Nov 29th, 2011

Cluzee has released a personal assistant application in the Android market today and it adds similar functionality that has iPhone 4S users going crazy – Siri-like voice commands. While we’re not sure of Cluzee’s library of responses is as vast as Siri’s, their promo video shows it looks to be a lot more deep.

Instead of just reading off your meeting details or showing you the weather, it will apparently go a step further. Asking Cluzee what your next appointment is will not only tell you when and where it is, but it will tell you what time you need to leave to make it, which streets or highways, it can mail or message people relevant to that meeting with whatever you want and more.

Siri will still be ahead as far as the sheer amount of commands it can handle but with future updates Cluzee could become as great as it, if not better. Its claim to fame will be that it will be available on all platforms through HTML5. Us Android users don’t have to wait, though, as the application is already available (for free, no less) in the Android market. Give it a spin,will you?

[Update]: I have tried the app myself and am unable to do anything without getting a force close error. Many market comments also echo similar sentiments. Not a good first impression, I’d say. We’re sure it’ll be fixed quite soon.