WSJ: Verizon Galaxy Nexus to be Sold For $300 On Contract


We expected something like this. Verizon is reportedly confirmed to be selling the device for $300, or so says a source of the Wall Street Journal’s. This pricing is not atypical of what we’ve seen with other high-end 4G devices of theirs as most tend to debut at this price and receive discounts over time. If you were expecting a $200 price tag, I’m sorry. But an extra $100 for the first Ice Cream Sandwich device doesn’t sound like a bad idea anyway. [via]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Looking forward to the GSM version . . .

  2. any idea if that’s for the 32gb or the 16gb version?

    1. it better be the 32GB version for that price

  3. 200 for me still got my NE2

  4. Looking forward to the GSM version here in the States . . .

  5. darn. oh well… take my money!!

  6. tats od

  7. They are kind enough to include lube….I mean 32GB.

  8. Ya a $100 extra does seem a bit much considering most reviews note that this is really not a special phone outside of ICS. The Amaze for example blows this phone out of the water and it comes in at a lot lower cost. 
    My Sensation works great and after all this BS with getting the Nexus out I am glad it wont be offered on TMobile and will wait for ICS on my Sensation. Hopefully HTC will get this out Q1 and all signs point to that. 

    1. I’m also glad you won’t be getting a Nexus. 

      1. I’m glad you follow me around on an anonymous forum taking my posts personally.
        thank you for being a fan and following me around I appreciate it

        1. Following you? LOL! I’m always on Phandroid and Androidcentral. YOU are always trolling so it’s not hard to see your posts.

          1. yeah you just proved my point apparently you read all my posts!!
            you know you like it

    2. Do you really like the Sensation? I’ve loathed mine since day one, and i’m still kicking myself for keeping it after the 30 day return policy.

      Considering HTC hasn’t fixed the screenshot bugs, or the display turning back on over and over when trying to turn it off, or figured out how to make Sense not use up 500+mb of ram, I seriously doubt an OS update is going to come quickly. I’m terrified to think whats going to happen when they put Sense on top of ICS, i’ll probably have 10mb of free ram to work with then.

      1. I switched over to go launcher and it works a lot better. Haha ya I experience the mysterious screenshot occasionally when I hit the power button.

  9. yes i’m w/ Jason Sipes, looking for the GSM version, hope don’t have to wait too long! i’m willing to pay up to 650 unlocked or GSM retail! just tell me when i can get a new phone please!

  10. @jeff: have you checked your NE2? my last “loyalty reward” mail says mine
     has shrunk to $30, which is, honestly, making me feel a lot less loyal.

    1. Yup… me too, used to be $50 on my last upgrade….


  12. Maybe if its the 32, if its the 16 then its unlocked GSM I go.  If its a 32gb and the rumors are false that Verizon is ruining this phone by loading bloatware (which will delay any updates) and blocking Google Wallet then its still an OK price for me if Verizon is still running the double data plan by the time it drops.

    Otherwise no deal, the discount isnt big enough to be locked into a CDMA phone.

    1. I doubt we’ll get any answers on Google Wallet.  I still don’t get why the carrier has any role in picking who can and who can’t run GW in the first place.

  13. a 50% increase in price for a phone that will be outdated in 2 months “doesn’t sound like a bad idea anyway?”

    Man, no wonder you are just a blog writer. Your throat would get slit immediately in the business world.

    1. I only said that because it’s in line with Verizon’s other devices in this range when they first debut. I’m not saying I’m alright with it but people don’t usually buy a Nexus for affordability’s sake. They value more than that with the Nexus in dedication to fast updates first. It’s not a phone meant for everyone.

    2. How about $ 199/$299 for an ALREADY outdated iPhone 4s with the same crappy postage-stamp sized screen, a buggy gimmicky voice search, a still outdated OS and poor battery life?

      The Nexus is worth every penny by comparison.

      1. lol what a weak and stupid argument. try again android nerd. 

  14. Christina. I called last week and confirmed it. My contract is almost 3 years old

  15. $300… nooooooo.. hello iPhone 4s here i come..

  16. I don’t understand Verizon. I really believe at anything over $199 is too high for a phone on contract … especially when there’s an iPhone sitting on a display a few feet away. Regardless of whether or not Android is better than the iPhone, the average consumer isn’t going to choose to pay $100 more for something that isn’t an iPhone. 

    This is the something that happened with Motorola and the Xoom. You can’t build a competing product that sells for more than the dominant product in the market.

    Just my two cents.

    1. This.

    2. I feel its the right price. How much is a 32GB iPhone 4S…$300. This is probably the best Android handset in the world with Verizon 4G LTE. $300 is worth it in my opinion. Honestly this phone isn’t for the masses. If it was we would see a crap load of commercials like we see for the RAZR or Rezound

      1. I agree that when you compare specks, the Galaxy Nexus comes out on top. But the average consumer (the non-nerds) don’t care all that much about how many GB’s the phone has.

        So from their perspective, they are having to choose between a $199 iPhone or a $299 Samsung phone. It would take a heck of a Verizon employee to convince my mom that she should drop an extra $100 on a phone she’s probably not heard of … especially when it’s being compared to the phone everybody’s heard of.

        1. Unless they to the $199/ 16 GB and $299/ 32GB…

        2. If a salesman can’t convince your mother that she could actually use an extra 16GB of space then they need to find another job….I agree with you though on the “I’ve never heard of it” deal. Mom’s are stubborn LOL

    3. +10

      I hate that Verizon put a 100 dollar markup on the high end 4G devices, makes me wonder why the Droid 3 is only 450 retail, when the bionic is like 590 retail… Did the 4G radio and extra 512 MB of ram really cost 140 more dollars?
      Edit: and the Razr is 650 off contract! 60 more dollars for a different screen technology and kevlar?

  17. No way I’m paying $300 for any phone on contract.  I’ll wait for a nice discount from Amazon Wireless.

  18. Verizon: “We f**k people out of money and getting away with it.”

    1. There is no such thing as a multi-billion dollar corporation that doesn’t screw people or companies over or sell them out in some way. I hate to play Devil’s advocate, but yes, Verizon isn’t cheap, and their customer service is an insult with anyone with an IQ over 37. However, how often do you see new markets getting LTE or next-gen service and expanding it at the rate Verizon is expanding theirs? 

  19. too much for a 5 MgP, My Infuse is 8MgP and released way before.  Why are they going backward????? sucks!

    Doesn’t matter that it has ICS. The OS is free. Geezzzzzz

  20. Watching google try and have a successful launch of a major upgrade is so pathetically sad. 
    Microsoft is slowly creeping up on Google. Just check out the killer upgrade that is headed to the XBOX this week. That would be sad to see Microsoft beat Google to a unified platform but all signs point to it. 

  21. Cry babies stop whining ..if you can’t afford it then Get the f**k out and move on and stop bashing what you hate about the phone and Verizon. This phone will sell with or without you buying it!!just saying

    1. Oh wow, you tell them! lol

  22. Whats all the fuss with the price? Either you’re gonna pay for it or not. Its not that big of deal. This phone isn’t for the masses just like the previous Nexus phones. I feel $300 with 32GB storage for one of the best Android phones in the world with LTE is the price point. The 32GB iPhone is the same price.

    1. Don’t forget that half of those gnex-owner-wannabies are wasting dad’s money. And the dad has probably already set the Christmas gifts limit.

      Sometimes I regret that Android’s become such a mainstream that even kids want it now, because “iPhone’s not cool – my dad has it”. Now I have to listen to these “cool” kids, whose sole purpose of buying a Nexus phone is to show off in front of their peers.

    2. My first Nexus was $199 5 days after release. Verizon charges this because they’re already raping their customers, so they’ve already prepared them to get raped again.

  23. XBOX and MS are creeping into the living room so fast its incredible.  I just wish I could open the one I got for my *cough* kids NOW.

  24. Need the “real” one without the tramp stamp and bloat ware

    1. so buy a damn back for it from the gsm version and delete the 2 bloat apps…..yes you can delete them

      1. Actually you can’t, you can freeze them so you can’t see them, just like you can with any other phone if you download a launcher. But you cannot actually remove them entirely without rooting the phone.

  25. Guess, the reason for the oh so high price is because of it’s battery and the fact Verizon has the best 4g overall…but still I do wonder if the S2s are better than the N Prime. ..?

  26. Such good points Chris…

  27. Yeah, I just sorted Verizon’s current smartphones by price, highest to lowest.
    iPhone 4S 64gb —> $399.99
    Droid Razr          –> $299.99
    iPhone 4S 32gb  –> $299.99
    HTC Rezound    –> $299.99

    I think a 32gb Galaxy Nexus @$299.99 fits right in with what’s there already. For the same price as the 32gb iPhone, you also get 4G speed and a much larger display. Everyone is different. Get the phone that is good for you.

    1. Which is to say Verizon is already overpriced.

  28. These comments are ridiculous.  This phone is amazing.  At $500 it would be OK.  I paid about $700 for my GSM version off contract, and I think it was a good deal now that I have played with it for a few days (T-Mobile).

  29. Àll high-end 4G VZW smartphones are $300(299)

    Also the Google Wallet thing upsets me. I don’t think VZW should be able to stop it. If they really can’t we need a lawsuit.

  30. Man that $738 price tag for an unlocked version doesn’t look as menacing anymore. Moving to Verizon and paying an extra $90 /mo for my service plus a $300 subsidized price tag, $738 is actually a discount!

  31. Ryan Cooper or anyone else. Will the GSM cover fit on the lte version?

  32. Don’t you just hate Verizon with their OVER PRICE 4g PHONES? Glad I’m on AT&T even though they lack of their 4G network

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