Otterbox Releases Range of Cases for the DROID RAZR


If for some reason the Gorilla Glass-toting, kevlar-coated Motorola DROID RAZR still doesn’t give you confidence in its durability, Otterbox has released their range of rugged cases for the device. Otterbox cases are designed with the goal of providing ultimate protection while retaining a bit of style.

Both the Commuter and Defender series are available, the former being a more lightweight and lax protection offering with the latter adding a bit more bulk but best defends huge drops and the elements. Be sure to hop over to Otterbox’s site if you’re interested.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I just hope they manage to actually size this case properly unlike some unfortunate EVO 3D users with the Commuter case.

  2. Why would you want to buy a super slim phone and put it into some thick rubber? I can understand carrying cases, like belt attached, but this?

    1. I’m willing to bet not that many individuals buy phones for the sole purpose of how slim they are. I love when my phone isn’t in a case but those of us who partake in a little activity called drinking can get a bit sloppy and I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend $600 on a new phone because I didn’t want to add a cm to my phones girth and take away how pretty it is. 

      1. That’s the point. Picking a phone on its thinness and then voluntarily making it thicker is a bit of an oxymoron. You can justify your reasoning however you want, that’s prefectly fine.

        1. How does your response make any sense? The person asked why would you want to buy a super slim phone and put it into some thick rubber. I said because a lot of people do not buy a phone for the sole purpose of how slim it is. Then I said why a lot of people use cases on slim phones. 

          Then you came in and made a comment that makes no sense in response to my comment on why people do it. Please read before responding.

          1. umadbro?
            I misread. Cry more…

  3. i prefer the Seidio Active X Exoskeleton cases.

  4. When I purchased my razr @ a real Verizon store on 11/11 they already had the otterbox in stock. Smart purchase form such a thin phone.

  5. I have the Commuter, which I use at work, because I frequently work in dusty environments and it keeps all of the ports covered and dust free without adding significant bulk.

  6. What I don’t really understand is why is there such a love fest for this phone. It’s going to be too thin to hold comfortably. And it’s specs aren’t any better than phones that have been out for 6 months already. Too much hype for an average phone.

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