[Update: Gameplay Added] Ronaldo Gets an Android Game – Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle


Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most skilled players in football, is getting an Android game! It’ll be called Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle, a rhythm game that sees you responding to on-screen commands to the tune of music in order to keep Ronaldo going as he keeps the ball in the air with his feet.

Think of it as “Dance Dance Football” I suppose. It looks like it could be good for some quick fun. Unfortunately the title does not launch for Android until December 22nd ($2.99) but if you have an iOS device (that’s not crazy at all) you can find it there today. The gameplay footage is being uploaded soon. Read on for full press details.

Digital Artists Entertainment and Biodroid launch the official Ronaldo Game:  Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle on iOS and Android!


30th November2011 – You’ve never seen a game like it! Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the world’s best known footballers and current star of Real Madrid, has put his name and incredible soccer skills to an exciting music/rhythm game, Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle. Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle packs all of Ronaldo’s unique soccer skills and style into one amazing game. Packed with hundreds of tricks and challenges, multiple gameplay modes and set in different real-world locations, Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle is the ultimate game to test your soccer skills to the max!


Freestyle soccer is an amazing combination of acrobatic and athletic moves performed with a soccer ball. Incredible ball control plus creativity and imagination delivers a unique display of soccer tricks and live entertainment. Ronaldo has become known the world over for his ability to combine a whole repertoire of freestyle moves into his match-day play, and in the game players get the chance to pull off outrageous tricks and combos as Ronaldo challenges freestyle players around the world, from England to Japan.

The game combines rhythm action and touchscreen controls to allow players to pull off loads of different tricks, taken from real-life freestyle soccer moves. Trap and freeze the ball with a flick of both thumbs, then tilt the screen to balance the ball before flicking into another cool trick as you try to string enough moves together to become the king of freestyle soccer!

“Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle is a great game and a unique opportunity to play alongside me… accompanied by an awesome soundtrack. People all over the world can enjoy this fun game anywhere and everywhere. No matter where they go, I’ll be freestyling with them!” says Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Digital Artists specializes in helping premier athletes and sports franchises engage with their fans directly and build robust digital revenue streams. We are thrilled to launch this product with Cristiano Ronaldo and Biodroid.” says Scott Rupp, CEO of Digital Artists Entertainment.

“We are very proud of this game: the 3D Graphics are awesome, the motion capture looks great, the music is very cool, and finally the passion, team spirit and Cristiano Ronaldo’s involvement were crucial to make this game a fun and exciting entertainment experience. I believe people will love it as much as CR does.” – Diogo Horta e Costa, MD at Biodroid

Published by Digital Artists Entertainment, and developed by Portugal-based Biodroid, Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle is now available for

iOS devices on the Apple App Store priced $2.99/£1.99/€2.39.. The Android version is launching on the 22nd December priced at $2.99/£1.99/€2.39.


Game Features

•     Choose from 5 gameplay modes including:

◦              Hype Endurance: Perform hype tricks whilst juggling the ball to get the crowd’s attention as quickly as possible

◦              Time Attack: Get as many points as possible in the duration of the whole song

◦              Freestyle Battle: Compete against an opponent for the camera’s attention

◦              Don’t Drop the Ball: How long can you last without dropping the ball?

◦              Freestyle Showdown: 15 seconds competition to prove that your better than your opponent

•     Earn achievements and unlock new items to fully customize your Cristiano Ronaldo character including shorts, T-shirts, shoes, sunglasses and even hairstyles

•     Shuffle Mode launches a level at random. Want a different level? Just reshuffle again to find one you like

•     Play soccer samba-style: make Cristiano Ronaldo move and dance to the beat while controlling the ball

•     25 challenges in 6 unique world locations. Battle opponents with their own personality and style from England, France, USA, Japan, Spain and Portugal

•     Downloadable content, including two extra countries is a


Key app information

•     Available for iPhone now, Android 22nd December 2011, iPad and Android Tablets January 2012

•     Published by Digital Artists and developed by Biodroid –

•     $2.99/£1.99/€2.39. for Android and iOS

•     Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle on the Apple App Store :




About Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is the world’s #1 athlete, with over 36 million followers on Facebook. After a world record transfer fee, and presentation attendance, on May 2011, Ronaldo became the highest goalscorer in a season in the history of his team, Real Madrid with 51 goals, winning the european golden boot for the second year. With only 26 years old, and after playing for Sporting CP, Manchester United and Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo also won the Ballon d’Or in 2008 amongst several others individual and team prizes


About Digital Artists Entertainment Inc.

Digital Artists Entertainment, Inc. creates socially-powered digital content platforms for premier global sports & entertainment franchises, such as Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo. Using a total-picture view of the digital business opportunity, Digital Artists helps premier franchises monetize mobile, social, and digital video content; activate, expand & monetize their social media networks; and maximize their audience across screens and geographies.

About Biodroid

Biodroid is a Digital Content and Game Developer based in Lisbon, Portugal, that adds value by creating and producing fresh and innovative products based on Global Brands and Global IP´s. Biodroid is currently developing Games, Applications and Digital Content for two major worldwide markets: the Consumer Market (B2C) and the Corporate Market (B2B).Biodroid is Licensed to develop for: Xbox 360, Playstation3, Nintendo, iOS Plataforms (Apple), Android Platform (Google), Blackberry platform (RIM), Web/PC and Social Media Platforms, with the support of an R&D Team with mathematical modeling and algorithm capabilities.Titles like Billabong Surf Trip (for iphone, ipad and ipod) nominee for the IMGA awards in 2010 in best sports games category, Miffy´s World (for Nintendo DS and Wii Ware), Cityon (for Web Browsing) and Rural Value (for Facebook), are some examples of our continuous growing Portfolio.

In 2011 Biodroid was distinguished with “The most Innovative Company” award from “Venture Capital IT”.

See more about us at

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  1. You mean “soccer” :-)

    1. Seriously! I was just thinking “I thought Quentyn was from the US”

    2. No, he means “football”. You know…the game where your “foot” touches a “ball” and NOT your hands for most of the game???

  2. Even with Ronaldo’s name attached, $2.99 seems a bit much. I’d rather have a proper football game (full team match), even if the graphics were sub-par.

  3. ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  4. Maybe someone should make something like “California Games” from back in the 16bit era, which had hackey sack among other things. 

  5. That is queer with a capital G-A-Y.

  6. Can he compete against Messi?

  7. That looks Lametastic!

  8. This is incredibly gay. Its even more homosexual that your giving us news on soccer and calling it football when this is clearly America.

    1. You do realise this is the internet now and not ARPANET, the site isn’t just for America. Don’t get me started on the word soccer.

  9. This game is a tad lame and overpriced for what you get

  10. This looks…and sounds awwwwful WHY did I click this

  11. You do realize this site is based in America right?

  12. I like this game!!  I find it fun and very addictive.  Music is great.  Particularly good is “Something Good” and “Capture the Momentum”.  Someone asked where they can download them.  If ound them on Broadjam, CDBaby, and Itunes.. 

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