Tiered Data for Sprint Mobile Broadband and Hotspot Plans Begins November 13th


Our friends at Sprint Feed have procured evidence suggesting Sprint will begin the change to tiered data for some of their data users starting November 13th. The changes affect mobile broadband (dedicated data cards and hotspot devices) as well as mobile hotspot (USB or WiFi tethering with phone) customers. It gets rid of 3G and 4G unlimited data, giving you 3GB, 5GB or 10GB of data usage combined per month before overages apply. The prices for those plans are $35, $50 and $80, respectively. All that’s left in the land of unlimited on the Now Network is smartphone data. What’s the over/under that those will soon share similar fates?

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Wow, so much for “Unlimited”….

    1. Still unlimited on phones.

    2. 3G mobile cards have been tiered for years. 4G was the only part that was unlimited which is now also tiered.

  2. Broadband cards have always had tired data…. This article is misleading. The only thing that changed is that ALL THE PLANS GOT CHEAPER AND INCLUDE MORE DATA. this is fantastic news

    1. Hopefully, that opens up my Overdrive hotspot to let me use the 6GB plan. Right now, I can only use it on the 3GB plan, which is silly. 

      But the overage is still $50/GB. That’s a bit ridiculous.

    2. No they didn’t. Initially it was was unlimited. I signed up for it 3 years ago, shortly before my two year contract was up last year they instituted a 5 gig cap. I was grandfathered in, but when my stick had to be replaced they changed my plan to the 5 gig cap, and 10 cent a meg overage. I left them when they did that. Get your own facts straight. 

      1. Right, but before the change that was posted it was tiered and 4G was unlimited, so Jbarajasp is somewhat correct. We aren’t talking about YEARS ago. We are talking about right now.

        1. Brush up your reading comprehension skills.

  3. Well if sprint gets rid of unlimited data I don’t see a point in staying with them. T mobile actually will be the next best thing data price wise at least..

  4. Just wow, these stories generally do nothing other than mislead people. This doesn’t affect phones, yet you have people posting as if it does.

    1. Common sense dictates that’s the next step, Every other carrier has done the same thing, and Sprint won’t be any different. 

  5. Didn’t Sprint just get the iphone. Had to be the iPhone to ruin our fun

  6. Sprint can’t afford to drop unlimited data for smartphones. If they do, they will surely destroy their already dwindling customer base. Unlimited data is most likely the main reason a majority of users have stuck around. The minute it is gone, the customers will flock towards the big brother companies like Verizon or AT&T.

    1. It’s being dropped…… face it.. the iPhone destroys any carrier it goes into

      1. Hey well, if you are right – Sprint is heading down the tubes.

      2. US Cellular shot down the iPhone because they didn’t like Apple’s terms.
        US Cellular doesn’t have service in my area, but they currently have unlimited data, from what I understand until the second half of next year. If they have service in your region, they may be worth looking into.

  7. Wow there goes anything good “unlimited ” . I will stick with verizon..

  8. if they get rid off the phones unlimited data, there will be no reason to stick around sprint, unlimited data is the only good thing going for sprint as they have the slowest data speed of all carriers .

  9. If everyone use hisher smartphone like suppose to, no of the carriers changed their data plan… But the users who using their phones as his her home theater, or their SP2, or as any game toys, forced the carriers to change.

  10. I’m glad I got a tablet before November 13th.

  11. because theres on 4g in  .000009 percent of the US 

  12. If sprint drops unlimited smartphone data there will be no real reason to keep em.

  13. The best part about Tmo is that the million + iPhones working on our network are on edge only.

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