Confirmed: ASUS Transformer Prime Releasing in US Starting December 8th


Our friends at NetbookNews has shared with us news regarding the ASUS Transformer Prime’s launch date. According to an ASUS spokesperson, consumers in the US should be seeing this thing on store shelves starting December 8th, just like we’ve been hearing all along (give or take a day).

The Transformer Prime will come to the market starting at $500 (32GB) and will be the lone Android tablet on the market with NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 chipset inside. Couple that with 1GB of RAM, a 10.1 inch display and a promise for Ice Cream Sandwich in the future and we’d say this one will be on many’s  holiday list.

For those living elsewhere, Taiwan will be getting the tablet on December 1st but our European friends aren’t so lucky. January is the tentative launch window for the device there. That’ll be a long time to wait but perhaps Ice Cream Sandwich will be out by then – it would make it worth every minute, I’d say.

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  1. Slovak Asus reseller is already taking preorders (599€, same as German Amazon) and release date is set to December 13, so no January.
    I have made the preorder early in the morning, got a confimation email, then it was pulled from the website, then it was back there before noon and now it is gone again.
    There is a word it should go official tomorrow.

  2. That’s great, but why does Best Buy list the date as December 18th for the tablet and Dec. 31st for the keyboard dock. If it comes out before then and BB doesn’t ship on the 8th I will be cancelling my pre-order. Is there any official word on a release date for the dock? I would think it would be the same day as the tablet, but who knows anymore. I just don’t know why BB would give it a different date than the TF Prime.

  3. Now that’s awesome news!

  4. really want this….must resist!

  5. I can’t wait for the tablet to be released on the market. I hope it comes available soon in our place.

  6. I wonder if we can this before we can actually get a nexus……?

  7. This is awesome news!  I preordered from Amazon and I’m eagerly waiting to get this tablet! 

    1. Yeah, same. My Amazon pre-order says “estimated to ship after 12/25…”

  8. mine! mine! mine! mine! mine! mine! 

    Great b-day gift to myself.

  9. As much as I want the prime, It’s still out of my price range, so what I’m excited for are the inevitable price drops that are going to happen with the older models. 

    1. Buy it on new egg and sign up for a preferred account and you get 1 year interest free.

  10. LOL.
    that’s got to be the most wishy washy confirmation I’ve ever heard.
    how do you even call this a confirmation yet you use the word,”should”. I love articles on your site but please don’t call yourself journalist or reporters or expect to be taken seriously with this crap

  11. yeah, my BB preorder said 12/18/11. you think preorders could get it a little earlier than 12/8/11?

  12. My BestBuy Canada says:
    tems(s) Currently On Order:

    Release Date

    Asus 10.1″ 32GB Eee Pad Transformer Prime Tablet With Wi-Fi

    05 Dec, 2011

  13. This is great news!  I have tangentially related question, does anyone have a suggestion on a good “day bag” to buy to carry my (future) tablet, accessories and other assorted stuff?  Looking mainly for traveling and such.  Thanks!

  14. Is anything confirmed until Asus says so?

  15. I will gladly trade the Transformer Prime confirmed release date for a Galaxy Nexus confirmed release date

  16. Oh god, another “Confirmed:” story. I think we need to stop throwing that word around like this, and use it for the actual press release. Hahahaha.

  17. I heard from a friend who read a Dr. Seuss book that found out the the company name is pronounced Ay-seuss who knows a guy, that dated a girl, who gave him coffee say she overheard someone from Microsoft talking about HP that Asus was releasing something that another one heard would be named something like an Autobot or Decepticon would release somewhere around Pearl Harbor day only if there was a complete eclipse of the sun on the 6th Friday of June during an odd number year.


    1. The only confirmation that can exist is when Asus makes an official announcement publicly.  Nothing like stirring the pot more.  We already have enough pot stirrers on the Galaxy Nexus. 

  18. Seriously? How is this “confirmed”? There’s no info at the source link except “an ASUS rep told us so” and some awful promo video.

  19. Asus sucks. 600€ after waiting for next year? Same shit happened with their last tablet. Way too expensive compared to US. When they said they want to be the biggest tablet manufacturer they probably meant the biggest in the US

  20. Excuse the profanity:

    Fuck yes.

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