Nov 8th, 2011

A new cellular network has launched. Named Republic Wireless, the service will generate loads of interest from its monthly cost alone – $19 per month. For that, you’re getting unlimited texts, calls and data. What’s more? No overages. Do they have your attention yet?

Even more interesting is the first phone they’re set to offer. It’s the LG Optimus One, the Android 2.3 mid-range smartphone that seems to be on just about every carrier in existence. The device features “Hybrid Calling,” the technology that supposedly allows Republic to offer services so cheap. They’ll only be asking for $200 to take it home.

Hybrid Calling utilizes WiFi networks to handle calls and hands off to Sprint’s network if you leave a WiFi network. In order to help make this feasible, users are required to have a WiFi connection of their own and use it whenever they can.

And while looking for public hotspots wherever you go may be a pain, it helps Republic keep their operating charges low and it will afford you, the user, improved service as WiFi calling is a lot more reliable.

While this solution may not be great for many of you that read sites such as Phandroid, there certainly may be a market out there for this sort of service. You’re getting a decent Android phone with very affordable rates and since hand-offs are handled with Sprint’s network you’re already getting an established cellular network; getting cellular service while traveling the country shouldn’t be difficult at all. The budget conscious should strongly consider what Republic is offering here.

Unfortunately, things aren’t ready to go just yet. The beta period is just about ready to begin, however, so keep your eyes on Republic’s site .

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