Got $1000? Verizon Galaxy Nexus for Sale on Craigslist


For $1000 you could soon be the lucky owner of Verizon’s 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the peace of mine that you will no longer have to deal with the carrier’s games regarding the handset’s still undisclosed release date. A Craigslist posting local to Phoenix is reportedly listing the highly anticipated handset for sale. For the price you get a rooted 32GB Galaxy Nexus with an unlocked bootloader, clockwork recovery, and a custom ROM installed.

If the device being listed is legitimate (yes, there is always the chance for a scam when dealing with Craigslist), it is likely an early test unit. This would explain the lack of a Verizon logo on the battery cover as seen in recent images of the unreleased handset. Testers have reportedly been receiving an update to Android 4.1, but the version listed as 4.0 could be explained by the custom ROM.

[Craigslist via Reddit]

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  1. “Custom ROM”?  What custom ROM is available for an unreleased phone?  Feels pretty sketchy.

    1. I’m just assuming that it is running the clockworkmod for the gsm version and the rom is the one made by MoDoCo that fixes the volume problem on the gsm version.

      Update: I texted the number in the listing and asked about the rom and this is what I received back “I had a dev build it off my system and boot image” ……. “There are rooms for GSM phones I had him port his room to work on lte using my boot and system image”

      1. And who is this dev? That still does not pass as credible.

        1. I agree. That made it sound even less credible.

  2. i’m sure that verizon and samsung keep track of their pre-release phones. someone’s head is gonna roll.

    1. true!… but this could be one of those employees VZW screwed over a few months back, so they dont care!

      1. i’ve signed NDA’s before, they are pretty ironclad whether you work for the company or choose to leave. anyway, off topic…

        anyone that pays 1000 for a cell phone might as well stick to Vertu…lol

  3. No….i think I’ll wait thanks.

  4. @GawkerRedesignSucks:disqus the ICS source code has been out for a while. i believe a bunch of devs have already built working or semi-working ICS ROMS for devices, no? are there any available for the nexus? i’m honestly not sure, but it’s certainly possible.

    that doesn’t mean this isn’t sketchy though.

    If there are any takers, I have a stock 2010 Corvette Z06 for sale – $225,000

    1. Not even a ZR1? Ehh, Still seems like a sweet deal. I’ll take it.

      1. Cool! The ZR-1 is only $638,000! At just $1000/horsepower, you can’t afford to pass this up!

    2. Not a 2013?

      1. 2013? By all means! They’re $1.17 million.
        Actually, I’m not surprised at all at someone asking $1000, when the xbox 360 was initially released, I sold one for $2300 a day before launch day, when the PS3 was released, I had one preordered and sold it for $4500 on launch day. Some people just don’t care. I love all things tech, but I won’t drop $4000+ on something I can get for $300-$400 if I wait a few weeks – I’d rather make money from people who can’t wait and don’t care how much they spend. To be fair, a video game console won’t become outdated in months or even weeks, in some cases.

    3. If it was the ZR1 I probably would have took it.. LOL!

  6. already flagged for removal? lol

  7. That didn’t take long, it’s already been flagged for removal.

  8. seems legit, hahah

  9. mmm, don’t think so. I’m playing on my samsung galaxy tab 8.9 (which is fantastic) while i wait for my next sammy.

  10. I also have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

  11. I’ll pay $5 for a back from a UK or original unit that does NOT have the Verizon logo. I wonder if that would void my warranty on a phone that is not quite as delinquent (yet) as the Bionic.

    1. Seriously? Replacing the user-replaceable battery cover will not void any warranties.

  12. Pretty sure I can wait until the 8th (or at least that is what the rep told me in store today)

  13. not listed anymore, someone either bought it or… that was fast. 

  14. And then Verizon won’t let you activate it…goodluck with that.

  15. Seems pretty stupid to spend that much money on a device that could potentially make it into your hands (after shipping) at the same time or later than the rumored release date.

  16. 745 on Amazon

    1. not the verizon version. I will wait until verizon releases it for probably ~$650 full retail.

  17. Youre better off buying the unlocked version. Better resale value than a nexus with a messed up esn

  18. Can I use an upgrade for this? =p

  19. Pretty close to the normal price of $799. Why not

    1. $799 is not regular price. That’s Best Buy’s inflated retail price.

  20. That must be P3droid’s phone since he lives in Phoenix

  21. Hrmm, yesterday there was the Woz holiday contest, and now today after all of the hub bub, he got scared and is selling it on eBay. Oh the irony!

  22. “peace of mine” ??? seriously? there is a strong lack of editing going on here…

    1. deleted

  23. Well the thing about these sites like craigslist is if you remove one there will always be another to take it’s place like http://www.classivox.com 

  24. I just want to buy that backplate. Anything besides the hideous Verizon symbol, which now invokes nausea whenever I see it.

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