Leak: US Cellular Getting LTE Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Tab 10.1; Coming Q1 2012


One of our trusty readers close to US Cellular has recently been trained on some upcoming devices for US Cellular. There are two in particular we’re very interested in and I bet you can guess what they are from the image above.

On the right is an obvious shot of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but what about the fellow to the left of it? If my eyes aren’t failing me, I could almost bet that is none other than a Galaxy Nexus by Samsung. Both are supposedly going to be available on the carrier beginning in Q1 2012. That’s quite a ways away from now, but for devices as good as these two we’d patiently wait for them.

The other story is that both of these will be LTE enabled which means US Cellular should finally be launching their 4G network sometime soon. We’ll be trying to dig for more as we await official word from US Cellular. [Thanks _______!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. They’ve already started launching their LTE network. http://www.uscellular.com/4G/map-preview.html

    Its not much yet but hey, if you’re lucky enough to be covered then its pretty sweet.

    1. lol but they have NO 4g devices, so what does it matter if the network is live when no one but testers are currently using it?

  2. Great, I assume they’ll get it before Verizon.

  3. Bring this shit to Tmobile nowwwwwww

    1. This!

  4. If the R930 is a Galaxy Nexus, I will be disappointed.  While I think the Galaxy Nexus is great, I need a phone with an SD slot. I know it’ll never happen, but the one thing I would like to see on USCC (or any CDMA carrier for that matter) would be a Galaxy Note.  

    Oh well, guess I’ll just stick with my Mesmerize until USCC gets something with a SAMOLED HD and an SD slot (likely never).

    1. Oh yeah b/c 32 GB is so tiny… and there’s not TONS of cloud storage options on the net…  Yeah I totally fill all my SD cards and constantly pop them in and out of my phone…

    2. Dropbox is your solution.

  5. Let’s go Sprint. Step yo game up.

    1. couldn’t wait any longer and got the Epic 4G Touch last week. huge upgrade from my hero. Still want the GNex and will prob sell this when GNex gets released, if ever, on sprint

      1. I have the Hero right now. CM7.1 is a godsend. That’s the only thing keeping me from caving and getting the GS2 that’s been released for the better part of the year (albiet in Europe and everywhere else).

        1. I agree, the reason i kept my hero for so long was due to rooting and custom roms. Hope you can hold out for the GNex. I couldn’t do it since my fiance upgraded her hero to the iphone 4s. Got new phone jealousy, and wasn’t going to get the iphone.

          1. LOL, smart man.

          2. Oh my God my wife just got the iPhone 4 (not S). She’s not as much of as a tech/phone nerd as I am, but I definitely have new phone jeaousy. My contract’s not up until March so I’m in a tough spot. $50 ETF isn’t that bad.

  6. If the 4g Galaxy Nexus is not being released by mid December I might as well wait for the quad core galaxy s3.

    1. The galaxy nexus 4g will be released by december the only question is where in america? hoping not only verizon. we will find out next week

  7. Ehhh. I don’t really have a need for thos phone, my play will hold for a good 17 months if not longer, ima run this one down.:D

  8. No big news here… it has said as much on the google/nexus page…

  9. Damn it, where the #$%! is Tmobile in all this. Im hoping for at least a bestbuy release the day the GN goes to verizon 

    1. I think when it releases everyone will get it. Or verizon will at most have 30 or 60 day exclusivity being that these are to be released Q1 which means anytime before end of march and since they said early Q1 that means January.

  10. phandroids first exclusive in a long time. more of these pronto

  11. I’ll wait for the first quad core phone If it doesn’t come out for ATT before next year.

  12. if a ghetto hillbilly carrier like this can get the G-NEX, what about AT&T and Sprint?

    1. How is the 7th largest carrier based out of Chicago a ghetto hillbilly carrier?

      1. When the fuck did US cellular become the 4th largest? Oh wait it didnt. FAIL

        1. So sorry dippshit, I meant 7th largest.

          1. Wow didnt mean to make you change your post and cry about it. Sorry bro

          2. No worries, in all honesty I tried to delete the last comment, but it wouldn’t let me?? I’m above name calling, it just got the best of me for a moment. Then I fact checked and corrected myself. But really was your first response really appropriate?

          3. @google-9d2d65e86cfe3e8739e9ffe7da142f54:disqus Hahaha yea that was definitely very trollish of me :/

  13. Someone on U.S. Cellular please clue me in on their rural (boondocks) coverage and how well they do while traveling. I love the coverage I get with Verizon, yet I know the price is much more than other carriers. 

    Edit: It looks like their plans don’t offer much more for the price than VZW. We don’t use a lot of voice minutes and it looks like their messaging and data options can’t compete with pricing as what I have right now with VZW.

  14. Ghetto/Hillbilly ?  Wow, when I go into my sprint store there are “VFW” people to be seen. I used to have US Cellular and now have Sprint since 2004. I can tell you that any moment I’m either going back to USCC or VZW. I truly believe that Sprint is for people who are used to crap service and just keep listening to excuses for everything. I’m sick of them and the fact they always try to be forward in technology but it usually just kicks them in the butt (and kicks us customers in the butt.)  My GF has USCC android and it works far better overall than this HTC EVO of mine. Buddy of mine also has about a 3 year old VZW air card (3G only) and compared to my Sprint 2 year old 3G card it has been double the speed in all tests I did over about an hour – both signals were good, VZW was just faster or faster backhaul. 

  15. really dissapointed that uscell is so slow in catching up with the other major carriers. ive got the galaxy s phone and want the 2nd gen that T-mobile is ALREADY CARRYING.  On top of the wait for the 4g service and its causeing major issues where i live to service ( such as dropped calls/service). whats a person to do tho when you haven no other options.

    1. I talk to a few of the U.S. Cellular guys often. The reasoning behind the delay is due to the larger areas they plan on launching with the LTE network. The initial launch of this will be either the largest or second largest LTE network available.
      So why bring on a phone that is not going to run on the current network?

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