DEAL ALERT: 70% Off Isotoner Smartouch Gloves


Last holiday season we told you about one of our favorite gift ideas: Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves. They’re a nifty and stylish gloves that let you operate your touchscreen even with the gloves on which you can’t do with typical gloves. The screen works by reacting to electrons and the gloves help pass them from your hand to the screen.

Thanks to a reader, we learned that the Today Show has a special offer on the SmarTouch gloves for today only. While they typically cost $40+ bucks, you can snag them at Amazon for $25 bucks, or you can visit the special Today Show page and enter the code TODAYGLOVE and buy them for only $12.50. It really is a steal, whether you want them for yourself or as a gift. Get some of your shopping out of the way early!

And don’ t worry… we’ll have a full Holiday Gift Guide in the near future to help out the rest of you!


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  1. Sadly, neither company will ship to Canada.  :(

    1. Which is strange. They could have solid customer base here ;)

  2. I just got my wife a pair of these at walmart for $15

  3. 7 bucks for shipping and handling….what a crock.

    1. Yea shipping is a bummer.

  4. WOW 3 popups despite hitting refresh to get rid of then.
    Is this how Phandroid needs to raise cash to hire for these new positions?
    Good idea ruin your visitors user experience.

    1. It’s not intended. Our ad network has been notified of the problem.

  5. $10.95 for shipping stopped me from ordering. Stupid.

  6. yeah, the shipping sucks, BUT I don’t have to move from my computer to order them and I NEVER go into Walmart on principle.  Boom, two pair ordered. easy.  Thanks for the tip Phandroid.

  7. I see them as $25 + free shipping … did they reduce shipping?

  8. $6.95 for shipping  is a bit steep for gloves…

  9. Awesome guys good call on the gloves i bought two for me and the misses! even with shipping i spent less than anywhere else ^_^  THANKS PHANDROID!

  10. Anyone else not receive their confirmation email?

  11. Your welcome for the tip.. I had a pair and lost one so wifey ordered me another pair.. they work.  In the great white north it is no fun to try an answer a call with gloves on.  this is still a steal even with the shipping..

  12. or you can buy the same type of glove on amazon for $12.99 and use amazon prime shipping!!

  13. 2pairs for me and 1 pair for the Mrs. $48.45 with the shipping means $16.15 a pair. Just for being Isotoners that’s a good price, add that they’re touchscreen friendly makes this a no-brainer deal! Thanks for the heads-up!

  14. I can not get the promotion code to work.  It keeps saying here was a problemThe promotional code you entered is not valid

  15. Awesome! Great gift idea for the Mrs.!! Thanks!

  16. I’ve researched this topic fairly extensively myself and to be honest it seems like the only touchscreen gloves that are worthwhile are those made with TouchTec material.  Unfortunately that also means you’re limited to quite expensive gloves b/c TouchTec is patented and is only being used by a few high end glove companies.

    The rest of the gloves are either poor quality, don’t work well, provide very little warmth or have 0 traction.

    Personally I’m going to just keep using my bare hand until the TouchTec material becomes more widely used and prices come down a bit.

  17. They sell them at Costco for $10.  Work great!

  18. Unlike the WIMM One watch, these gloves don’t run on Android. :(

  19. It has been 3 weeks and I have not received anything yet!  I do have the confirmation e-mail, but no phone number website, tracking number or anything!  What do I do? 

    1. i ordered these as well and nothing yet…i even emailed the address and no response!!! >_<

    2. I never received a confirmation email and have been waiting 3 weeks as well. Has anyone figured out how to get in touch with this company?

    3. i just tried emailing this: [email protected]
      its been over 3 weeks now!!!

  20. I have not received these , ordered 4 pairs, ordered 11-8

  21. OK…I got them today :-)  almost 4 weeks. They are for gifts, but I opend a pair and tried them with the iphone, and it worked. Tried it with one of the fingers with out the gray threads, and it doesn’t work…pretty cool. If one of my daughters doesn’t like them, I’ll be glad to have the pair for myself.

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