Kindle Fire at Best Buy on Tuesday: Get It Early!


The Amazon Kindle Fire goes on sale November 15th – that’s Tuesday – and you can already order it at Amazon for $199.99. But I just ordered one and the expected delivery date was November 21st to November 23rd. Sure, I’ll have it by Thanksgiving, but if you’re like me you want the thing RIGHT when it comes out. Thankfully, BestBuy has you covered in that scenario.

I just got a Best Buy E-Mail saying they’ll start selling the Kindle Fire on Tuesday, November 15th as well, and you can find the product link here. You can clearly see that it indicates “In-Store Only” which means that while everyone else’s Kindle Fire is in-transit, you can scoot your booty over to Best Buy and have it in your hand bright and early on the 15th. I’m strongly considering doing this myself since the Fire is on my list of Christmas gifts to give anyways.

Hopefully this helps anyone eager to catch some heat as soon as possible!

Rob Jackson
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  1. If I see Hulu+ AND Netflix on the KF, I think I’m in. If not, I’ll wait ’til I find a tablet that will do both and the Kindle app. Ok, a GOOD tablet that will do all three.

    Ok, nm. Just saw that it was announced the KF WILL have Netflix and H+. Just might have to get one sooner than I thought.

      1. Seems like everything in the world is overrated for you.

  2. i hope i see Amazon expand their current android app to include movies and their current kindle fire ui.

  3. The new Nook Tablet from Barnes and Noble has Hulu+ and Netflix. Plus it had twice the RAM of a KF, and the 16GB storage space can be expanded with an SD card of up to 32GB. KF does not have expandable storage.

    1. Kindle Fire will have Hulu Plus, NetFlix, and Amazon Instant Video…  Services which require WiFi to work…   so since you have your WiFi on, you have tons of cloud storage available on the FIRE which you don’t on the Nook.

      1. While the standard version of the B&N Tab won’t have those Amazon services, I would imagine the rooted version will.  Do people intend to buy either of these devices and not root them?

        1. I would guess that 99.9% of users that buy a Nook or Kindle will not even have the slightest clue what it means to root

          P.S. I am buying a Fire for my teenage daughter and do not plan to root it

        2. Probably!

        3. Probably higher than 95% of them won’t root.

    2. The Nook Tablet does not look to comfortable to hold. Are there any hands-on you can refer me to it that states otherwise? Plus, the whole Amazon backing thing (under the “Kindle” brand)… the Kindle Fire looks like it will just do better.

  4. No Bluetooth

    1. overrated and irrelevant.

      1. have to agree, I have had an android phone for about 2 years now and have absolutely never used bluetooth for anything.  I forget its there most days…probably because I’m too cheap to buy bluetooth headphones, but whatevs

        1. Whereas some people use it regularly.


      2. Not on a tablet device.  I use the crap out of mine for a real keyboard.

  5. You can already pre-order the Fire in store at Best Buy. We are supposed to have ours on day one, but since it is a X-mas gift, I probably will wait to go get it.

  6. Transformer prime or nothing

  7. Sorry, the Nook Tablet is a better all round device at 50 quid more. Waiting on that instead.

  8. I am looking to buy this as a present for somebody who would be using it to edit word documents (teaching supervisor) and take to work with her every day. Is this the way to go or are these things more toys than anything else? Is the Lenovo A1 (also $199) a better bet?

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