Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi Gets WiFi-Breaking Update


Word around is that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi is getting an upgrade to Android 3.2, but instead of the general round of improvements we’d expect, the upgrade actually breaks something – WiFi. Considering that’s the only connectivity option for internet on these models, we’d say that’s a pretty huge deal.

Apparently the update appears to go smooth at first, but upon rebooting some users are seeing a message notifying them that the upgrade has failed and prompts them to connect to Kies or contact Samsung support.

Member Sav224 couldn’t connect to any WiFi network. While the radios picked up on the access points in his area, he could never get past the “obtaining IP address” stage.

This is a huge problem and we are reaching out to Samsung to see if this is an acknowledge problem and to see if they’ll be working on a quick fix. Any of you experiencing the same? We suggest those who haven’t upgraded yet hold off until we can figure out exactly who this update affects and to see if it’s a widespread issue.

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  1. Don’t know how they’re going to push out a patch to a device that can only connect to the internet via wifi

    1. I imagine some form of over-the-wire.

      1. Static IP wifi works, so I guess fix will be downloded to us this way…

    2. They wont?

      They probably will release a fix that users install after they put it on their tablet over usb from their pc

      1. Which screws Mac users since KIES such a POS on the Mac … so no Wifi and NO wired solution. They are going to get the AppleFanbois all irate. ;)

        1. something tells me that Samsung won’t mind that much :D

          although they might say otherwise to keep their consumer base :P

  2. hey phandroid the update also breaks screen rotation and bluetooth and if you try to sync with kies after the update kies shuts down and wont open both of my tabs 16 gig and 32 gig are both having issuse

  3. If its only getting stuck at obtaining IP, has anyone tried setting up a static IP, DNS, Gateway?

  4. Samsung is going to get some bad press for sure over this screw up.

  5. lol happened to me too, the bastards

  6. if dhcp isnt working , static ftw!

    1. static isnt working for me

      1. As I posted in the other page, static should work, probably you have done something wrong. I repeat my message:

        “At least, I would like to confirm that wifi works ok with static IP
        address. I hope you know how to do that in your home or anywhere else you control a router: In your tablet choose static instead of DHCP in properties, fill in router IP (usually or something like that), gate ( will do), DNS1 (same IP router as above), DNS2 (your provider will give you this) and you have a go.

        This way you will be able to download the forthcoming fix without having to connect to a pc/mac with kies (which I have never bothered to install)”.

        Hope it helps…

  7. I am glad i saw this before updating, I think i will wait this one out

  8. Luckily, I haven’t got this update.  Do they give you a choice to install update or does it just get pushed whether you want it or not? Any idea of how widespread the problem is?

  9. Same issues here…DHCP is what actually breaks – static address works.  Auto-rotate is broken as well.  Holy shit…didn’t they test this???

  10. Oh snap!  Let me charge mine so I can install this update to break my WiFi!  

    …I’m not kidding… I will confirm this bug if its the last thing I do!

    1. Confirmed. Its totally broke, dhcp and static.  (WRONG)

      EDIT: After trying again, I realized static does work. I had to forget the network, then set it up again.. My router is using WPA/WPA2 PSK.

  11. Glad I run a Custom ROM.  I might dunk this damn think in water, and use my Square Trade Warranty to upgrade to an ASUS Transformer Prime.

  12. Update Broke mine

  13. I don’t know whether to be mad at broken wifis or elated that Samsung has actually updated my tab 3 times in less than 6 months :/

  14. Yes, I am Having exactly the same problem. My Wi Fi connection is broken. I got the message that the update failed  and I should try to connect to Kies (whatever that is) or contact Samsung Support. The trick is to even FIND Samsung support. When I try to connect to the Wi Fi that I had been using, I get the message that it is trying to locate the IP Address. Such aggravation!!!


  15. The wifi break is not samsungs fault, it is a fault with android 3.2. I experienced the same problem with both my xoom and my transformer when they updated to 3.2. Google should be well aware of this by now as there is a report that has been signed by many people entitled something like 3.2 dchp renewal problem. FYI, the issue seems to mostly effect those that use belkin routers for some reason. I can’t comment on the other problems with this update, but I never planned to unroot for this update anyway. I was hoping that samsung was going to skip over 3.2 and get us ICS is a timely manner. I’m not holding out hope that we will see that update anytime soon now.

  16. No update for me :). Not until they fix it :)

  17. Same problem here, no wifi. Can you give directions how I will set my router to transmit a static ip?

  18. Well I guess I’m not updating for a while, then – Kies just makes my Mac kernel panic. :(

  19. strange, I haven’t got this update on my Tab yet… and worst is – Kies on Mac is such a lame software! I hate it!

  20. I have been hid by this problem already for more than 24 hrs and contacted Samsung Holland which could only advise to send the kit in for repair. Ultimately I succeeded in setting up Static IP so I am back in business but all the other problems of course still exist. I am waiting for a solution of Samsung and hope it comes over the air.

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