Top Android Market Movie Rentals Just $0.99 for the Holidays


The holidays are here, and with them comes plenty of folks traveling far and wide to visit friends and family. Google is hoping to make long trips by car and plane a bit more bearable with top movie rentals in the Android Market getting a price drop to a mere $0.99. Considering most usually sell for $2.99 or more, a deal is to be had indeed. Which brings me to a question: are many people using the Android Market to rent and watch movies? Or are sources such as Netflix and Amazon still the primary choice?

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  1. I use Netflix, but at 99 cents, I’d rent something to pin to my tablet for a plane/train/automobile trip

  2. I only see 1 movie, Bridesmaids, for $4.99 in Canada. 

  3. Now that Redbox has raised their rates, I may start to use the Android Market movie rentals.  Actually, I have trip planned this weekend and may rent a movie for the youngster to watch in the back.  The downside…I can’t play with my tablet while she is streaming a movie on it :(

    1. Redbox hasn’t raised their rates….they’re still $1.06 per movie per night.  I assume you mean Netflix?
      As for watching movies on my phone, not a big fan.  It’s one thing to watch a 20-30 min sitcom, but to stare at a 4″ screen for 2 hours it exhausting and hard on the eyes.  I did it once and won’t ever bother again.  I’m sure it would be much better on a tablet, but I’d still rather watch on my 17″ laptop if travelling.

      1. Blurays are more expensive at this point. Perhaps that is what is being referenced?

        1. @eclipsenyou:disqus @lordofthereef:disqus Redbox recently upped their prices to $1.20 a night. (increased costs for movie licenses made them raise it)

          1. Not at the Redbox I go to.  Still shows up as $1 plus tax.  Perhaps it’s different between online and directly at the kiosk?

          2. Not at the Redbox’s I go to either.  I’ve rented movies last night and tonight and their still the same rate they’ve been since day one.  Maybe they just haven’t gotten around to it yet here since I live in a smaller town.  Still, nobody can compete with 1.20 movie rentals and less than 2 dollars for blurays.  Sure .99 cents is cheaper, but watching them on a 4″ screen isn’t for me, not when I’ve got a nice home theater set up at home.  But to each his own right?  :)

  4. Boohoo the galaxy nexus isn’t out in the US…..yet you can at least enjoy, Music, books and movies from Google…. :S

    EDIT: And google voice :S

  5. I would defiantly use it if it’s available, fck u google, for not making this available in europa.

    1. This likely has ZERO to do with Google and everything to do with licensing the movies overseas. I feel you are upset with the wrong company…

  6. I still use Netflix. I haven’t rented a movie from the market yet.

    I do not see the featured movies at $0.99. Must be because I am from Canada.

  7. I’d rent movies from the market for 99 cents but I don’t simply because there are no subtitles.  Foreign movies don’t do it for me.

  8. I was going in this morning with my TF101 and I saw the following movies in HD for 99 cents.

    The Green Lantern
    Fast Five
    Horrible Bosses

    I was like, why not. I rent these movies from RedBox for $1.62 cause I get them in BluRay and they are cheaper here and on top of that, they are streamed and I don’t have to pay a dime if I don’t watch them in the next few weeks.

    Sweet!!! I wish Android Market has more deals like this in the future. I have never rented a movie before from the Android Market, but this deal made me jump at four movies.

    Google, keep ’em coming.

  9. or just go purchase them for free from or

    use uTorrent as a bittorrent client

  10. Nope, have never rented from the Market.  Probably never will either.  Too many restrictions for me.

  11. at a buck a movie I’ll actually watch some. 3 bucks is too much when I can get them for a buck or buck 20 at the red box and Blockbuster kiosks…. and Red Box sometimes sends codes for free rentals.

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