Nov 22nd, 2011

Upon ordering an HTC Rezound, one of our readers stumbled across something very interesting – a listing for one “Samsung Galaxy S II Nexus Prime 4G Android Phone” headed for Verizon Wireless. The “Nexus Prime” or “Galaxy Nexus” for short.

Amazon says it usually ships within 1-2 weeks, but that doesn’t mean much without an actual date. They’re only listing it as backordered, understandable considering Verizon has yet to announce an official release date.

Still, it’s good to see Amazon providing a listing period. It tells us Verizon may be finally readying their plans to advertise and launch the device, good news for anyone hoping it launches before a few weeks’ time.

Their naming for the device also mirrors Best Buy’s “Nexus Prime” name in upcoming ads, further evidence that Verizon may be going with the name the international device was rumored to have. [AmazonThanks Dean!]

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