Verizon Celebrates One Year of 4G LTE, Name Drops the Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Xyboard


Verizon has issued a press release to remind people that this is the one year anniversary of their 4G LTE network. It was this month last year (Dec. 15th, to be exact) that Verizon began their rollout that they promised would reach everyone on their current 3G coverage network by the end of 2013.

Their progress? When Verizon lights up new markets on the official one year anniversary on December 15th they will have brought LTE to 190 different markets covering 200 million people.

Considering how long it’s taking other carriers to roll their 4G LTE networks or other 4G networks out we’d say that’s a hard standard to top. Only Sprint has made public ambitious plans to cover their entire network by the end of 2013 despite starting much later (they will begin mid-2012).

But today is about Verizon and their fast-growing LTE network and their commitment to bring faster data speeds to all Americans. Oh, and Verizon name-dropped a couple of existing and upcoming devices in their press release, including the Galaxy Nexus and the Motorola Xyboard. Don’t put too much weight on them being mentioned in this particular press release, though. Read on for full details.

Happy 1st Anniversary, Verizon Wireless 4G LTE!



Alabama, Arkansas, California . . . West Virginia, Wisconsin . . . and all over. On Dec. 15, more than 200 million Americans will be able to experience the blazingly fast speed and reliability of Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE network.


And today, on Dec. 5, Verizon Wireless is celebrating because it’s the one-year anniversary of the company’s initial deployment of 4G LTE. Launched in 38 major markets, plus a 39th – West Lafayette, Indiana – the home of Purdue University, which was incredibly anxious to begin developing uses for 4G LTE on campus.


Network Reach

Those initial 39 markets weren’t all small, of course. They were places like metro New York City, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Chicagoland and Atlanta. And on that first day, we covered more than 110 million people with 4G LTE: a very strong showing.


This is what leadership is about. Some of our competitors in the marketplace talk about 4G LTE a lot. What they’re planning, when they might have services in lots of cities, when they might get an abundance of 4G LTE smartphones and other devices so users can actually, well, use the network.


On Dec. 15, Verizon Wireless will be in 190 markets, covering more than 200 million people, with numerous different devices. Which means you have a great selection of smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspots and USB modems to access the network.


Verizon Wireless builds and maintains the best wireless networks in the world. That’s why Popular Science and PCWorld have both recently acknowledged the company’s 4G LTE network as one of the great technological developments of 2011.


Hats off to the Verizon Wireless network engineers who are building 4G LTE from the ground up. Cheers to the major network infrastructure partners at Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson and Cisco.


It’s time to blow out the candle and know that “Year 2” will be twice as bright.


Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Facts

  • 200 million Americans covered with 4G LTE (as of Dec. 15)
  • 190 Markets covered (as of Dec. 15)
  • 16 Devices currently available, including eight smartphones
  • Two hot new Xyboard DROID tablets from Motorola coming out this month
  • One anxiously awaited GALAXY Nexus smartphone running Android™ 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, from Samsung, coming soon

4G LTE Devices

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  1. Yeah, coming soon is what we have known.  No new news here.

  2. Uum how is this dropping the nexus and xyboard???

    1. “Name Drops”… as in a brief mention of those 2 devices in the press release whose main story is the 1 year anniversary of 4G at Verizon.

    2. “NAME drop”, not “drop”.

  3. it’s scary how they used the words “this month” for the Xyboards, and “coming soon” for the Nexus. :| 

    1. Your right..fuck my life :(

  4. So itself either this week or the 15th? Maybe?

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