LTE-Enabled (Verizon) Test Galaxy Nexus Devices Getting 4.0.2; Almost Ready for Primetime?


We’ve been hearing that the reason the Galaxy Nexus isn’t out on Verizon by now is due to it not exactly being ready. Verizon usually has no problem delaying a device to ensure a worry-free experience for users out of the box.

Some test users have begun to receive test updates to Android 4.0.2, and although they weren’t clear on what it brings some say it could be due to the volume bug. “But the HSPA+ European versions haven’t gotten it,” you shout?

Well, it’s only on test devices for Verizon so that may be the reason they haven’t gotten it yet. Let’s not forget that Samsung is already reflashing devices in order to resume shipment sometime this week and Verizon may be testing that same software out themselves. Whatever it is, let’s hope it’s all sorted out and that we can see a release of this thing very soon. [Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. IT’S funny people will complain if the phone is delayed but the minute they get the phone and something goes wrong they’ll be running to Verizon and Samsung complaining.

      1. what are you 5?  next you’ll say “your mama”/

    1. Of course, that’s why you pay them an arm & a leg

      1. $300 isn’t an arm and a leg.

        1. You’re right but $300 then a constant 200$ (around what i pay/month) is ridiculous. This is an entirely other argument.

          I’m just saying that you have the right to say your opinion & want something fixed when you pay that much money to a company.

          1. Have you tried getting a cheaper plan? Most people just get unlimited everything and they may only use a few hundred minutes a month but they don’t even bother to look at their bill to find out. I got mine down to 450 minutes, unlimited text, “unlimited” data for $60/month. 

          2. Yeah. I work in IT so I’m all about staying on top of that stuff – not to mention i’m a cheap ass & will try to save any way possible ;)

            My wife talks too much to have lower minutes. So both our smartphones, with a work discount, is still ~$185/month

    2. Here is my problem: Why did they have that launch event in Hong Kong is they weren’t ready to release the phone? I think we can all agree it was a weak attempt at grabbing some attention away from the iPhone launch. Problem is when Apple says we are releasing a new phone they release it. The 4s was out within a week of it’s announcement. Google, despite postponing their launch, still has managed to take nearly a month to launch, and that was the international launch. Here in the US (Google’s own stomping grounds) the phone has no concrete launch date for Verizon and no word at all of the launch of the GSM version. I will undoubtedly get this phone eventually but I’m certainly left with more than just a little sour taste in my mouth on how google has allowed the carriers to mess with their launch, a far cry from the lofty goals that the Nexus line had at it’s inception…

      1. thank you and well said, this is ridiculous… I’m starting not to even care anymore

      2. They were ready to release the GSM variant of the phone, which will ship is vastly greater quantities than the LTE version headed to Verizon.  

        The alternative would be to not announce the phone and not release on the 17th like they did just because the LTE version wasn’t ready.

        Which seems like the better business move?  That’s rhetorical.  

        1. Their original launch event was Oct 11th. They delayed that until Oct 19th. They released the phone in the UK only on Nov 17th. It took a month or more to release this phone to ONE country.
          The iPhone 4s launch event was Oct 4th with pre-orders 3 days later in 7 countries and phones in peoples hands Oct 14th.

          1month+ since announced: available to 1 country vs a little over 1 week since announce: available in 7 countries and available to 29 countries in less than a month. 

          I have to say, I think Apple’s model seems like a WAY better business move. And it doesn’t seem like Google was all that ready to release this phone. Don’t like Apple but I have to say I envy the way they do things sometimes…

          1. Different situations.  

            Google needs a gap between announcement and launch for the word to spread, to build anticipation for non techies like ourselves, let the marketing do its thing, etc.  It is done this way on purpose.    

            Everyone and their mother knows an iPhone is coming, and what exactly an iPhone is, so Apple can release the phone almost immediately after the announcement because they don’t need to market the phone whatsoever.    

            Gnex will sell much better since Google gave some time for the announcement to propagate through the airwaves and for people to become aware of its existence.  If they released it a couple days after the announcement, few would know about it, and sales figures would be low.  

          2. so how have they built anticipation? I don’t see any advertising aside from commercials that are on their site, stuff that will reach the eyes of people who already know about and want this device. I’ve seen nothing on tv.

          3. Word of mouth goes a long way, but takes time.  Google doesn’t advertise outside their small internet bubble either, so marketing is left up to the carriers.    Verizon will get on it before release.  European carriers marketed it more than we’re seeing here in the states, and the month wait before release was beneficial in this regard.       

      3. I think it is because Google wanted to release it in east Asia first because a lot of Google products are banned there and I don’t think it is because they wanted to grab attention away from the iPhone launch. I think it is a smart decision to release it in Asia first because there aren’t a lot of devices with the “pure Google experience”. And the good thing is that we get all of the fixes before we buy the phone that’s awesome every time the iPhone comes out there is a problem with it but if Google is taking its time then hopefully we wont have any problems with the Galaxy Nexus.

        1. I’m not sure I understand why they would need to release it in Asia first (which they already didn’t do, they released it in the UK first) to accomplish their goals in Asia? People in Asia won’t buy it simply because they didn’t get it first? But I do agree I want a phone that isn’t buggy at launch but in that case, don’t make an announcement until your ready.

      4. A lot of people are assuming that Google is holding things back. They worked very closely with Samsung in the design of the device and they wrote the OS and they are fixing the volume bug, but besides that they are not the ones delaying the device. That is Verizon’s doing. For whatever reason (quality control, boosted revenue, etc.) they are not announcing a release/preorder date. I hope that reason is that they are ensuring the quality of the phone, but corporations are out to make a profit and if Big Red thinks it can make an extra buck by saying mum, then that’s what it will do.

        1. either they allowed to Verizon to buy the right to launch first (which would essentially allow Verizon to hold the launch of their device hostage) and thus sold out or they simply are not allowing others to sell the device i.e. t-mobile, at&t, local carriers, and best buy. Either way they are at least partially responsible for this delay.

  2. Could it be true??? So many rumors, so little..Nexus. Come on VZW…make it happen!!

    1. i chatted with VZW today trying to coerce some information….this is how the conversation ended (i work for a helpdesk and this is terrible service)…

      sc0rch3d: i played with the RAZR and Rezound at the store and didn’t like them much. if the nexus isn’t better…i might have to switch carriers to get a better device.Beonka: I understand, Was there anything else I can assist you with today?

  3. So it’s never good enough for people and they act like Verizon and the manufacturers owe them since they bought the device.

    1. that’s how people feel about Apple.  I could see why whiny trolly fanbois would want to feel the same way about their Android devices.

    2. I’m not sure I understand your post. Who is the “they” that bought the device? I’m assuming your not talking about consumers who are frustrated because they can’t buy the device. If you are talking about Verizon buying the  rights to have the exclusive launch, maybe you are new to this whole Nexus thing. Followers of the Nexus line are upset because it is supposed to be a phone that is free of carrier and manufacturer influence and yet this launch is marred by… CARRIER INFLUENCE. It’s sad and upsetting to see Google allow this to happen to THEIR phone.

      1. The problem is that Google doesn’t offer 50 different models of phones or a half dozen iPhones that can make the carriers behave better. From the carrier perspective, no matter how nice a Nexus series phone is, it’s no iPhone and Google is just a little brand regardless of the fact that it’s Samsung or HTC or whoever that made the actual hardware. Google isn’t in a strong negotiating position; the carriers (Verizon in this case) take the attitude that Google’s lucky just to have them making their phone available at all, but and it’ll be on their time table, not Google’s. That may change if and when the Motorola deal goes through.

        1. so why don’t they just release a carrier free GSM phone at Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. They did it last time around with the Nexus S, I don’t see why they can’t do that again

  4. Like I said in the forums, VZW has announced that they will forgo the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in favor of the Samsung Galaxy S3.  The reason is that the VZW marketing team feels it better aligns with their Corporate strategy of delaying the release of high end phones, passing them over, and then giving false hope of the next best thing only to continue the cycle every 2-3 months.

    1. $1000 on that theory?  Didn’t thing so.

      1. I think he was just trying to make a point…

        1. sarcasm not detected…

  5. Bring…it….on!

  6. Verizon’s QA is terrible. They test and test and test but still the phones that come out still have huge terrible problems. I think its the people they have testing the phones. Verizon I think the people who are going to test the phone should know a little more than just how to turn it on and make phone calls in order to be qualified for that job. Just release the damn thing already let the customers test it out, well do a better job!!! And just FIRE all the people in your QA department. Then lower the price plans for your customers with all the money you would be saving.

    1. if it were terrible they would have released the phone by now.   Oh you must be on T-Fumble.  Sorry for your luck.

      1. no im on verizon

      2. Hey whats wrong with T-mobile they are facing a lot of pressure from their parent company in Europe but they still provide great service at a cheap price i have had the G1 and have G2 on their network and they both worked fine. 

  7. this reminds me of the Blackberry Storm launch

    1. More like the Droid Bionic launch.

  8. Odd and possibly silly question while I wait: what do you press to turn the screen on prior to the normal screen lock? On my ancient G1, it was the menu button. On my not quite as old Nexus One, it is the power button. Is it safe to assume that it’s the power button on the Galaxy Nexus (and Nexus S for that matter)? I haven’t taken the opportunity to actually explore the Nexus S or any of the Samsung Galaxy S series as of yet, so I’m curious about those details, especially with the GN since it will be my next phone…

    1. there will be a power button

      1. Of course there will be a power button, but will the power button be the one that turns the screen on?

        1. Since when is the power/lock button not the one to turn on the screen?

          (some other had other physical buttons too, but the power/lock always woke up the device as well.)

          1. Well, like I said, it depends on the phone. My G1 and Huawei Ascend use the menu button, my Nexus One uses the power button. I don’t know if it the power button is the tradition in the Nexus series, or if it’s something that started at the time of the Nexus One and carried over to almost all other phones or not.

  9. Well I just got my tracking number from FedEx for overnight shipping so F you Verizon.

  10. Pre order page is up at VZW.com!!! Trying to pre order now but the link isn’t going anywhere!!! WTF VERIZON?!?!?

  11. Where’s my preorder, i hate you sooo very much VZ. I hope corp office all gets the flu.

  12. Ladies and gentlemen, I propose we take action.  We all know the issue here is Verizon’s treatment of customers by COMPLETELY leaving us in the dark.  I have called three verizon stores and been told nothing.  I suggest that every single person reading this calls their local verizon store and asks about the status of the galaxy nexus.  Clogging up the verizon store phones with questions will relay our demand for knowledge to corporate HQ. I hope you all agree with me.

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