Nov 28th, 2011

Many of you Epic 4G Touch owners know about the loss of signal bug. It basically causes the phone to fail to reconnect to the Sprint network if you often dip in and out of coverage. I personally have experienced this bug frequently in an area that is known for really bad coverage. That’s notable because many users suggest they only usually see it in bad coverage areas, making it an isolated incident.

Even if it is isolated, though, it’s still a very bad bug. Sprint has been taking a look into these claims, apparently, and have found out the exact cause of this issue. Thankfully it can be fixed using nothing but a quick and easy software update. Here’s the explanation of what’s going on:

It is isolated to areas with spotty coverage, which is why some don’t experience it at all. If you are in 4G and leave 4G coverage, or in 3G coverage and leave 3G coverage, and in the process of sending packets, there is apparently a bug where the phone does not detect this and would just give up after it could no longer talk to the old tower.

A user reportedly received a testing patch after voicing his concerns with a Samsung developer. We’re said to be getting Android 2.3.6, baseband SPD710.10.S.EK02 and build GINGERBREAD.EK02. All of this sounds great if true. [via Android Central]

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