Rogers Launches Motorola RAZR at Birthday Cake, Cake Loses


Motorola’s ads for the RAZR feature the super-slim handset slicing through all sorts of objects. The display of strength and cutting edge techonology was no doubt the result of digital effects and post-production magic. Rogers took the concept one step further, launching the RAZR from a high-powered air canon. For real. The target? An egg and a birthday cake. The result? Expected. Spoiler alert: the RAZR survives. The cake does not. Need more be said?

[via MobileSyrup]

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  1. first!

  2. That’s certainly better than the awful secret agent commercials Verizon’s been running for it.

    The Droid schtick was cute at first, but the Bionic and Razr ads have ruined it.

  3. Hey

  4. poor cake, it never had a chance

  5. what a perfectly wasted cake!

  6. dang

  7. why does the egg float up?

    1. the air blast from the canon.  the candles went out as well i think

      1. Yea, they had to keep it close so they could hit the targets before the phone started to tumble.

  8. It’s a shame the cake never existed.

    1. The cake is a lie!

      1. But… But, we were told there would be cake after all the testing! 

  9. Great photography! Where does one purchase a cannon like that to shoots a cell phone?

  10. That is juvenile and irresponsible.

    Thumbs up. 

  11. “Let’s fire it at an Apple phone next.” 

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