side of the color spectrum. It’s still possible Verizon could be putting sleeves over the box but if they don’t we won’t fret. After all, it’s just a box. Just as with the wrapper of an actual ice cream sandwich you won’t be looking at it for long. [via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. All I want at this point is a clear confirmation on both the price and the date. I know enough about the phone and that is the only information we cannot seem to get.

    1. I don’t even care about the price at this point.  I’d write a blank check and tell them to surprise me if I could get one tomorrow.


      1. A blank check? for a phone?!?! I’ll sell you mine for $300,000 in that case!

      2. Thats because you are a loser who has little or no money saved up. I have 25k in my checking account (4x  more in savings ), Im not writing anyone a blank check. You will never see that kind of money in your life because you give away all your money as soon as you earn it.

        1. Excellent reply. You feel better about yourself now, Frank?

        2. Hi, how are you?  I’m GawkerRedesignSucks…nice to meet you!  Let me introduce you to my friend hyperbole.  You’ve seen him before, but it’s painfully obvious that you don’t recognize him so I thought you two should formally meet.  He likes to exaggerate a lot, but he doesn’t really mean the things he says literally.

          Well, we’d better get going.  Have fun taking the Internet way too seriously, asshat.

        3. Who, exactly, do you think you’re impressing?
          1) That isn’t anywhere near enough money to write blank checks.
          2) The guy was joking, I’m sure.
          3) No one believes you anyway.
          4) This is the comment section on a blog – nobody cares about your fantasy world where you try to impress strangers on the internet by pretending to be lower middle-class but really are living in your Mom’s basement and eat ramen noodles because you can’t afford Campbell’s soup.
          5) You are seriously overcompensating for something with a post like that. Find a psychiatrist – most states offer free mental health counseling to the needy.

          1. If lower middle class means having $100,000 in savings, I’d LOVE to be lower middle class!

            I certainly ain’t there yet!

        4. So you have $25K in your checking account and $100K in your savings account?  Why do you have 20% of your net worth in checking?  That’s for stuff like rent, power bill, groceries, Verizon bill, etc.  Unless you’re going to pay cash for a car this afternoon, which I doubt, because a money market account would allow you to do the exact same thing.

          If you were smart you’d have most of that $25K in savings, a Roth, or a 401(k) or 503(c).

          1. Simple. FrankJenkins’ post was 100% USDA prime aged bullshit.

      3. I liked Gawkers Post, and D+T’s Post,

        Frank Jenkins is a terrible troller. That was poorly thought out and unbelievable. For somebody who has 100k in savings, must make at least 10k a month. Of course the mortgage must be about 5k, 2 or 3 car payments. Kids. Credit card bills. Phone Bills to pay that outrageous data plan the nexus will need on all the family members. Food. Water. Electrical. Gas. The list goes on!

        You know what…

        I think i will stick with my $25k a year job. Wife, 2 kids, one car, $650 apartment. No credit cards. With only like $500 in savings. Less stressful and I also do not need to gloat like an asshole.

  2. technically, shouldn’t it be a brown box with a white slideout?

    (for all i care, they can hand it to me in a ziplock bag – i don’t care about the unboxing experience at all)

    1. “(for all i care, they can hand it to me in a ziplock bag – i don’t care about the unboxing experience at all) ”

      Agree 100%

      1. I just want to be the one to actually GET to do the unboxing. I cant stand when VZW asshats start putting in the battery, taking off the screen cover, etc… thats mine!

        1. order online & can do that i guess. unboxing bs is entirely overrated imo

          1. Agreed 100%. Unboxing videos are among the most moronic fucking things on the internet. “Here is the box! I’m taking the product out now, see? There it is, just as promised – it was in the box, it was opened, and now it’s out of the box!”  Why are people so goddamned retarded?

          2. Dunno if I’d put it as bluntly as that but exactly to sum it all up :)

          3. Hmm, you’re strangely passionate about this friend. Have you never experienced the joy of unwrapping a present? It’s much like that, at least for me. I like to hold the box and open it slowly and let all of the anticipation that has been building up come to a peak and then…there IT IS! the beautiful whatever it was I’ve been wanting for so long. And the unboxing videos are fun to watch because it helps build the anticipation and make you feel a little closer to owning it. Some people enjoy the experience, others don’t, but it does not make one “goddanmed retarded”

        2. That’s why u order it online… plus it’s usually cheaper that way anyway…

          1. yeah, but without a preorder, and if it truly is a friday launch, online ordering will mean a few day delay in getting my hands on it!! lol

          2. Amazon Prime members get free 2 day shipping (provided it’s in stock).  One day shipping is available.  I’ll wait a couple days if it’ll save me $100-$300.

          3. I’m going to be purchasing off contract though – not sure that Amazon can save me much at full retail price… worth it though, since I already sold my Thunderbolt for $325!

          4. Online has free 1-day shipping. Order Thursday evening, ships on Friday, at your door on Saturday.

          5. I’m always worried about online orders. If it comes defective you have to wait longer to get it returned and get a new one. If I go to the store I can just bring it back that day, bitch up a storm, get a credit on my account and the phone replaced. That’s the ideal way to deal with phone purchases, especially when these companies are pushing devices so fast that QA isn’t even a part of the process anymore. I’ve received more shoddily built phones than I care to think about at this point.

        3. Simply tell them that you understand that it’s part of their job, but you don’t want them touching your phone because you prefer to do it yourself. I never had a problem in that regard. If they do give you any crap about it, just tell them nevermind – you’ll buy it online – they’ll take their paws off of your phone rather quickly.

          1. Totally, every time I buy a phone and they start to open it, i’m like “I got that”. But then again, the store I go to already recognizes my face from the amount of LG G2x’s i’ve returned, so they cringe when they see me anyways and just hand me the box asap. :P

      2. I care, because that way I know that noone else has been tinkering with my what should be untouched brand new toy.
        You dont want to find pics of some random employee flppin the bird to the camera on your “brand new” phone do you? ;)

        1. yeah, but then you could take it back in and probably get somebody fired!  that seems fun…plus you’d probably get a fresh new phone to swap in too!

  3. Whew, that was a close one!

  4. c’mon man, let me just have one :)

  5. the next galaxy post needs to have release date. period.

    1. yet, we all very well that it wont. XD

  6. Mine will come in a brown box with on the side.  I will not pay the 25+% premium from a VZW store.  They made us wait 2 months already, I can wait another weekend to save around $100.

    1. Amazon is the way to go.  It’s a possibility that they’ll have another penny sale too!  The holiday is near.  The Rezound went for a penny the week of Thanksgiving.

    2. Question:  Is the discount at Amazon on newly released Verizon phones for new subscribers only?

      1. Ur right.  The penny sale is for new customers.  But the upgrade prices are really good too compared to Verizon’s or anyone else’s really.

  7. gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie


  9. Looks all white to me!

  10. Haven’t seen a release like this since I worked for BMG music
    Missed Black Friday (day and weekend) the following weekend and maybe this coming weekend…
    Why is there still any hype for this….it’s no longer a true Nexus after Verizon got its hands on it…and in 30 days at CES there will be plenty of announcements about quad-cores and 4.0….this phone can’t own the top shelf for more that 45 days.

    1. yea the hype for me over this phone has died out…. I’m sorry to say… maybe I’ll wait for the next nexus at this point…. even though my DX can run ICS it’ll never get it except if CVPCS pulls out a win and I think I’m fine with that for now….

  11. If white was for vanilla, maybe the box should have been creamy since this isn’t a pure vanilla android experience.

    1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaah ha….ha…..ha……………..ha…………………

    2. True that.

  12. Can someone clear something up for me?  I was holding out for this nexus the Razr was not NFC ready.  Now that they disabled G-Wallet does that mean I can never use the chip to pay for things unless I get a 3rd party app?  Or….when ISIS launches will you get to load it on a nexus?  

    1. you will get Google wallet through the community. when ISIS is launched VZ(Rip You Off)W will make you buy another phone with it pre installed (or it will require diferent hardware) one way or another they will make you buy another pice of hardware.

      1. ugh.  OK thanks.  

      2. That’s not true.  The NFC chip will work just fine with ISIS just like it will work for Google Wallet once an Android dev pulls it from the Sprint Nexus S for us.

        1. +Hank Godwin Really you’ve seen the specks for the ISIS NFC chips? They’ll work on the same frequencies? have the same security? from what I read there is going to be some in compatibility out of the box. doesn’t mean they both can’t co-exist just that they won’t at first. And if it’s anything like moto bootloaders there won’t be a way in. in the near term.
          just my 2cents.

  13. I bet this will be the last time Verizon gets a nexus device. They always have to muscle their way into getting what they want.

    1. One can only hope.

  14. at last…the answer to the question we have been waiting months for….”what color is the box?”

    1. At least we know what the delay was for now;)

      1. Yeah… must’ve took months to come up with that design.  Lol smh

      2. LOL! 

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