Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code Available Now! CM9 Work Begins Right Away


Some great news, folks. Remember when I said to take Notion Ink’s word with a grain of salt regarding Ice Cream Sandwich’s release date? Well, it looks like I was right in suggesting that as it was completely wrong. But not in a bad way as the source code is available starting from today!

Google’s uploading all the goods to the AOSP trunk and anyone and everyone will be able to download it and begin coding their wares from that point on. Yes, that means CyanogenMod 9 will start being whipped up and OEMs will work to get the upgrades ready for their latest phones. Exciting times indeed!

If you’re not a developer this isn’t a ton of use to you, but once these developers get their hands wet you’ll be seeing ROMs popping up left and right. Jean-Baptiste Queru breaks it all down here and also gives you instructions on how to pull the code down. It may still be propagating so if it doesn’t download for you right away try again a bit later. Get going!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. WOOHOO!!!!

  2. aaaaawwwww yyyeeaahhhh

  3. Well…here’s hoping that, by this time next week, I’ll be running an ICS AOSP rom on my Evo 3D.

  4. so my og droid could get an ICS based rom before i actually get a vzw google nexus. wtf.

    1.  I’m in the same boat.  However, the OG will probably not run ICS.

      1. If the G1 can run gingerbread the OG Droid will run ICS.

        1. The G1 runs GB but it’s terribly cut down and it tweaks the system really hard.  The OG was-is a great device IMHO, better than the N1 cuz it launched the Android revolution.  Will the OG run ICS…maybe.  Will it run the way it was intended…no way.  It will most likely see a hybrid that gives the look and feel but still have a lot of Froyo internals just like the GB ROMS for the OG do.  Make no mistake, ICS will make a footprint on the OG but I doubt you’ll see a full ICS ROM for it. 

          1. u would be surprised how dense some people are…they dont realize that a ROM of ICS on a phone that cant handle the full version is the same as silver thats been painted gold….pretty on the outside, not so much on the inside.

          2. Density has little to do with it. My density isn’t uniform but on average is slightly less than water. As a result, when swimming the buoyancy force is greater than the gravitational force. This results in a net force upward from the earth reference frame placing me in equilibrium as roughly 5% of my body stays above the water.

            Relatively speaking I am less dense than most abundant objects found in this vicinity.

          3. @lynyrd65:disqus that comment was so cool i cant even say anything negative about it, kudos

          4. For the record people, THE OG of which he speaks is the real OG, the G1. That is all.

          5. I thought this was obvious.

    2. Wait – so you’re upset that the Android 4.0 source came out early (before the Galaxy Nexus)??

      I don’t get it..

    3. And here’s to all the suckers who’s been flooding the comments with this nonsense GN excitement! You thought you’d be the only ones running ICS at least for few months, didn’t you. No selling point any longer.

  5. Very excited for my EVO 4G!

  6. Just in time to roast some ice cream sandwiches on a kindle fire.

    1. Assuming they can root it ;)

      1. are you doubting the dev teams? :)

        1. Yeah, my droid x2 :( :( :(

          1. Have faith in CM9 comrade!

      2. is there any device without root? oO

    2. Q: What would happen if you roast Ice Cream Sandwiches on a kindled Fire?

      Average Joe answer: The Ice Cream Sandwiches melt!
      Developer answer: $199 + ICS = EPIC WIN.

  7. I hope someone makes a rom for my Thrill.

    1. i hope they make anything for that poor phone lol. my buddy at work just picked on up and its a sweet phone compared to his old shit (some ancient moto pile from like 6 years ago). from the little ive done poking around for it there is a very very limited following dev wise.

      1. Actually it’s a very good phone minus 2.2. That’s the only thing stopping this phone from being great.

  8. I hope to be eating an ICS for Thanksgiving!

  9. Come on Moto, get to work on that Bionic ICS build!

    1. Moto has already committed to an ICS build for Bionic.  When it gets released (who knows when), it will make the community ROMs even better cuz it will already have all of the proprietary parts and the hardware specific acceleration baked right in.

      I’m with ya.  My Bionic is very happily running [S]HIFT3R 2.1 but a community ROM built from a Moto ICS build would kick some serious butt.

  10. Looking forward to this on my Evo 4G and HP Touchpad :D

    1. This may actually make me leave WebOS. Gingerbread wasn’t enough.

    2. OMG you’re right, I was looking forward to it for my OG EVO, but my Touchpad could be rocking this too! Yay

      1. I know. I really hope they put cm9 on the touchpad

  11. WOOOHOOO, even before the galaxy nexus is released…AWESOME!

  12. So do we know the list of phones ICS will be available on? Like say the droid x? Or is it just up to the devs at this point who makes what for what phones?

    1. Correct, it is up to the devs. If a devs primary phone is a Droid X then they will more more likely to work out the kinks for that device. It is all community built. Phones that are not as popular will not get updates as quick and sometimes at all. For instance, the Droid 2 Global is not supported by CM7 but most all other phones are.

      1. Except the D2G is supported, not officially. Still, I don’t run into any bugs that are different from those on my Nook 99% of the time. The D2G is likely to see support for CM9 (unofficial or not).

        1. I wasn’t aware that it was even unofficially supported. Can you link me?


  13. Aaaaaand GO!

  14. So then it’s decided….

    Whatever dual core, 4G device is available with ICS first (G-Nex, rooted device, OEM updated phone, etc.) will be my next upgrade.  With the ridiculous amount of time it’s taking Verizon to release the G-Nex we could very well see some ICS ROMs before it ever comes out.

  15. Need some EVO 3d love ASAP!

  16. Finally at least something is released, my gadget senses are tingling.

  17. Hopefully i’ll see this on my G2X. Getting kinda tired of Miui

  18. i just creamed…..bring it to my nexus s4g and touchpad LOVE IT :-)

  19. Getting ICS on my Droid Incredible will get me to root my phone.  I will also love to have ICS on the orginial Galaxy Tab 7.

  20. i want ICS on my EVO 4g and on my GT10.1…. I’m gonna act a fool when i get it on both!

  21. I wonder if ICS on a Galaxy S1 would be less laggy than it is with almost all gingerbread roms… I had heard ICS makes more efficient use of the GPU? 

  22. I’m certain my Epic 4G won’t be getting ICS without Cyanogen. I can’t wait for the Epic community to get us a rom.

  23. So, I can have ICS on my N1 (which supposedly won’t get the official version) before the GN even hits the US? Maybe? Possibly? Hopefully? 

    1. Perhaps James, I was doing some temp work at Google and spoke with some of the engineers there that are familiar with the modding community. They seem to think that there are severe limitations in the hardware to have a proper update. If the N1 did receive it, it might be more like a gingerbread on a G1, half baked and laggy.

      I honestly hope I and the engineers are wrong, so my brother could enjoy it on his N1 :)

  24. Cyanogen better get this working on my Samsung Vibrant, along with a working GPS.

    1. I agree, our phone went from “badass king of the hill with promises of eternal updates, to what the hell is that?” in less than 6 months. Scumbag Tmobile… Y U NO UPDATE!?!?

  25. Come on touchpaad ics :D

  26. CM9 in 3… 2…

    1. ..months

  27. WOW the scary thing about viewing an IOS version of say Calendar is just how badly the Android version sucks donkey balls. 
    I dont normally peruse Apple info but this article on CNET was on their front page .
    I gotta say that is one BAD ASS and polished calendar. 
    I hope the ICS Google calendar can match that. 

    1. Kinda looks like Business Calendar for Android.  Hmm, maybe the dev should put Apple on notice that they stole someone else’s idea. :-D

      1. ROFL it looks like LMAO business calendar ROFLMAO for android? LOLOLOLOLROFLLMAO!!!!!!!!!!
        Dude crack kills. 

    2. The iPhone4 with iOS5 calendar app sucks. I have been using the ICS calendar on my Nexus S for a week now and Android 4.0 leaves the iPhone4 calendar in the dust.

      1. Ok Cool I am excited to see it.

  28. I hope someone makes a nice ICS rom for the Epic 4G soon. ROMs have been a tad slow for that.

  29. Bring it to the inspire!!!

  30. My only question is too Google to why skip 2.3 gingerbread too 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

    1. Really? 3.0 Honeycomb

      1. He’s talking about source code. Honeycomb source was never released.

    2. Because Honeycomb was 3.0 as it was a huge change and ICS is a huge change from Honeycomb in that it combines both tablets and phones into one OS. 

    3. because honeycomb was a short-term temporary solution to get android on tablets so another competing operating system didn’t get big. if they released the source code then you would’ve seen devices coming out with honeycomb for the next 6 months after ICS came out because OEM’s would be behind the times

  31. Guys check out Robot Rock:

    A collection of the best Android news. Daily. :)

  32. I just want an AOSP/”with Google” build for my Sensation.  ;)

  33. And just like that… Google is making Verizon look like a money hungry asshole. Bugs need to be worked out you say? Well obviously it’s polished enough for mass release, Verizon!!

  34. Okay guys fill me in, why not Cyanogenmod 8?

    1. CM8 was reserved for Honeycomb, so ICS is CM9.

  35. touchpad… Touchpad… Touchpad…

  36. Thank you. I will be waiting to see this on the Epic 4G Touch. *waits patiently*

  37. Will ROM developers be able to add hardware acceleration to their ROMS now? Woooah… Say it ain’t so. You know if these guys can get Vanilla ICS running on the Razr before the GN gets here, i may just jump ship over.

  38. Plz bring some ICS goodies to my Droid Charge….

  39. YES YES YES and YES to CM9 for my MOTO TRIUMPH…. I am running MIUI 2.3.7 right now with MUSIC 4.0 APK but I want the whole ICS experience…come on CM9 or folks

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