Republic Wireless Offers Unlimited Everything $19 Per Month Cellular Service, LG Optimus One Kicks Things Off


A new cellular network has launched. Named Republic Wireless, the service will generate loads of interest from its monthly cost alone – $19 per month. For that, you’re getting unlimited texts, calls and data. What’s more? No overages. Do they have your attention yet?

Even more interesting is the first phone they’re set to offer. It’s the LG Optimus One, the Android 2.3 mid-range smartphone that seems to be on just about every carrier in existence. The device features “Hybrid Calling,” the technology that supposedly allows Republic to offer services so cheap. They’ll only be asking for $200 to take it home.

Hybrid Calling utilizes WiFi networks to handle calls and hands off to Sprint’s network if you leave a WiFi network. In order to help make this feasible, users are required to have a WiFi connection of their own and use it whenever they can.

And while looking for public hotspots wherever you go may be a pain, it helps Republic keep their operating charges low and it will afford you, the user, improved service as WiFi calling is a lot more reliable.

While this solution may not be great for many of you that read sites such as Phandroid, there certainly may be a market out there for this sort of service. You’re getting a decent Android phone with very affordable rates and since hand-offs are handled with Sprint’s network you’re already getting an established cellular network; getting cellular service while traveling the country shouldn’t be difficult at all. The budget conscious should strongly consider what Republic is offering here.

Unfortunately, things aren’t ready to go just yet. The beta period is just about ready to begin, however, so keep your eyes on Republic’s site .

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  1. I’m not big on the idea of using an Optimus One as my device (N1 AT&T user here), but the prospect of wifi calling and $19 a month is exciting. I’ll be doing this just to see how it goes and to support the effort. You might want to mention the 30 money back guarantee they have listed on the site, because that’s what’s getting me to take the plunge.

    1. Let us know how you like it! :)

      1. will do. I figure the worst I get out of it is another android development device (for cheap!).

        1. save your money  the origional nexus one runs circles afound the optimus one   

          1. I’ve used an optimus before, I know. The concept of the service is more intriguing than the phone. But the bottom line is that I get a phone for $100 and try a new service, so I’m ok. If I just hate the whole thing, there is the 30 day money back guarantee as well. Also, for a developer, the low end is more important to pay attention to than the high end in most cases (unless you’re making games)

        2. So, after seeing the proof that it is very limited off wifi…are you still stoked? Before calling someone a troll, check your facts : )

  2. I’d pay full retail for a high-end phone with that kind of rate, if they ever offer a high-end phone. The problem though is they can kick you off the plan if you use the cell network too much. And then you paid full retail for the phone AND you’re back on a more expensive wireless plan.

    1. “Can I bring my own phone? No.”

  3. I understand the premise but how does the company police whether or not you are using wifi “whenever you can”?

    1. did you read their “catch” page? It explains their Cellular Usage Index.

  4. Anyone not happy with LG Optimus One being the only option, its website has a nice email address that you can suggest their next selection of phones: [email protected].

  5. This is very conflicting information.  Yes, it is $20 per month.  However, it is VoIP and not cell service.  Coverage is limited.

    1. It’s both. You have VoIP on wifi, but switches to sprint’s network when your’re away from wifi.

      1. Where did you get it?
        Can you please point to their site with this info?

          1. kidding me?
            I asked for the detailed info. 
            I read trough the site and http://republicwireless.com/join says – Wifi is a must.

            I understand that Hybrid should be wifi and cell coverage. But I didn’t find any info about the old school cell coverage (Spring? – it’s only the best guess).

          2. Sprint: https://twitter.com/#!/republicwrless/status/133945680707338240

            Optimus S

      2. The small print: You are limited to 550 minutes, 300 MB of data, and 150 SMS, while not on wifi.

        1. Nope. Example, not a limit: https://www.facebook.com/republicwireless/posts/144145945687177

          1. It is a limit. It clearly states they warn you first. If you don’t correct it, they terminate your service.

          2. If you’re gonna troll this thread, at least post a source when you say something.

          3. Troll? The source is their own website’s fair use policy. LoL you idiot. http://m.androidcentral.com/republic-wireless-great-idea-thats-not-quite-there-yet

  6. Eh, I think if I were ever to try one of these new “budget” carriers that are popping out of the woodwork these days I’d probably go for that SIMple Mobile one that I’ve been seeing.  It’s rates are more expensive, but it seems like a more conventional option…plus they claim that their service “works on unlocked GSM phones” which would lead me to believe most any unlocked GSM device is eligible to run on their service…which would include high-end devices.

    And I dunno, but I guess SIMple’s less-than-too-good-to-be-true prices give me a more sense of security than this premise of having to be on wifi all the time.

    …however I’m sticking to Verizon for now.  Once they tell me I don’t have unlimited data anymore I’ll jump ship.

    1. I gave simple mobile a try a while ago, they’re great when you’re within T-mobile’s towers. But since the area I live in isn’t covered that well, I had to ditch them because I had droped calls because coverage by T-Mobile was horrid.

  7. Interesting…  If you could use any GSM Android phone with it (using AT&T’s network I guess) I would be all over it.  Having to buy a special phone that is locked in to Sprint’s network – not so much.

    Still, it could be a good, affordable option for some people.

    1. from what I remember from an earlier posting about this company, the phones are specially wired for their systems. so I would assume you’d have to buy it through them.

      1. thats correct. they messed with the radio sounds like. so off the bat you will only be able to use their optimus

  8. I like all options if it only makes regular carriers think twice about raising rates.

  9. Ok this is mister simple here. Everyone who is griping about WiFi or lack of it, get a MiFifrom VZW or your carrier choice, for $30 a month for 2GB, and you will have coverage everywhere. Plus you are still in it for less money especially if you have a multiphone house hold, than you would be on a standard carrier plan. If this company if for real and it works, I am breaking the chains. I am sick and tired of paying 150 a month for two phones…..

    1. It’s no wifi only… if there isn’t wifi around it switched to cell 

      1. Wifi is a must for repubW.
        No wifi coverage – no cell coverage

          1. You must be banned for such dummy references and double posting.

          2. Sprint: https://twitter.com/#!/republicwrless/status/133945680707338240

            Optimus S

      2. The small print: You are limited to 550 minutes, 300 MB of data, and 150 SMS, while not on wifi.

        1. Nope. Example, not a limit: https://www.facebook.com/republicwireless/posts/144145945687177

  10. If you signed up for more info before yesterday they sent you an email with a promo code to get the phone for $99. I am for sure going to give them a try.

    1. The small print: You are limited to 550 minutes, 300 MB of data, and 150 SMS, while not on wifi.

      1. Nope. Example, not a limit: https://www.facebook.com/republicwireless/posts/144145945687177

  11. Does any one know when are they gonna start taking orders. I am ready to go. 

  12. They will be gone inside 6 months…

  13. This is an absolutely awesome idea. I hope it works out for them. My Optimus T already supports wifi calling, but I don’t use that feature because T-Mobile still counts it as voice minutes used… which is absolutely ridiculous. On the other hand it sounds like these guys have made the switch to wifi absolutely seamless.

    1. I’ve used that wifi voip and its really bad. They keep saying its better but its not. I was kicked off so often I shut’r down. I had an excellent home wifi with cable fast connection, still dropped my calls. Tried both T-mo & Sprint doing this method. Sprint was worse!   I was never charged those minutes on sprint though, I cannot believe T-mo has the balls to have you use your wifi and charge minutes as well, that’s absurd!

  14. This is interesting.  I’ll keep an eye out for this.

  15. The small print: You are limited to 550 minutes, 300 MB of data, and 150 SMS, while not on wifi.

    1. Nope. Example, not a limit: https://www.facebook.com/republicwireless/posts/144145945687177

  16. The real question I’d like answered: does it work with Google Voice? As in, will the call-routing GVoice does work through their system?

  17. So basically, You use Wi-fi, they give you credit for more Cell usage. Seems like a pretty good idea, and pretty fair give Cell bills can get up to the hundreds! Let me know how it all works!

  18. I’m going to be honest, it sounds like a scam. You all know first off most open wifi points have been set to a limited bandwidth per connection. Trying VOIP on those will be like back in the 2000’s when you got dropped all the time. Not to mention whether you post that facebook where they say its an idea not a limit you know they have a limit on the sprint system. don’t want to be a bad guy, wish them and everyone that uses it good luck. I don’t expect them to be around long. 

    That said, i’m also pretty ticked off sprint is selling this out, after starting to reduce some programs. If they keep doing this how long does my unlimited smart phone plan stay alive? They all ready had problems with iphony 4s why are they selling time to this company?

    1. I use voip on my work and home wifi. Most people say it sounds better than the cell line. I use sipdroid with pbxes.org tied to Google voice. Does that help?

  19. Meh

  20. It’s all about the scope of the market, isn’t it?  They want to be totally disruptive but will the average consumer go for this kind of hybrid?  Or should they have followed China Mobile’s lead and targeted a niche student/youth market first?  Because as much as people want to go OTT, no one has yet offered cellular services without a cellular network.  Sure, it’s coming but is this the answer?


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