Galaxy Nexus Makes Its Way Through The FCC Once Again – Where’s It Headed This Time?


Well, this is puzzling. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has popped up at the FCC several times since it’s launch and today, it looks like it passed by again. This particular version seems to be supporting GSM 850/1900 and WCDMA II/IV wireless bands compatible with AT&T’s network. Still, it’s strange that the device wouldn’t support both T-Mobile and AT&T bands like the previous Nexus S did but hopefully there’s a few more bands they haven’t mentioned just yet.

AT&T recently posted a general question on their Facebook page about a week ago asking if anyone was even interested in the device. Maybe they had it planned all along?

[FCC via WirelessGoodness]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I just need Verizon to get theirs out and about already :( i’m tired of crying myself to sleep every night.

  2. Idea to get news about the nexus- everyone tweet their frustration on
    every VZW twitter account until someone breaks. I spent an hour doing it
    so far, multiply that by a few hundred and verizon is bound to take the
    hint and say something. We need to organize and show our disappointment
    as a mass; its the only way Verizon will hear us, so we can’t be ignored!!

    1. Ha ha. Ok.  It is just a phone.  I’m not sure it rises to the level of importance that we need an organized protest. Occupy…Verizon…I guess.

      1. think about it this way. everyone has been bitching and moaning about Verizon screwing up this release. every freaking day on phandroid, engadget, droidlife, all over the web; everybody, including me, seems really pissed about it. Well if we want answers do you think VZ cares about what I ask or anyone else for that matter. But say 1500+ people a day spam their twitter accounts with question after question, about why the nexus isn’t released, or why they won’t tell us anything; I’m pretty sure they will get fed up and beg their higher ups to release some info to calm the masses, I know I would. Makes sense now doesn’t it?

        1. I think the problem is people on the internet. Hear me out, the phone officially can’t be late since no sale date has officially been announced. People complain that phone x is taking so long to come out(like this thread). However, how would the comments look like if the phone had issues?. Like,  you know, that volume bug (now fixed). It looks like VZW is taking their time to pass certification on the phone so it goes out smoothly. Average person doesn’t care that the phone comes out today or in one month. They will however, notice that volume bug issue. 
          This is my theory, no clue why it’s taking so long.

      2. YES!! OCCUPY VERIZON(‘s twitter)!!! Let’s do it!

      3. Says the guy posting on a tech blog about the phone. Seemed important enough for you to comment on here about……douche.

  3. The model number says GT-i9250T its either for Telus or T-Mobile, and judging by the GSM bands its probably Telus..

    1. Unfortunately, you are wrong. The FCC documents for GT-i9250T indicate only approval for use in America was being granted for GT-i9250T. However, GT-i9250M also passed through the FCC, and that version has WCDMA band IV as well as documents certifying it for Canada.

  4. Why would they downgrade it, mine works on T-mo and AT&T.

  5. this nexus shit is ridiculous! this phone is out already around the world, why is it not here?!?!?! not only that, there hasnt even been an official release date on this fucking phone! verizon and google, gets ur heads out of ur asses before its too late because every other company is working on something bigger and better while u dick around! so hurry the fuck up ya shmucks!….excuse my language

    1. Verizon, if it isn’t a “Droid” branded device, they seem to not give two fucks about it at all, Google really messed up by even thinking of giving them any exclusivity and I bet it doesn’t happen again

  6. Possibly dumb question: why would it go through the FCC if it was intended for Canada?

  7. I don’t see how it’s not possible for them to act on getting the phone.  It was actually more like 2 weeks ago that they asked on Google+ whether people would want the Galaxy Nexus or not.  I think they have had it at their headquarters playing around with it, they probably just wanted to see if it would really be viable for customers or not.  Now it all just depends on how long it takes for them to market the device, what the box it’s going to be in will look like, and how much to sell it for (not to mention whether LTE or HSPA+).

  8. Nevermind

  9. Band IV is AWS, which is the band that T-Mobile uses.

    1. Ok I looked at the FCC filing for the GT-i9020T (Nexus S T-mobile version) and it mentioned 850/1900 GSM/GPRS/EDGE and AWS as well so this might be for T-mobile. I am not getting my hopes up tho.. 

      1. Which document had the 1700 spectrum?  I looked as well and don’t see it anywhere.  Also band IV is 1700 band V is 1900 which is ATT.

  10. this better be headed for at&t

  11. This just gives me more reason to hold off, will be waiting for the google wallet decision to determine if I allow verizon to have my business, get an unlocked model or wait for AT&T.  If AT&T were smart (which unfortunately they arent other than getting the original exclusivity for iphone) then they would immediately announce the moment they know they will get this phone “Hey, were getting it soon and we wont fuck with it like Verizon did.  Google Wallet, no BS bloatware and updates direct from Google so you will have the newest android versions BEFORE Verizon.”

  12. I swear this phone will be out on another US carrier before I get my “exclusive” with Verizon.

  13. Please AT&T do this for me. (and the other million customers that want this phone)

  14. I dunno why they think it is for AT&T when it clearly has “T” in its name … I-9250T. although I’m waiting for it on AT&T but I think this is for T-mobile, but since it was supposed to support every network in the whole world I think this might work on AT&T too.

  15. Who thinks sprint’s gonna get the galaxy nexus?

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