Swype Beta 3.26 Receives OTA Update – New “Context Prediction Engine” Explained


It was only a few weeks ago when the new version of Swype Beta 3.26 was announced bringing with it the much requested feature of automatic updates (we like OTA’s ’round these parts). Well, staying true to their word, Swype Beta has just received its first over-the-air update enabling their “Context Prediction Engine” feature. Here are some of the features of their new Context Prediction Engine:

  • 40% increase in prediction accuracy when a language profile is present
  • Learns over time as you use it, building up a personal language profile for you.
  • Enabled only for English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Other languages coming soon! *Note* French Canadian does not have a pre-loaded static language model, and so will only show improved accuracy after continual use.

They’ve also added Japanese language support (kana-kanji conversion) but is only available in the Pan-Asia package, not the “All Regions” package. If you feel like giving it a go, just head on over to Swype’s site and sign-up for the Beta.

UPDATE: While Swype’s new Context Prediction Engine may sound similar to Swiftkey’s method of predicting the next word typed based on contextual information, Swype reached out to us and wanted our readers to know this is not the case. The difference? Well, according to Swype:

“Our context prediction engine is providing improved accuracy to words that you enter by Swyping. We aren’t doing any type of ‘completion’ or ‘next word prediction,’ only improving the accuracy of the words Swype offers to match the path the user traced.”

[Via Swype]

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  1. So it’s more like SwiftKey…

    1. yeah, says that in the article.  Swiftkey like word prediction plus Swype is awesome!

    2. I thought the same thing. Apparently it’s not though. Just improved accuracy. I updated the post to clarify. 

  2. Jesus Christ is a trick to getting this to fucking work?

  3. You can’t feed it your SMS database, so it won’t be as great out of the box. But a few entries of the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog later, seems like it’s changing a bit?

  4. Why didn’t they use the standard French predictor for French Canadian instead of nothing?

  5. Does anyone know why the freaking installer refuses to download ANYTHING other than 3.25?  I’ve got a feeling the Nexus S 4G is screwed because of that limited release garbage a while back… this is stupid beyond words

    1. Don’t use the installer…from the Swype Keyboard long-press the Swype key and then you will see the update at the bottom of the list in Settings.

      1. I’m still not seeing it, any suggestions?

  6. Never got the ota

    1. Me either.

  7. Hi, Brian Resnik from Swype here…
    Just want to make an important correction to this article: “Context Prediction Engine” does NOT provide next-word prediction (a la SwiftKey), but rather increases the accuracy of Swyped words by looking at context when calculating what word you were trying to Swype.


    1. Brian I am sorry to hear that Nuance bought you. Probably one of the worst software companies out there. get ready for ZERO SUPPORT. Dragon Dictation for PC is a bug ridden software and if you ever have the misfortune of calling their tech support you will relate to what I am saying

    2. That’s too bad.. that is a majorly nice feature of swiftkey and I keep thinking that the ultimate keyboard would combine swypes gesture keyboard with swiftkeys text prediction…

    3. Great ! Hopefully i can stop telling people to “Getty a life” :)

    4. Well speaking of content prediction a la Swiftkey…would Swype were incorporate this?  Swiftkey and Swype are my 2 favorite keyboards and having them both in one would be AMAZING!

  8. installed… but still the same…. swiftkey is better, 

  9. Why is there swype line orange! haha I want mine to be orange. 

  10. Be nice to have my freakin’ smileys back.

    1. Did yours go somewhere?  I know if I long-press the smiley in the lower corner of the keyboard that they are all there for me…

  11. Not really like SwiftKey. It’s only using the prediction engine to help with suggesting words you’ve already swyped. It won’t take an initial guess at the word before you start it, which is the magical part of SwiftKey. I’m not sure how that could even work, since you don’t have to hit space between words with Swype.

  12. How do u know if u got the update.I didn’t get any notification and yes I did sign up awhile back

  13. I updated, and there is no Japanese in the Asian pack that i can see, and no mention of it on the website. Where did Phandroid see that it is now included?

  14. How can I update Swype on my Galaxy S2 which has Swype Pre-Loaded….

    When are they going to release so I can update it!!! I am stuck on V2.7……


  16. FYI everyone, to update go to settings -> language and keyboard -> swype settings and there is an update option at the bottom.  I spent 5 minutes trying to use the installer like in previous version before realizing this

    1. That…or from the Swype keyboard long-press the Swype Key and the settings will appear…

  17. Must say that it blows that if your phone as Swype pre-installed that you can’t update it. Dumb move on Swype’s part and just forces me to use other keyboards that i can actually update when needed.

  18. Not really sure why my comment was deleted. But i’ll try again.

    It sucks that my phone has Swype pre-installed so I’m unable to update when i need to. Thas is not a very smart move on Swype’s part and all it does is make me inclined to use other keyboards that i can update when needed.

    Yes, that’s a knock on Swype. Are the monitors on this site somehow affiliated with Swype? Guess you can’t say anything bad about them.

  19. Excellent!  OTA is just what Swype needed; instead of having to uninstall, login to the site, send the request, download the file, & install

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