Apps of the Day: Exfoliate, Eventbrite Easy Entry, and More


Every day we peruse the Android Market looking for the best, worst, interesting, and most unique apps in an effort to sift out a few gems. We call it Apps of the Day. We can’t guarantee that every app featured below is a real winner, but each is worth at least a quick look. It’s all in an effort to help you, our faithful readers, get the most out of your Android handsets. Read on to see what we found today!

Exfoliate – When Facebook first took the internet by storm, many college undergrads now entering the workforce didn’t quite realize the extent to which their pictures of inebriated debauchery and statuses dialed in like a drunk text to an ex would linger as a haunting reminder to potential employers of just how messed up they were during those formative years. Luckily, Exfoliate has come along to help shed some of the compromising data Facebook has collected over the years. The app is nothing fancy. A simple interface allows you to select how far back you want to delete and then accomplishes the task in short order. Act now while you can still save face. Zuckerberg will surely have something to say about Exfoliate. [Market]

Eventbrite Easy Entry – Many event organizers use Eventbrite to keep track of guests, check in attendees, and take care of other logistics involved with hosting a large group of people. The whole process gets a whole lot easier thanks to Easy Entry. The app allows hosts to check-in guests via their Android device, and thanks to a central server multiple devices can be used simultaneously without losing track of who has already checked in. The event can scan ticket barcodes, provide sales and attendance figures, as well as after-event attendance analysis. It’s everything a planner could want to take their event to the next level. [Market]

CNN Money – CNN is brings their “award-winning” coverage of businesss, finance, and tech to your mobile device…and Google TV. The allows you to follow stock market trends, create stock watchlists, and browse data on world markets all in real time. Also provided is breaking news coverage. The app won’t be treasured for its design (though it is nothing offensive), but the information provided is worthwhile for anyone interested in trading and investing. [Market]


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  1. Question About Exfoliate:This is something that facebook should provide as a free service… Great idea though I’m not sure why it should be run from a mobile device. Is there a free version of 
    Exfoliate that runs in a desktop browser environment that the layman doesn’t know of? It makes more sense that way anyway. I want it though :)  Free or $2.99

    1. You can do it with greasemonkey scripts using Firefox and its something I’ve done before. But FB keep changing how they set up the data so it took constant tweaking to keep it working.  Then when I rebuilt my computer I forgot to backup that part up so lost all the code.  For the £1.88 its going to cost me, compared with the time I’d spend reinventing all of it then for me its worth it. :)

  2. Easy Entry sounds like the name of a lube…

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