Lookout Mobile Security Releases Carrier IQ Detector – You May Not Like What You Find


Carrier IQ. We all hate it. But not every device has it. Like the clap, sometimes you just want to know if you’re infected. Well, Lookout Mobile Security has heard your cries and has released a tool to diagnose your phone and best of all, it doesn’t require root. Simply called Carrier IQ Detector, this app will let you know if every swipe you make is being watched. Carrier IQ Detector is completely free and although it doesn’t remove Carrier IQ from your device, it can either give you peace of mind or make you even more paranoid. Let’s get some comments going to see who’s infected — you know, with Carrier IQ.

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I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. ATT Moto Atrix 4G (faux G) rooted with CM7 beta, no Carrier IQ.

    1. Saul, how are you liking CM7 on the Atrix? I’m tempted to give it a go, but I’m still trying to decide if I’m just going to move on to a Droid 4 or the Galaxy Nexus. After a few trips where my AT&T signal sucked and my Verizon devices stayed connected fine, I’m ready to go back.

  2. Hurray for spyware on android devices! >.>’ Really disappointed in carriers and OEM’s toying with my favorite operating system. Oh well, I’m gonna go back to my AOSP ROM on my evo. :)

  3. I’m infected…….. again. O_o #Evo3D

    1. Considering a divorce, Chris?

  4. YES!!! oh YES!!! God, I am not infected. Yes, I feel like I’ve gone to test myself for HIV and the doctor says, I am ok.!!!

    Samsung Galaxy S2 Bell Canada.

    1. High risk sexual behavior. sharing dirty needles..sounds like you have bigger problems to worry about than some software on your phone

  5. The non rooted Samsung Galaxy Prevail from boost is infected but there are mods that remove it. Not sure if the other boost mobile phones and the Straight talk Precedent are infected or not tho.

  6. Used a tool called Voodoo Carrier IQ by SuperCurio. Samsung Galaxy SII X on Telus is clear.

  7. No Carrier IQ on my Moto Photon =D

  8. Damn that is crazy there was a story on the news that Osama was linked to hackers and Carrier IQ. Spooky.

    1. Yay for scare tactics!

  9. Hey…man…like….don’t….like… your phone…….if your aren’t infected….that’s….like….how….they….find….out….you aren’t infected….

  10. I’m using a stock rom with Carrier IQ removed.

  11. I have the SGS2 19100 UK version on tmobile….NOT INFECTED….they say affected,I say infected,if you know what I mean.I’m sure it would be useful to some if an app was developed to read what info was being passed on by these files,for those that don’t want to root to remove them.

    1. This seems to be a US (with some Canadian instances) only problem as it is the carriers that have put this into the firmware. If a UK / Europe handset has it then the EU would tear Carrier IQ and the carriers a new one in short order as they are pretty hot on data protection.

  12. My GS2 on Sprint tested positive for Carrier IQ. My life is ruined….

  13. Score! My sensation does NOT! Have carrier IQ.

  14. my Sprint HTC EVO 4G has it.

  15. Motorola DX is NOT infected

  16. G2x is crabs free.

    1. Yup, my G2x used protection, too. ;)

  17. As verizon promised…. d2 no ciq

  18. :’ ( my Evo is infected.

    Damn you Sprint.

  19. Stock skyrocket has it.

  20. (Sprint) Nexus S 4G rooted w/CM7 not infected.

  21. Thunderbolt tested negative yeah! I guess VZW was telling the truth.

  22. My Droid Incredible 2 is clean :)

  23. T-Mobile HTC G2 doesn’t have IQ

  24. Photon 4G is clear, no LOWcarrierIQ

  25. Silly question: how does this detect the CIQ files if the only permission it requires is internet access?

    1. maybe they just compare your android build number with a db or theirs. probably need root access to find the file itself on your phone.

      1. I don’t think so, because there is an option to send your results to Lookout which wouldn’t make sense if the results were just coming from their database to begin with.

    2. If i remember correctly from the XDA thread with treve ( the guy who found it) internet is all CIQ needs to work.( or at least the app he used to find all the QIC logs just needed internet permission)  So it probably a version of that. Their work is probably based the original app treve did. Which is crazy scary that an app with just internet could get all these sensitive logs with just the internet permission. More of a reason that CIQ is such a privacy issue.

  26. Another reason AOSP will always be better than anything else.

  27. Razr is NOT infected. Now I can sleep at night!

  28. T-Mobile Samsung Exhibit 4G is clean

  29. Not on my xperia play. –Wewt–

    1. Which carrier or version?

  30. MyTouch 4G Slide doesn’t have it either thankfully

  31. rezound clear.

  32. Droid incredible is clean

  33. Awesome, Samsung Exhibit II does NOT have it. :)

  34. My HTC G2 is clean! (Yeah, no need for an awkward coversation with my GF!!)

  35. My rooted HTC inspire doesn’t have it, gfs stock HTC inspire doesn’t either. Thank you att and HTC for not letting us down.

  36. I am a free man… Stock NexusOne on T-mo is CIQ free… Just for giggles, I tested my Wifi Asus Transformer (not prime) and it is also CIQ free.

  37. Droid X 2 clean

  38. No Carrier IQ on my T-Mobile Sensation.  It looks like all the phones testing positive are on Sprint so far.

  39. EeeGads! My Samsung Intercept form Virgin Mobile USA is infected with CIQ!

  40. No Carrier IQ on my AT&T Captivate… maybe because it’s running TeamHackSung’s ICS 4.0.1 Build#6 …. yeah, that must be it. :)   Boooo to carrier crap.

  41. No carrier IQ on my tmo g2x.

  42. i am using HTC Incredible but running CM7… am I safe?

  43. Evo 3d with stock rom, clean

    1. That doesn’t sound right, evo3d’s should have it. So far haven’t heard one report of a non sprint phone having it. You sure your on stock? Did you buy the phone from someone who may of installed a custom rom?

  44. Thunderbolt is clean but then again I’m rooted running Liquid 3.0. Rooting FTW!

  45. OG Droid thats rooted running Gingerbread – not present according to the app

  46. My international unlocked SGS2 I-9100 is CIQ free! Also, thanks to Lookout for helping us protect ourselves.

  47. Rooted Droid Charge tested negative. ^.^”

  48. DROIDX2: test came back negative.

  49. Negative on mytouch 4g runing 2.3.4. Tested with lookout & voodoo.

  50. Mine says no Carrier IQ on unrooted HTC Rezound…

  51. I didn’t even have to use the detector app to know that CIQ was running in my HTC EVO.  All I did was look at running apps and there it was, trying to disguise itself as IQAgent.  Anyway, since my EVO is rooted, I searched for all files containing IQ in their names (using Root Explorer) and then I renamed them with ORG extension.  The OS squawked a bit… I got some lame warning about the system needing these files – yeah, right – but after I rebooted the phone, IQAgent was running no more.  I’ve been CIQ free for two days and I’ve not had any problems whatsoever.

  52. Mt4g clean

  53. no aids for my g2

  54. Nexus S4G not infected! Yippy!

  55. Stock Verizon Thunderbolt tested clean.

  56. Factory Settings HTC EVO 3D and I have it. =(

  57. MyTouch 4G does NOT have it.
    My Bionix Galaxy S Vibrant does NOT have it.
    My ASUS Transformer does NOT have it.

    3 for 3 folks….

  58. Xperia Pro (MK16a) is clean :)

  59. i-pos’s are infected

  60. Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket on At&t… Infected :,( Why oh why?!?!

  61. No STD’s on my Galaxy S II

  62. Galaxy nexus clean, thank god!

  63. LG G2x is clean and green. No Carrier IQ.

  64. Boost Mobile ZTE Warp – clean

  65. Desire HD unbranded GSM all clear :-)

  66. Nothing on the original htc Incredible. Yipee!

  67. OG EVO got burnt by the clap!(I’m infected)

  68. Looks like my Tmobile G2 is clean

    1. My Tmobile Comet is ….. clean !

  69. Sprint HTC Evo 4G: infected. Sprint will announce a fix by Wednesday, or I’m going to Big Red. :-(

  70. sweeeet, no infections here… Samsung Galaxy S2 with Optus in Australia….

  71. Another clean verizon rezound here…  I always told him, “Bag it before you tag it!”  Looks like he listened…  I’m so proud.

  72. Sprint seems to be the biggie culprit – my Samsung Epic 4G Touch has it!

  73. Anyone else notice the author of the Carrier IQ Detector app is “Lookout Labs”, but the author of the actual Lookout app is made by “Lookout Mobile Security”?  Is the CIQ Detector legit?

  74. My HTC Rezound is CIQ free! So I guess Verizon ain’t down with that!

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