Amazon Appstore for Android Updated to Version 2.0, Takes a Page from the Kindle Fire’s Book


With the launch of the Kindle Fire right around the corner, the Amazon Appstore for Android has been updated to version 2.0. The refreshed app takes its UI cues from the Kindle Fire with a heavy dose of grey and black. Gone is the mostly white layout of yore. Additional features include new Parental Control settings and the ability to enable in-app purchases. To download the updated app you will need to head over to Amazon’s page and follow the directions found there.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. LOVE the new darker/sleeker design

    1. Same here, it’s great. :)

  2. I havent been able to access anything on the Appstore since I factory reset the phone a week ago.  I got no history or ability to DL anything.

  3. Still no option to override the wifi download only for some apps when on 4G. What a crock of crap.

    1. And as far as I can tell, no way to get rid of apps that you have installed. I uninstall in Settings>Applications but when I go to the Amazon App Store it still sits there saying Install. If the app was terrible, I’d like to delete permanetly so I don’t have to keep scrowling past them. Maybe it just saves them because technically they were purchased even though they were really the free app of the day. It would be nice to pick and choose which to keep up there for later.

      1.  i totally agree.  it seems like such an easy thing to fix.  amazon developers must be retarded.  this bugs me that i cant do a clean uninstall

  4. And yet, it’s still US-only.

    1. Wonder why people don’t want more money.  *shrug*.

  5. i noticed that when the menu button is pressed, one options is subscriptions. Anyone know what that is?

  6. I never cared much for the old look.  This new effort has a clean, modern look, however.  I imagine that the dark background consumes less electricity than the white (illuminated) background did.
    I also wondered what “Subscriptions” referred to …. or, will, refer to.
    Good Job, Amazon!

  7. I hate how the notifications stay in the window until they get done downloading. There are plenty of apps that I ‘purchase’ with no intentions of installing

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