We’ve Made it to Google’s Music Event, Watch Live from Home


Google is imploring us to crank the volume up to 11 as part of a special music-centric event being hosted in LA. The mug you see above is our very own Chris Chavez, who will be reporting in from the event as the happenings unfold. You can experience the magic for yourself by tuning into Google’s livestream, just hit play below. Things are set to get rolling any minute now.

Kevin Krause
Pretty soon you'll know a lot about Kevin because his biography will actually be filled in!

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  1. They late getting started?

  2. Have they started yet?  Nothing playing for me yet.

  3. *jeopardy theme music plays*

  4. Wouldn’t data caps gimp this service significantly?

    1. On device caches.

  5. Why is that lady wearing a bath robe?

  6. busta rhymes?? they are obviously unable to make an even number so they have to pull him in that mix.

    1. Don’t forget Drake and Maroon 5. I hear they’re barely makin’ it these days =p

  7. Release Google music, Google books, Google movies and Google Voice in Europe!!!

    1. You’re complaining in the wrong place.

      > Google Music

      Please direct your complaint to the RIAA (recording industry asshats of America)

      > Google Books

      Please direct your complaint to book publishers.

      > Google Movies

      Please direct your complaint to the MPAA (motion picture asshats of America)

      > Google Voice

      Large telecom interests probably are fighting to maintain their monopolies.

      In a nutshell, it is all of the dinosaur gatekeepers of distribution monopolies or telecom monopolies holding things up.  (records, books, movies, telecom).

      From their POV, the internet is this evil uncontrolled wild west that threatens to allow competition where no effective competition previously existed.  Therefore it must be stopped.  Somehow.

      1. Well in that case, Google should have taken the Music beta road.
        That is: Only allow US ip-adress to sign-up, after they are invited/logged in, they will not be checked again and can use the service outside of the US.

  8. VIdeo is offline for some reason… processing…?

  9. getting error on vid.:(

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