Verizon Wireless Holiday Deals – Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday


In order to help our readers save a buck this holiday season, we decided to post all of Verizon Wireless’s current promotions going on from today, through “Cyber Monday.” Most of the items on this list will come at the cost of signing a 2-year agreement but if you’re not afraid of a little commitment, you can snag yourself some pretty good deals. Here’s the entire list of promotions being offered from Verizon Wireless:

Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday Promotions

  • DROID RAZR by Motorola now available at Verizon Wireless! 54% OFF with new 2yr activations

11/24 – 11/25

  • 91% Off Revolution by LG $49.99 (Retail $559.99) PLUS Free Shipping (11/24-11/25)
  • Free DROID INCREDIBLE 2 by HTC in Red (Retail $439.99) PLUS Free Shipping  (11/24-11/25)
  • 70% off Motorola Xoom 4G LTE $199.99 (Retail $669.99) PLUS Free Shipping (11/24-11/25)

11/24 – 11/28

  • Free Pantech Hotshot (Retail $269.99) PLUS Free Shipping (11/24-11/28)
  • Free LG Cosmos Touch (Retail $209.99) PLUS Free Shipping (11/24-11/28)
  • Free LG Cosmos 2 (Retail $189.99) PLUS Free Shipping (11/24-11/28)
  • Free Xperia Play by Sony Ericsson (Retail $449.99) PLUS Free Shipping (11/24-11/28)
  • Free DROID Pro by MOTOROLA (Retail $399.99) PLUS Free Shipping (11/24-11/28)
  • Free LG Enlighten (Retail $329.99) PLUS Free Shipping (11/24-11/28)
  • Free Samsung Illusion (Retail $329.99) PLUS Free Shipping (11/24-11/28)
  • Free 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi™ 4510L (CPO) Retail $269.99) PLUS Free Shipping (11/24-11/28)


11/26 – 11/28

  • Free Samsung Intensity II (Retail $279.99) PLUS Free Shipping (11/26-11/28)
  • PLUS Free Shipping (11/26-11/28)
  • Free 4G LTE USB Modem 551L USB (Retail $249.99)  PLUS Free Shipping (11/26-11/28)
  • 89% off 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi 4510L $29.99 (Retail $269.99) PLUS Free Shipping (11/26-11/28)

11/28 – 1 Day Only

  • 91% Off Revolution by LG $49.99 (Retail $559.99) PLUS Free Shipping (11/28 – 1 day only)
  • Free DROID INCREDIBLE 2 by HTC in Red (Retail $439.99) PLUS Free Shipping (11/28 – 1 day only)
  • 70% off Motorola Xoom 4G LTE $199.99 (Retail $669.99) PLUS Free Shipping (11/28 – 1 day only)


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  1. So….. I have a question. I was planning on buying the rezound on Friday regardless of any sales, but that Droid razr is on a killer deal. So in doing some pre purchase research, I cannot find a video comparing the browser speeds between the iPhone 4s and the Droid razr. My brother in law has been trying to talk me into the iPhone 4s while I’m a big HTC fan. I really wish the iPhone was 4G with a 4″ screen. I have a lot of down time at work and I work 60 hours a week, so I spend a lot of time on my phone(and I can plug it in anytime) I hate Samsung with a burning passion so please don’t mention the gnex. SO, my question is, is the browser speed of the iPhone 4s comparable on 3g to the Droid razr or rezound on 4G? I stream Pandora all day at work, Facebook, youube etc. So its relatively important. I don’t dl mass files, only use about 5gb a month on a VZW grandfathered unlimited plan. I don’t need numbers, I spend a lot of time on these sites. I just want speed proof. Thanks.

    1. If the razr is on 4g, then there’s no way the iphone will beat the razr. Maybe if this were on at&t where the iphone would have hspa+ which is kind of 3.5g, the iphone would have a chance of being faster than the razr.

    2. billy<< You said , I have a lot of down time at work and I work 60 hours a week, so where is your down time?

      1. simple reasoning would lead to the fact that he’s AT WORK for 60 hours each week, buuuuuuuuuuuut, a good chunk of that 60 hours is spent not working AKA down time.

    3. I had the razr for 3 days. It does have a gorgeous screen no doubt / but i switched to the rezound. It feels much better. Sure it’s thicker but the resolution on the screen and the sound plus the headphones make it killer. For me it was a no brainer as the general phone itself was a win-win. The removeable battery and the better camera sold me in the end (on the rezound). Pus think it’s probably gonna be your next phone for at least a year or so.

    4. The Razr is not on a deal. 54% off the list is $299.99. If you want the Rezound, it’s the same price. I was hoping for a deal on the Razr, but no such luck.

      1. The D-Razr and the HTC-Rezound on are listed as $229 for upgrades it beats the misleading VZW add of $299….

    5. Don’t know how much support you are going to get for the iPhone over any Droid phone in here…just saying:)  Get the Rezound.  I am a huge HTC fan.  I can tell you while I hold my wife’s iPhone 4 and my Thunderbolt side by side that the browser experience on Android is by far better.  it renders faster and columns things up so nicely when you zoom. 

    6. Take it from a Verizon employee that has personally used all these phones — Razr and Rezound are faster, even on 3g. Rezound is the fastest of the three.

  2. Just goes to show how overpriced these phones are.

    1. yeah, the carriers must be making a killing from service charges with how they are able to offer phones for free a few months after they’re released.

      1. I think he’s referring to the no-contract prices. If that’s the case, I certainly agree.

  3. Amazon wireless has every android phone for one cent with new contracts, not upgrades. I plan to get an “early” upgrade with verizon by switching from at&t. I’ve had my at&t contract for about 14 months, so the termination fee is $320 minus $10 for every month of the contract so that’s about $185. I can sell my atrix 4g for about $100 – $150 on craigslist or ebay. I’m going to buy the Droid RAZR on verizon with a new contract for one cent. So in the end, I’ll still have paid about $30 for a $300 device. Before I leave, I’ll give at&t the option to give me an early upgrade, but I doubt they’ll cave.

    1. you sound like me with T-Mobile to Verizon. :/ Sell my phone for 150, pay 200 ETF, Leave Tmobile and get the Rezound for $0.01 through amazon. Pay the same price i do w/ tmobile for my plan on verizon w/ my new 22% discount :) i wish the galaxy nexus was 0.01 today. wouldn’t have to think about it.

    2. this is what i want to do as well and even with the same phone (atrix
      4g). tho only thing that’s keeping me from pulling the trigger is
      verizons tiered data. I’m unlimited on AT&T right now. I would
      probably do it if Verizon’s double data promo was actually 5 gigs and
      not 4. I tend to use between 3-5 gigs per month with music streaming so I
      am still hesitant.

  4. Under the Droid Razr section there are some tremendous comparisons. Check it out!

  5. The listed percentages off are very misleading.

    For example, the Revolution is listed as 91% off from 569.00 to 49.99. The reality is that if you are buying it without a contract the price is still the same, 569.00.

    If you are buying it with a 2 year agreement then it is 49.99 down from 149.00. That is not 91% off.

    1. it’s also a penny off amazon, so there’s really no point in paying $50 for it.

    2. True, 
      I like the RAZR deal…..but the percentages on the rest are a little misleading.

      The better Verizon deal is this one IMO. 25 to spend on 50 worth of accessories on Verizon. You have until the end of December.

      Hope this helps someone 

  6. Exactly Tim, I’m a machinist. A lot of time the machines are running and I’m not doing jack.

  7. I have tried numerous times to get the Droid Razr for the 54% off (I have an upgrade available on my line), but when I go to checkout, it still says $299… How do I get the 54% off?

    1. was wondering the same thing.

    2. If you do the math, 46% of 649.99 (the retail price of the phone), it is approximately 299.99. It’s not actually a sale, it’s an advertisement that the Droid RAZR is available, and you can get it discounted when you sign a 2 year contract, which is true, but completely misleading.

  8. When I saw this earlier and realised that there actually was no deal on the razr, and that the 54% off was just based on the full retail price, I was pissed. Very misleading! On the bright side, when I showed up to thankgiving dinner, I found that my brother had one. I got to play with it for an extended time and have got to say that I was impressed. I had seen it at the store but wasn’t sure about it, but it really is a nice phone. He was also shocked when I told him that many people said that the battery life sucked and said that it has lasted him as long as any phone battery he has ever had, which is more good news. I’ll just have to wait until they release the galaxy nexus so that I can compare them side by side. I’ve never had a samsung phone because I can’t get over the plastic feel of them, but maybe the hardware and software can win me over this time.

  9. Here’s another black friday verizon deal: $50 to use on a phone or accessories from verizon for $25:

  10. Livingsocial is offering gift certificates for $25 that are good for $50 on accessories or a device.  It doesn’t expire until the end of December, so it’s a god way to get $25 off any device or accessory.Link to deal:

  11. should i get a xoom? is it worth it? do i really need a tablet? it is a freaking cool looking toy, but will it run faster than my droid 3? same processor… and my d3 has been giving me so much lag it isnt even funny

  12. Having the list makes it easy to search for the items that are available on sale on an exact date.Thanks for the post. 

    Jenn Simpson

  13. Almost a week of big shopping celebration. Gotta be aware  of all the great deals. Happy Holidays…Jenn Simpson

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