Nov 14th, 2011

Some great news, folks. Remember when I said to take Notion Ink’s word with a grain of salt regarding Ice Cream Sandwich’s release date? Well, it looks like I was right in suggesting that as it was completely wrong. But not in a bad way as the source code is available starting from today!

Google’s uploading all the goods to the AOSP trunk and anyone and everyone will be able to download it and begin coding their wares from that point on. Yes, that means CyanogenMod 9 will start being whipped up and OEMs will work to get the upgrades ready for their latest phones. Exciting times indeed!

If you’re not a developer this isn’t a ton of use to you, but once these developers get their hands wet you’ll be seeing ROMs popping up left and right. Jean-Baptiste Queru breaks it all down here and also gives you instructions on how to pull the code down. It may still be propagating so if it doesn’t download for you right away try again a bit later. Get going!