Sprint Starts Epic 4G Gingerbread OTA: Have You Got Yours?


Hey there Samsung Epic 4G owners, have you been craving an over the air update? As luck would have it, Sprint just announced they’ll begin sending Android 2.3 out to Epic 4G owners starting today. It should automatically start downloading and installation should take only a few minutes.

Here is what Sprint had to say about the benefits of the Android 2.3:

The software upgrades Samsung Epic 4G to Android 2.3, Gingerbread. This version of the Android software improves download management through the Downloads application offering easy access to any file downloaded from the browser, email or another application. It also fixes the devices ability to stream media through certain applications for the device. This maintenance release will also improve the user experience by improving Bluetooth® headset sound quality and addressing minor issues with the lock screen date and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync® HTML tagging.

Folks on our Epic 4G Forums have been asking for Gingerbread for awhile and a few users are reporting they’ve received the update: have you got yours?

If so, you can now begin craving Ice Cream Sandwiches. If not, you’re still officially two desserts behind.

[Android Forums via Sprint]

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  1. Its abouy TiiiiiiiiiMe!!!!!!!!!! Thank you:-)

  2. Did you get your update ?

  3. “gotten”
    (give&receive scenario=gotten)
    (previous ownership=got)

    can’t believe this is getting GB. Sprint is killing VZW with the frequency of their GB pushes.

  4. I am rocking gb 2.3.4 from ACS on XDA forum, it has ICS goodies baked in.  Check it out.

  5. Tho super stoked this phone still getting love.  It is an amazing phone.  Its way faster than my dual core galaxy 10.1 tablet at browsing and opening apps.  But Epic is running custom ROM tablet is stock ROM

  6. Grammar nazis is jerks.

  7. If so, you can now begin craving Ice Cream Sandwiches. If not, you’re still officially two desserts behind.
    nice jab at people with this phone. tool 

  8. Lets just hope this Same thing doesn’t happen while waiting for ICS with my Shiny Galaxy S2 lol :)

  9. So glad I dumped this phone 4 months ago. Never will buy another samsung after owning a moment, and then a epic. Should have learned with the first one.

  10. Nothing wrong with this phone but there is something wrong with people who dont do there research before buying a phone and then want to complain about it because it doesnt fit there needs!!! Not the phones fault its yours!!!!!!!

  11. I haven’t received mines and its the 10th 

  12. Just received my GB update! Thanx for arriving to the party late Sprint/Samsung!

  13. Im in Georgia and i havent got mine yet:(:(:(

  14. Just got it and its working great! Phone is running smooth. Love it

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