Is This a Nexus Tablet?


Galaxy Nexus, please!” That’s what races through my mind every time we inch closer to a new Nexus announcement. I was certainly hoping we’d see one at their event in Hong Kong where they unveiled Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus.

With emphasis on combining the phone and tablet OS into one, we were surprised to see no mention made of a new tablet. Heck, they didn’t even have demos of Android 4.0 on existing tablets.

That’s why I got a little excited when I saw the photo above- renders of the Galaxy Nexus and a tablet I’ve never seen. The tablet is running Ice Cream Sandwich if those virtual navigation buttons have anything to say about it.

So what is it, exactly? Is this just a generic render to illustrate how tablet and phone OS are now one or is there more than meets the eye? We won’t get too excited for the time being but let’s hope Google is at least working on something similar. [, thanks everyone!]
Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Looks like a samsung tab and the phone is in the middle where the samsung logo’s would be. Makes sense since samsung is making the nexus.

  2. Looks like a Galaxy Tab

  3. I still like the idea of the Galaxy Nexus docking into a tablet.

    1. Why would a phone dock into a tablet?

      1. Bigger screen, extended battery life, no need to pay for seperate data plans for your phone and tablet anymore etc…
        Thats the whole idea behind Asus and their poorly named Padfone.

      2. Ask Asus, they have one.

  4. Aren’t those “virtual navigation buttons” on honeycomb too?

    1. was thinking to write [type] exactly the same thing XD

    2. The style is different between HC and ICS.

    3. yea, the GTs only have screen and volume buttons. Everything else is virtual.

  5. Looks like a Galaxy Tab 10.1 with ICS.

    1. The size of it compared to the phone, I would guess its the GT 8.9. My 8.9 is just a tad taller than my soon to be replaced LG revolution.

  6. This would awesome if it comes true.

  7. I would not be able to resist a nexus tablet, assuming it is no thicker or heavier than an ipad2 or even better, a galaxy tab 10.1.

  8. The renders are from which is a Google site

  9. Umm that is a Nexus S.. not Galaxy Nexus

  10. Look here for more views of it, took 3 seconds to find.

  11. Lol. I love that they watermarked something anyone can see for themselves. Just go to

      1. It had a AndroidCommunity watermark and source link at first. Looks like they changed it though. Good. :)

  12. on there is a picture of a galaxy tab 10.1 running ICS at the top. Maybe the next GTab 10.1 will be the flagship google tablet.

  13. The Transformer Prime is as good as a Nexus tablet

    1. I was going to write that as well, it’s as stock as you need it to be, and updated even faster than anyone else is updating theirs.

      1. Not true the XOOM gets the updates first, as it is the first Google Experience tablet.

  14. They need phone you can connect to the back of a tablet or something like that so all you apps and info are in one thing.

    1. Asus padfone.

  15. If the ecosystem really starts to build even more for the Android tablets, an ICS tablet may be my first Android slate.  Right now I’m all over the place with an Android smart phone, iPad, Macbook Pro, Windows PC (my powerhouse), and a few iPods (since they are decently integrated into car stereos)

  16. maybe its that Samsung GALAXY Tab P8 scheduled for November according to that August roadmap leaked from Verizon, a lot of people assumed it was the 8.9″ apparently it aint so whats P8.

  17. Isn’t the XOOM a Google experience device?

  18. Sorry if this is a let down, but lookey at the name of the picture here “xoom-books” off of here

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