Amazon Lists “Samsung Galaxy S II Nexus Prime 4G Android Phone” for Verizon Wireless


Upon ordering an HTC Rezound, one of our readers stumbled across something very interesting – a listing for one “Samsung Galaxy S II Nexus Prime 4G Android Phone” headed for Verizon Wireless. The “Nexus Prime” or “Galaxy Nexus” for short.

Amazon says it usually ships within 1-2 weeks, but that doesn’t mean much without an actual date. They’re only listing it as backordered, understandable considering Verizon has yet to announce an official release date.

Still, it’s good to see Amazon providing a listing period. It tells us Verizon may be finally readying their plans to advertise and launch the device, good news for anyone hoping it launches before a few weeks’ time.

Their naming for the device also mirrors Best Buy’s “Nexus Prime” name in upcoming ads, further evidence that Verizon may be going with the name the international device was rumored to have. [AmazonThanks Dean!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. One day closer to release!  Awesomesauce!

  2. Best Buy’s ad had “Samsung Galaxy S II Smartphones” on top with Nexus Prime and the other Galaxy S II underneath. Now this. Its believable Verizon wants to change the name.
    My contract is up January 1st so as long as availability is good by then I’m happy. I feel for the rest of you tho.

  3. and I thought the Epic 4G touch’s name was long lol

  4. Screw the name … I honestly don’t care about that :)
    Just want the phone obviously

  5. I was going to keep calling it the Nexus Prime anyway, it sounds much better than Galaxy Nexus.

  6. I still say Verizon is just waiting until after Thanksgiving weekend/Cyber Monday to announce the official release date. They certainly don’t want to give people any reason to hesitate buying on the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

    1. the nexus was my ONLY reason to go black friday shopping :(

      1. Personally, I would have rather gotten the Nexus tomorrow. That way I could have played with it all day Friday, while I’m still curled up in a ball from all the turkey I’ll be smoking on the green egg, then devouring on Thursday.

      2. The Nexus is my only reason for going with Verizon. My wife found the phone she wants on Verizon so we’ve made half of the switch from AT&T so far. Man, I thought AT&T was bad to deal with. Turns out AT&T is just Darth Vader; Verizon is the Emperor himself. YMMV but I’m not feeling the love in porting, customer service, VZW rep knowledge of their own specific products or of the technology in general. And I’ve tried working with 2 local stores and the 800 numbers. OK, to be fair, coverage and speed are lots better on VZW than on AT&T where I am, but the staff are giving me this really creepy feeling.

        1. verizon isn’t so bad if you get the right people to talk to. the stores is NOT the people to talk to…lol. i had an exchange issue on my D2 and i was able to get like a L3 engineer with verizon and motorola on the phone at the same time. those guys are top notch. the people in the stores are overrated/overpaid grocery sackers with a script memorized.

  7. I hope this is all a big mix up. As much as I would have liked the name Prime I’m worried that it’s one more thing Verizon is doing to separate the phone from google. “You want updaes OH you should have got a Galaxy Nexus this is a Prime it’s our phone not googles”  This is what I dont wanna hear from Verizon

  8. I simply think the “Prime” name is just a placeholder and/or an example of marketing  running ahead of itself (wouldn’t be the first time). The Best Buy Mobile Ad isn’t indicative of anything either. It wouldn’t be the first time Best Buy marketing got the name or details of a product wrong.

    Verizon’s phone will be called Galaxy Nexus. It’s on Verizon’s sign up page, on Google’s page (even though it doesn’t say Verizon, we all know it is), in Verizon’s press releases, etc. As much as I liked “Nexus Prime” more, I just don’t see them changing it after already making an official announcement.

  9. Pick a name! You only need one.

  10. couldn’t find it on amazon.

  11. thot this was interesting if you type on the amazon wireless homepage…

    1. All it shows is popular searches, not actual product listings.

  12. These companies are trippin.  There are zero similarities between the GS2 and the Nexus.

    1. Or course there is, they’re both rectangular and have a front screen… THEY’RE IDENTICAL. At least according to Apple, that’s all you need.

      1. Ha ha!

  13. the Nexus isn’t a Galaxy S II phone…

    1. its basically a variation of it, nothing more.

  14. If by some stroke of genius Amazon Wireless offers up the [Galaxy] Nexus [Prime] up for $0.01 as a part of their current promotion…Then Google has won me back to the Nexus brand.

    If not, my older but still relevant Nexus One is doing just fine until the Note or quad-cores hit the street (not to mention the good folks over at Cyanogen are already cooking up an ICS ROM).

  15. That has actually been listed on Amazon since last Thursday (11/17).  Originally it said “Ships in 8 to 9 days” and then yesterday they changed it to “Ships in 1 to 2 weeks.”

  16. You do realize any seller can make an amazon listing with whatever name they want. It’s definitely called the Galaxy Nexus check the Verizon landing page!

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