Nov 11th, 2011

Well guys, it’s officially official – Adobe is shutting down their Flash for Mobile operations as we know it, a very sudden change of events that actually saddens us. While we recognize flash isn’t the most stable technology out there for mobile devices, a lot of us still depend on it for websites which don’t provide alternative viewing options for flash videos and for playing flash games.

Adobe today announced the last feature release for Android (and other mobile platforms) – version 11.1. As we expected, Flash will continue to live in the Android market, but Adobe will not be bringing the latest features to it as they will instead focus on HTML5 and, by extension, Adobe Edge.

The least we could hope for is continued security support, and Adobe has committed to just that. Upgrades will come for critical issues and security upgrades, but beyond that it’s pretty much the end of the line. We’re at least glad they gave Flash for Mobile a chance and that the Android market will forever have the plugin for those on new devices to download.

Don’t forget that Adobe’s giving the development community and OEMs the opportunity to take Flash for Mobile into their own hands, so OEMs likely won’t stop putting Flash into their handsets and we could even see new features added through third-party community development. That’s a bit much to ask for right now, but it’s comforting to know the possibilities. Farewell, Flash. [Adobe Changelog via Engadget]