Verizon’s Black Friday Deals Revealed


So you’re wondering what Verizon’s got cooking for the biggest shopping day of the year? According to new evidence by Droid-Life there are some things you might want to take advantage. We’ve got deals on a few of Verizon’s big devices.

The Motorola XOOM can be had for $200. While you might opt for something a bit more “recent” it has finally gotten its 4G upgrade and at this price is a decent offering if you plan on sticking with it for two years.

You can also get the red DROID Incredible 2 for free with a new two-year agreement. Take a look at the rest of Verizon’s supposed deals below, including one we already knew of – double the data on their mobile broadband plans. Without unlimited data as an option you can’t get much better than that.

  • Motorola XOOM for $199 on-contract
  • Red DROID Incredible 2 for FREE (Friday only)
  • Double smartphone data still going on ($30 for 4GB)
  • Free activations
  • Sony Xperia Play and LG Enlighten for FREE
  • LG Revolution for $49.99 (Friday only)
Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Rumor: Mid-Range Samsung Illusion Available Nov. 23rd on Verizon via Direct Fulfillment

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  1. Where the only thing that matters? (Galaxy nexus)

  2. not the info I was hoping for? ;)

  3. Too bad that double-data and free activations thing will be likely gone by the time the Nexus comes out.

    1. Get a new phone with the plan, then return it and get the nexus.  It should work, since the douible data is added as a feature to your account and won’t vanish, according a store I talked to.

      Double data is definitely worth the $35 restocking fee.  On top of that, if you have an AMEX, they reimburse restocking fees anyway.

      1. I thought you could just switch your account to the higher data plan without renewing or anything? This doesn’t really apply to me so I didn’t pay much attention and could very well be wrong.

        1. If you already have a data plan, probably.  If not, it’s a pretty steep price to pay without a smartphone to use it with.

      2.  how long does verizon allow you to exchange a phone?  i’m tempted to do this because i’m considering switching over to verizon for the SGN but only if i can get the double-data plan. 

        1. Wireless Device/Accessory Return Policy

          You may return or exchange wireless devices and accessories purchased from Verizon Wireless within 14 days of purchase. A restocking fee of $35 ($70 for netbooks and tablets) applies to any return or exchange of a wireless device (excluding Hawaii).
          This return and exchange policy does not apply to customers who have purchased a Prepaid Plan.

          Purchases made between November 15 and December 28, 2011 may be returned or exchanged through January 15, 2012. All other provisions of Verizon Wireless’ Return & Exchange Policy continue to apply, including Restock Fee.

          Get to it ;)
          But make sure you talk to a verizon guy first to ensure everything will work out.

    2. If this is the case then they will miss out on a new customer.  I am waiting to switch from Sprint for the Nexus but since they keep jerking us around by not announcing anything Im getting frustrated.  Couple that with pulling some maneuver like that to move their old stuff prior to finally releasing the Nexus AFTER the rest of the planet and I would seriously reconsider getting the GSM model and putting it on AT&T or T-mobile.  Pricing would end up to be basically the same but then at least i could take the phone with me abroad.

      1. It’s Verizon. They don’t care that they are missing out on a new customer. There are about a hundred people that will take your palce instantly.

  4. i’m guessing this puts to rest any possible announcements this week on SGN.

  5. Was in the Verizon store today and the young lass said, I could have any of the BF deals today – edit that was in Charlotte, NC in case you want to know.

  6. These are not the deals you were looking for.  *waves arm*

  7. I’m guessing December 8th holds true for the GNEX release date. 

    Sucks to hear the Xoom is going for so cheap.  I wanted to sell my wifi xoom recently, but it’s not worth much so now I’m just keeping it.  It will be worth nothing in another year or so. 

  8. Where the hell is the damn Nexus! Damn all the carriers! 


  10. I’m straight up amazed that anybody buys tablets on contract.

  11. How about a black friday deal for current customers who are inside of a year of renewing, but still more than 2 months out!!

  12. Nexus: OMG phone, WTF release. 

  13. If you put a poop in a punchbowl, and sell it for the really low price of only $0.01 is it still cheap?  I mean, $0.01 isn’t much money but look at what your getting.  Woo hoo!  Big sales on crap nobody wants.

    1. I guarantee you people will eat this stuff up. Remember, the vast majority of people that buy these devices are NOT “phandroids”…

  14. Honestly Verizon, I don’t care in the slightest unless its a Galaxy Nexus.

  15. They can throw in a galaxy nexus and keep that too. Id take a XOOM at that price with no contract.

  16. Amazon Wireless has all smartphones for a penny right now!!!

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