UK Retailers Resume Shipping Galaxy Nexus Units After Volume Big Fix


Just as Samsung promised, Galaxy Nexus units have returned to retailers’ warehouses everywhere. Following a volume-related bug (it was easily fixed through software), Samsung had to pull units and cease shipment to reflash phones with the fix in place. They said it’d be back sometime this week and it turns out things happened sooner rather than later. For those who already have the phone, an OTA upgrade will be headed your way shortly. Now that that’s all settled, let’s go get some Ice Cream! [Clove]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. You should really proof your title at bare minimum before posting. LOL! ;)

  2. Where are all the blithering idiots who said that the phone was DOA and that this wasn’t “fixable” through software patches?


    1. Haters gonna hate and ballers gonna ball. ^_^

    2. They were all loser Apple fanboys…. now that they have been proven wrong they can go back to continue waiting for POS CRAPple to fix their garbage iphone4Sux battery drain bug… which is an actual hardware bug, unless you turn off all the iPhone4Sux smartphone features and turn it into a dumb phone….to conserve battery… LOL

    3. Well, we really don’t know if there is a hardware weakness (shielding issue etc) and the cheapest solution is a workaround with software. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a small hardware spin for the next batch of Galaxy Nexus.  Not trying to spread fear here just thinking out loud and trying to decide if I want to import GSM now or wait a bit.

    4. How are they blithering idiots? The thread I was reading on XDA, which circulated the internet, said the following:

      This is a problem with RF shielding on the volume button (now confirmed by Google).

      This can be fixed by a software patch (now confirmed by Google).

      However, this will take some constant processing power and so will affect both the performance and battery (Google haven’t commented)

  3. I’m looking forward to the article titled “US retailers start shipment of Galaxy Nexus Units”

    1. The good news is they’re working on the G-Nex 2 which should be great with 4gb ram, 128gb storage, 7″ fold-out supercalifragilisticexpialidocious AMOLED Plus Divide Multiplication screen, dual Tegra2 CPU’s for a total of 8 cores and it’ll out before the G-Nex 1. Yay!

      My only complaint is the 1200mAh battery. They claim you have to charge it once an hour. I’m used to that though with my incredible so It’s ok.

      1. Any release date yet?

    2. I am too but I will feel better in 2 days when I get my phone, just got my tracking number this morning and they upgraded my shipping to overnight.

      1. Still didn’t get it? I thought you ordered it at least a week and a half ago… Regardless, keep us updated! I might do what you did and import

        1. No because Samsung delayed their shipment into the UK because the 2G bug affected UK users but now Samsung updated all their phones so shipments have already arrived. Handtec said that any orders made today will be shipped tomorrow. http://www.handtec.co.uk/blog/2011/11/samsung-galaxy-nexus-shipping-update/

      2. I ordered mine last Wednesday from Expansys-USA. (Won’t ever order from them again) Where did you get yours?

        1. Handtec. Their shipments got delayed so much that I was about to order from Expansys but there price was $100 more then handtec. Handtec did confirm that Samsung finally sent them their shipment this morning.

          1. I canceled my Expansys order and ordered from Handtec.  I didn’t want to put up with Expansys.  

        2. How come never again? I checked xda forums and most ppl are going with expansys

          1. I strongly urge you and anyone else not to work with Expansys.  They lied about the item being in stock (It was supposed to ship Friday) and they did not ship.  They then changed my order to “Awaiting Stock”.  I know there was the volume bug, but nothing was said about that.  They pretty much lied to me about my item being in stock.  I tried to contact customer service.  I sent two emails, both of which have still not been responded to.  I called and waited for 20 minutes to talk to a representative, all of which were “currently assisting other customers”.  I also tried calling their Canadian and British numbers.  I finally got through when I tweeted ExpansysUK.  They were nice, but there is only so much they can do over Twitter.  I direct messaged them my order number, but because of the 8 hour time difference, they wouldn’t have gotten back to me until tomorrow.  I was tired of the deceit and crappy service, so I switched to Handtec.  Handtec has live online service, and their blog was constantly updated today with Nexus news! I also saved $20 by going with them, despite my $20 off coupon at Expansys.  I highly recommend that everyone steer clear of Expansys.  

          2. Got me convinced :) 

            If no HSPA+ version in site by Dec 9th, will be taking your advice… unless Canada’s imports are cheaper :P 

            Thanks for the info 

  4. Not BIG fix but BUG fix. The author Quentyn Kennemer needs to correct that.

    1. Isn’t it a BIG bug fix for UK customers?

      1. If it was big, it wouldn’t have been fixed so fast.

        1. What I meant is that it had the potential to be big. Also about it being fixed so fast, that is because this is the Nexus we are talking about here. A lot of phones have updates that take a little while (3 weeks) to go out on one phone, one carrier, in one country but when updates were going out for the Nexus One people from ALL OVER THE WORLD were reporting that they were getting the same update at the same time with one phone, in multiple countries and with multiple signal strengths (1G, 2G, 3G, WiFi). 

          So I am not surprised at all that is was fixed so fast and that is why I had told Handtec to send mine before we even knew if the problem affected U.S. users or not.

  5. Hmmm. I did a checkin to see if the OTA would come, but I got an email from the Android Team instead. It basically said welcome to the Galaxy Nexus. :) It’s pretty cool though. I never got one for the Nexus S.

  6. Why are the UK retailers $100 cheaper then the U.S. ones? I asked Negri Electronics yesterday and they just said that they didn’t know why, WTF.

  7. We all make mistakes, but 4-hours later and the headline still has a typo.

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