Verizon Roadmap Shows Nov. 21 for Galaxy Nexus, Nov. 30 for XOOM 2


You didn’t think the state of the release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon would get any less confusing, did you? After new leaks once again pinned the phone to November 17th (after most had resigned themselves to believing the phone wouldn’t launch until after Black Friday), a roadmap has surfaced definitively stating the that Galaxy Nexus will be available as a web-only purchase starting November 21st. The same roadmap once again shows us an 11/11 date for the Droid RAZR (no surprise here), an 11/14 date for the HTC Rezound (again, no surprise), and an 11/17 release for the Samsung Illusion.

Also getting dated are the recently announced Motorola XOOM 2 and Motorola XOOM 2 Media Edition. The devices are listed as the Moto 8″ Tablet and Moto 10″ Tablet and given a release date of November 30th. So to reiterate, the important date to takeaway here is November 21st for web0only purchases of the Galaxy Nexus and November 30th for Motorola’s new tablets.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. “w/o” can mean Week Of or Web Only.   This is not a definitive answer of when the Nexus will be available.  In all likelihood, it will be on 11/25 to eliminate Razr buyers from the 14 day window for returns.

    1. That would only eliminate day one Razr buyers tho…i doubt they would delay for that alone

  2. just hope they get the software issues figured out soon.

    1. What issues?

  3. I’m sorry, are we buying this supposed leaked doc? What file format would it leak in that the auto spelling correct would have underlined Razr and Rezound in red? HTML? Word? Seems… fishy.

    1. Powerpoint?  Just a guess.

  4. I am ready for the Vigor… Looking forward to seeing this in my hands.

    1. You want the Vigor but on the other article you wonder why the Thunderbolt isn’t being updated???? Nexus, there I said it.

  5. well, come on, i can buy the razr on the day the nexus releases, still try it and return it for nexus. or rezound. interesting how the rezound’s big feature is the no shutter lag, which the nexus also has, but it isn’t mentioned.

    1. Maybe for the Nexus that is a minor feature but for the Rezound it is a major one. Makes you think about what else the Nexus could be hiding inside that sandwich.

  6. I sure as heck this is the right launch date of the Nexus. I really don’t know how much longer my Droid is going to last. Especially since I accidentally left it out on top of my car all night… in the rain. 

    And yes the tough old brick is still working. 

  7. There is a good article on phonearena about all the confusion about the release date. They believe Samsung and Google are to blame, not Verizon. I for the most part agree. 

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