ASUS Transformer Prime Pre-Orders Start at Amazon


Earlier today we saw the Galaxy Nexus Prime get an Amazon welcome and now we see the same for the hottest upcoming tablet. The difference? Amazon is actually taking pre-orders for the ASUS Transformer Prime!

Perhaps a bit confusing since the product name only mentions “ASUS Transformer” and I’m logged in with my Amazon Prime-enabled account. But don’t be fooled, as clearly indicated in the specs this is indeed the ASUS Transformer Prime, the first Android Tablet with a quad-core processor, courtesy of the NVIDIA Tegra 3 beast powering this bad boy. As you can see there are 32GB and 64GB options that come in Gray and Champagne. It appears the front bevel is black either way- this color option only applies to the back.

So go ahead… make sure Santa and his elves have plenty of time to piece together the prime in time to slide it down your chimney by pre-ordering now.

[Via Amazon]

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  1. I pre-ordered right before your post from XDA tip….loving it….i have the first gen transformer and its so awesome and I love their tech support too..we get updates right away…..Transformer Prime is going to rock the world…Quad freaking core…

  2. pre-ordered the 64gb Amethyst Gray, though on my confirmation page it sadly said

    “The following item will arrive after December 25, 2011”

    1. Ho long before you received the email with a ship date? I’ve also ordered it but I’ve just received the standard amazon order email which did not contain a ship date. 

      1. it didn’t say it in the email, it was actually on the order detail page (goto your orders, then click on view order details, and it says it on that page)

        1. Yep, I hope its wrong though.

          The following item will arrive after December 25, 2011.

    2. very disappointing if that is true

    3. correct or not, we’ll definitely be one of the first to receive this baby.

  3. Sprongboard will CRUSH this!
    Can the prime tell you the weather each day?
    I think not

  4. Here are the tablet docks in champagne, they have them listed for free!

  5. Best Buy now has the dock up for pre-order, but not the tab itself…come on man.

    1. I was going to preorder, but it listed the shipping as $68 and the tax at $73…

  6. lists Dec 16 release…

  7. Does the TF1 docking station work or do we have to wait for the TF2? I am ready to pre-order…

  8. gamestop has it listed as 11/28/11, I’d think we know if ti was going to be here that soon.

  9. I am waiting for 16 core Voltran tablet with 2GHz processor speed. 

  10. I assume Pre-Orders through amazon are already gone? 

    “Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available.” 

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