Sony Ericsson Nozomi Is Now The Xperia Arc HD? Dual-Core, 720p Screen Coming Soon [Rumors]


I like rumors. Rumors are fun. If you like them as much as I do, you may want to listen up. According to the boys over at GSMArena, they have it on good authority that Sony Ericsson getting set to release an all new flagship device codenamed the Xperia Arc HD (formerly known as Nozomi). As the name suggests, the Arc HD will be packing a high definition 1280×720 resolution screen.

This pretty much falls into line with what we’ve been hearing of the device but it’s always nice to hear it from another “anonymous source.” Since we’re talking about Sony here one of the device’s new features will be the ability to take still shots while recording 1080p, HD video. I was a little disappointed that their tipster couldn’t confirm the dual-core processor we’ve heard was recently added to the device but he did mention it was “blazing fast.”

A Sony Ericsson with a 720p display and dual-core processor sounds like all win to me. Combine that with Sony Ericsson’s affinity for speedy updates and I’d be willing to bet the farm we’re looking at a next-gen Android 4.0 device. No word yet on when the Xperia Arc HD will be released but it’s said to hit European markets sometime in early 2012.

[Via GSMArena]

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  1. How about bring this stateside to say Verizon?

  2. Ever since Sony announced their intent to buy out Ericsson’s share, I have been excited to see what they come up with.  If it’s true that they have speedy updates, add that to their intent to bring out some great phones AND the playstation suite as a bonus, I may have to make their phone a priority……after the New Nexus wears off ;)

    1. personally I have always like SE. When you buy a phone you know that the competition will have a faster new something next month… but their phones (x10 and newer for xperia) have seemed to have a lasting quality. The build is great, they dont mess with android too much (no added sense ui or something.. just a new app that  is integrated with android that you can choose to use or not).  They only came second in camera quality to nokia.. and nokia is now behind in smartphones so its kinda a moot point. only problem I had was they always used the processor that came out 6 months ago… but hoping this phone will ship with the S4 now that sony can shift their weight behind the company without ericsson. ericsson no doubt held sony back from being cutting edge… but the question is now that sony owns it.. will it change overnight or will it take a year or two to bring the phone buisness back up to speed.

      1. Hopefully it will happen sooner than later.

      2. I meant to mention that I am not a big fan of their hardware buttons, but that’s a personal preference.

  3. I’m ready for some Tmobile love already, Verizon is fucking getting everything

  4. Will the 720p HD screen also be pentile like the Galaxy Nexus?

    1. As much as I hate (and I do mean HATE) Pentile, I don’t think it will be visible on a 4.65-inch 1280×720 resolution display. 

      That being said, I think I remember reading that Sony Ericsson has their own LCD displays capable of pushing 720p and no Pentile… 
      Of course I could just be making that up entirely o_O

      1. If it’s LCD it won’t be Pentile. If it’s AMOLED, it will be. The HTC Rezound has a 720p 4.3″ display (341 PPI) and no Pentile.

        1. Well SE probably wont get an amoled screen seeing as they make their own LCD’s… (possibly white magic but that isnt 720p yet unless not announced).. but they do have 720p amoled screens that are not pentile.. they just dont have them in new devices yet… probably sg3 will have one with no pentile.

  5. Whatever happened to the Xperia Duo, or is this it?

  6. Chris, when can I expect a dual core, 720p, ice cream sandwich phone on Tmobile, I’m dying to upgrade but I am okay waiting for the best.

    1. Probably Mytouch HD or the Galaxy Nexus

  7. If it’s capable to record 1080p doesn’t that tell us it’s a dual core?!

  8. Qualcomm has already revieced its new S4 chips and is moving into full production, they have also already given out chips for testing new phones… Seeing as qualcomm and SE had such atight relationship… could this be a new S4 chip in this phone? That would be epic, with 720p, sonys camera quality and new dedication to fast android updates would be a winning combination.

  9. The RAZR is looking worse and worse. It seems to be a small step behind its soon-to-be current competition and it’s not even out yet. Sure it’s thin, but big deal I’d rather have cutting edge hardware. The Rezound and Nexus are much more well rounded in specs and software.

    1. Im sure someone reading will be like.. why dont you just wait for SG12 with 10gHz processor and a month battery kinda comment… but honestly ALL the phones comming out now in q4 will seriously lag the competition in q1/2 on next year. the new kalel and s4 chips not only will DOUBLE the power of the phone (see transformer prime bench) but they will also make battery life better then it is now with twice the cores. You can always get what you want.. but the first phone to run the s4/kalel will be the ones that will take 6months to a year before they actually get a new chip thats better. look at the sg2.. it took 7-8 months for its reign to be beaten… and even then when it gets ics it will be ahead of the nexus again…but with that said.. buy what makes you happy.

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