Someone’s Galaxy S II Skyrocket Nearly Pulled an iPhone [Explosive Cellphones]


When I read that story about the Australian man’s whose iPhone spontaneously combusted on a flight, I chuckled a bit (at the iPhone, not the man). Who knew that a few days later a similar story regarding the Galaxy S II Skyrocket would turn up?

While this incident doesn’t seem nearly as bad as what happened with the iPhone, it’s still a bit troubling. The guy said he heard a sound, then felt a burning sensation and smelled burnt plastic as he took the phone out of his pocket.

It’s hardly your James Bond self destruction story (we imagine those are over exaggerated anyway). Still, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone like me who would stick with the same model in the future. Then again, we’re not even sure that this story’s legit. Your call. [BGR]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Wow that would suck. I can see why gas stations have notices to put your cellphone away. I always took that with a grain of salt, but I guess I shouldn’t moving forward!

  2. Its from BGR, of course it isn’t legit.

  3. This is what happens when you have a rocket in your pants.  

  4. I saw this posted on XDA. A little frightening to say the least. Looks pretty legitimate to me. The important thing to consider is how are the guy’s pants?

    1. Blue and dry? too soon?

  5. This looks more like someone bridged the connections to see what would happen. Could possibly be an apple employee trying to take the heat off of the iPhone situation. Just a thought, with the way apple has been going after Samsung I wouldn’t put it past them. Either way, the battery was shorted some way and I’m sure that if the phone is returned to Samsung they will be able to find out what exactly happened.

  6. Doubt this is legit just like that Droid X incident that the phone supposedly “blew up” when the person was talking on it, which happened to be a hoax as this most likely is or it was a malfunction with the battery, which is doubtful unless the batter over heated. 

  7. A little off-topic, but why does the battery say “Near Field Communication”?  Is the NFC chip inside the battery?  So confused!

  8. Hm

  9. Probably an order given by top Apple PR to send a minion out and get one of the top Android phones, cause the contacts to short by messing with them using metal to short it out, to show that’s it’s everybody that has the issue, just like they did when they had antennae issues, they showed how other phones had issues too. That caused backlash since they did it openly, so they did it incognito. Choosing their most hated rival, and of course choosing a top Samsung phone. They probably would have used a Galaxy Nexus if Verizon would’ve released it by now. Apple has had battery issues in the past. They could have at least waited a few weeks or chosen an LG or something so as not to be blatantly obvious. This is just my theory of course.

  10. I smell another Apple vs Samsung lawsuit coming.

    1. samsung totally copied apple with the whole exploding phone feature…Apple pattented that ages ago…..tsk…shame on you samsung!

  11. this can highly be made up by apple to cover their issue or direct the attention of the people away of them, specially using their 2 biggest enemies, android and Samsung 

  12. Sammy juuuunnnnnkkkkkk.

  13. How does the nfc chip transmit data if its on the battery? where is the physical connection of the nfc chip to the data in the phone?

    1. better yet, I thought the gNex was the first one to have NFC.

      1. the nexus s was actually the first with nfc

        1. I stand corrected, thank you for the information.

  14. Judge: ok Apple. What’s the problem now?

    Apple: he copied my iPhone Explosion

    Samsung: what? This is some bullshit

    1. I bet we wont hear any copy cat complaints from iPhone fans about this…..

      1. Samsung needs to stop copying Apple! Bad PR stunt Samsung!

  15. Maybe it’s only me, but I seem to get a lot of random “crud” inside the battery cover on my Eris. 

     IF this is legit (and that’s a big IF), I could see it possibly happening (like 1 in 100 million chance) that maybe somehow you had some little crumb of something conductive in your pocket and it somehow made its way inside your battery cover and then somehow got lodged in the little crack where the contacts are.

    Like I said, big IF.  I doubt it’s legit.  Since I love a good conspiracy theory, I’d bet Apple paid someone off to do it.  Certainly not an Apple employee though…that’d be too obvious.

  16. He could have simply pulled the battery and replaced it to prevent it…

  17. It’s hard to tell if it is legit or not.  It does look like someone bridged the battery connection and caused a short though.  

  18. Well that kind of stuff can happen to anything electronic, something shorts it and batteries are volatile little things. Go stick something metal in your phone’s contacts and see what happens. 

  19. It says Near Field Communication because the NFC antenna is actually a sticker on the battery, just like in the nexus. Now, why is it so hard to believe there is one android phone with this malfunction? Seriously, you keep calling IOS fans childish but you are the ones who keep saying that apple made this all up just to drive away the attention from the exploding iPhone. Really?!? I mean, come on guys, grow up. Someone screwed up at a samsung factory and made this malfunctioning device, just take it and stop making excuses. Samsung is not perfect. No company is perfect.

  20. Something was simply inserted by the battery connection 100%

  21. Just few days apart from iPhone explosion…? strange…
    A mean… that can happen I´m sure of that, but with so many Samsung phones and Androids phones in the market right now and it just happened few days from the iPhone…?

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