Dec 3rd, 2011

Good gawd. Now here is a technology I wasn’t aware even existed. A company called Senseg has manufactured a new type of touchscreen that will actually allow you to feel a variety of virtual surfaces on your fingertip. This is a whole lot different from haptic feedback which uses moving parts to vibrate a device — this actually changes surface friction under your finger to correspond with the texture being displayed on screen. Damn near revolutionary.

Immediately I’m thinking of all the ways this could be implemented anywhere from braille for the blind, gaming, to more “adult” apps (you know you were thinking it). You’re looking at true innovation at its finest. The technology could start hitting smartphone and tablets as early as next year and seriously, we all know which OS dominates that market.

Seriously, Google. I’ll make this simple for you. Buy it. Patent it. Deploy it in Jelly Bean. Profit.

[Via Cnet]