More Samsung Galaxy Nexus Accessories Make Their Way Online – Retailer Now Taking Pre-Orders


Have you come down with the Galaxy Nexus fever? If waiting for the device has you antsy, you may want to take a more proactive approach and begin pre-ordering the device’s many accessories. We’ve already seen Samsung’s plans for dock in their announcement video but apparently they have quite a few more “Genuine Samsung Accessories” planned for the device.

If this online retailer is to be trusted — and I’m not saying they aren’t — all the official OEM accessories can be pre-ordered ahead of the SGN launch. No pics are available just yet but you can follow each of the links to the appropriate accessory down below.

Vehicle Mount ECS-K1F8BEG: Retail: $40, Discounted price: $35

Multimedia Dock Samsung EDD-H1F8BEG: Retail: $70, Discounted price: $50

Battery Charging Stand w/1750 mAh Battery and Travel Charger: Retail $40, Discounted price: $33.96

Standard Li-Ion Battery, 1750 mAh EB-L1F2HBYB: Retail $40, Discounted price: $25.20

Case Mate ‘Barely There’ Case, Glossy White CM017192: Retail $25, Discounted price: $15.09

Two Piece Soft Touch Snap-On Case, Electric Blue 378846: Retail $20, Discounted price: $8.16

These accessories are all listed as being compatible with the Verizon version of the device (i515) and most are scheduled to ship on November 21st (almost a week after the UK release of the device). If you’re feeling wary, feel free to bookmark this page and come back a little later once things become a bit more “official.” Anyone going to jump on these?

[Via Pocketnow]

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  1. Heo yeh sonn.

  2. I still don’t understand why the UK will get this phone before the US.  I mean Verizon passed on the Galaxy S II for what everyone thought was an exclusive deal for the Nexus. Well I guess that was all a bunch of crap, Verizon did have exclusive up on their site and then took it down.  My guess is more issues with the LTE radios and battery life, not that I have any info its just a wild guess.  On a note for this article I will take the multimedia stand and maybe the charging stand.

    1. I get the impression the US Carriers are considered “pushy” by most phone manufacturers and things get snarled up as they demand exclusives and special version of their phones.   Here in the UK we have more large/national carriers with much more competition among them and they don’t seem as keen to insist on branded phones.  Last time I checked 3 of them had said they would carry the SGN as soon as it was announced.

      I know Verizon is considered “Evil” but from over here all the US Carriers look shocking to us, don’t truly compete and thus charge insane rates.
      Then again covering a country that large is a much more significant undertaking than covering the UK so it’s not entirely comparable.

      1. Intruder I couldn’t agree with you more. The US Carriers wield way too much power over here and our markets are worst off because of it. We pay more for worse cellphone service, worst options, and terrible customer service.

    2. I think Verizon is trying to stall on this phone to get people to buy the Rzr and Rezound, both of which are locked bootloaders. They don’t like that people will be able to get into the Gnex and potentionaly get away with tethering and things like that. Verizon sees it as stealing and the rest of us see it as using your minutes on a different device. I don’t personally tether but it can be done, Verizon has tried to block it but if were not using there software it’s alot harder for them. Verizon has the best network and coverage wich is why I’m with them but they are a shady ass company!

      1. another thing they don’t like is not being able to put there bloatware on the phone as they make money off that as well.

      2. If you look at the history of the Nexus, you can see that the only people who get free tethering are the ones who use unlocked Nexus phones but if Verizon does offer it in stores then I’m sure they will turn that feature off like Sprint did. 

        1. Not True. T-Mobile has free tethering. It is not blocked.

          1. That is because the one that works on T-mobile is the unlocked version. I know I have put an AT&T sim card in my Nexus One and Nexus S before. The Verizon/Sprint version is the carrier locked down one.

          2. If Verizon touches one thing on this phone it is in theory NOT a Nexus device. I had no idea the Nexus S 4g had tethering turned off.
            Google needs to protect the Nexus name a bit more but sadly it seems the name has been handed over to Samsung and now Verizon. I’m having serious doubts about getting this phone now (At least the Verizon version).

          3. I had to confirm the Nexus S 4G tethering issue with a friend who works for Sprint because no one was really sure about if it was on or not.

    3. Your carriers seem like a bunch of schoolkids squabbling over how to screw their customers next.  Ours just try to offer the same phones on better deals than eachother.

      There’s very little exclusivity.

  3. or will it be like the first nexus and they never get it

    1. Well, they didn’t get it in-store, but I got mine on contract. If they do the same for this one I’m fine with it.

  4. Don’t care unless it comes to T-Mobile.

  5. The more time goes, the less enthusiastic I become about the phone

    1. true. so much for building off of the momentum from announcement day last month

      1. Let’s hope the Netherlands also gets it on the 17th.
        I want this thing an like the rest of you… the longer i wait
        the more i want a Galaxy SIII or something. I read news about
        Kal-El coming Q1-2012 and i’m waiting for GN with a lousy GPU

      2. Yes it’s sad google yet again drops the ball.
        Sadly google wants to be the Walmart of the phone OS world.
        They don’t care what phone manufactures do and Android can be slapped on any POS device. User experience my ass.

    2. Being a 2 year Nexus user they have kept me enthusiastic the whole time so it is worth it. ^_^ 

      Don’t confuse this phone with all those others that look cool for one month then everyone forgets about them as soon as something else comes out, you will be reading story after story all year long and all Android phones will be judged based on how they compare to the Galaxy Nexus.

      1. the beauty of the Nexus is pure Android and immediate updates.  and that is why it blows all other phones away.  and that is why i want it.

        1. there are many other phones – but there is only ONE Nexus.

          1. actually, there are 2 nexus phones out now (one and s), and soon there will be 3.

      2. still waiting for this mahfucka… the design is nice. so distinctive.
        and it’s the GOOGLE phone for a year….
        yall keep hating and get a moto or HTC.

        1. Ya why release a your first phone WITH A MAJOR OS upgrade on all carriers right in time for the BUSIEST buying time. What a crazy concept. Google YET AGAIN drops the ball. It’s like they don’t even care.

      3. I doubt it, all phones judged against it, NO. Spec wise it isn’t a beast. All phones update time judged against this, YES. ICS, Jellybean, Khova egg pudding (or keylime pie) and licorice for the win.

        1. I only say that because it has been happening for the last 2 years already. Look at how we were all mad that the Nexus S didn’t come with a Tegra 2 but then a few months later we hear back from reviewers that say that the Nexus S (early 2010 Hummingbird chip) is faster then all the Tegra 2 phones, we don’t know about the GS2 yet because it hasn’t been out long enough but it might even be as fast as that phone. So when a phone with 1 1/2 old hardware is still being compared with late 2011 hardware then why would the Galaxy Nexus not be compared with all Android phones for the next year until the Nexus 4, I would bet money that it handles it’s own against the quad core phones in 2012. 

          Also it is the software that makes it so powerful because just look at when the G1 went from 1.1 to 1.5 the battery life literally doubled without any new hardware. On Android software is king but all the specs junkies just can’t see that.

      4. It hasn’t been that way to date. Maybe with n1 but ns wasn’t nearly ahead of the game like the n1.  gn  isn’t either.  1.2GHz dual core.  Should’ve been 1.5.  5MP camera.  Should have been 8MP along with the speed. SD expansion slot. Should have had one. Spec for spec the gn is just like the ns. Not really setting the pace but just keeping up with it. Everyone should be comparing themselves to the GSII and Razyr.  GN is not a flagship device as far as Android is concerned.  But it never was meant to be either.  The Razyr is really a flagship product.  Better specs and it will have ICS and whatever else comes out in the next 18 months.  GSII as well.

      5. I disagree. The Razyr and GSII are much more than the GN.  They are the ones to watch.  GN wasn’t intended to be a flaghip product.  N1 was only device out of N1, NS, and GN that set the pace instead of just maintained it.  Come on 1.2 GHz dual core, 5MP Camera, No SD Card.  Razyr and GSII are far better.  Let’s not drink from the  google-aid fire hose.  Let’s hope we all get ICS and that the fragmentation subsides.  When you buy the Nexus phones that’s what your buying.  A ticket out of being left behind in the fragmentation mess and a standard but often times inferior experience.

        1. People have been saying word for word the stuff that you just said since the launch of the Nexus One after they were disappointed with the specs, yes I said disappointed. Today is no different you can say what you want about the NS but when the Nexus 4 comes then others will be talking about how the N1 and NS were better than the GN and N4. I remember threads that were thousands of comments long where people were complaining about the N1 then for the next 12 months it stayed on top in the news as one of the top Android phones despite being out done by phones with higher MP cameras and faster processor 3 months after launch. Galaxy S i9000 was release in March or April of 2010. Then comes the Nexus S and the same exact crying at first then praising it later cycle all over again after people start noticing that it can hold it’s own just like the Nexus One. Guess what now people are doing it all over again with the Galaxy Nexus with the whole no SD, not fast enough processor, non branded Gorilla Glass, it is all so stupid for a non-noob like myself.

          Also if you think that the GS2 and RAZR will be supported for 18 months then you my friend don’t know anything about OEM’s and Android. Let me guess your thinking on this “but but they have to because they are their flagship phones”, ROTFLMFAO because that has been said since 2009. The second Android phone ever the Samsung Galaxy never got 1.6, their second phone the Behold never got 2.0, the Galaxy S barely got 2.2 and will not get 4.0 like the Nexus S will(with the same processor), and I am sure that the GS2 will get ICS but it probably won’t or will barely get Jellybean because the GS3 will be out by then with ICS preinstalled.

          Consider this a lesson in Android history, class dismissed!

  6. meh so over the GN. Was so underwhelmed by it ( not to say it was bad just expected something more) and with a lack of an SD-card slot i just cant see myself ever buying it.

    First decent phone with ICS and a SD-card slot will probably get my money when my contact is up semi-soonish

    1.  I am with you, but probably will still get it though.  Google had a chance to launch something to take a huge bite out of Apple.  Instead, they launch something with lack luster specs, possibly a GPU that can barely support the HD screen, and little else to go with other than facial recognition to unlock.

      They cheaped out on every possible angle of this phone.  It should have come out with the best available chip.  Instead it was the lower level OMAP, a slight speedbump to the GPU, lower clock speeds, pentile graphics, plastic shell.

      1. Maybe wait for a review before you buy it? Would that be too sensible?

      2. You have no idea, do you? GPU that can barely support the screen? Yes, im sure Google developed this phone with a barely functioning screen. And how is the OMAP 4460 outdated? The Galaxy Nexus is the first phone running it. Dont talk about things you dont know.

        1. word.. getting sick of these haters man. if u hate, don’t get it. simple.

          1. It’s not hate, it is android fans with technical knowledge (who do the research) wanting to really just punch Apple in its throat and take its lunch money.
             Let’s be real if the razor or rezound had  Nexus in front of them this phone would be passed on. It is only because it has to get updates first that we all care.

          2. Not really. RAZR is a outdated series this is no different than when samsung brought back the sidekick with android and 4g

        2. Isn’t the Razr the first phone using it?  No one knows how this thing is going to manage and HD screen yet.  If you know, post your benchmarks with it!!!   I guess you can’t because YOU DO NOT KNOW!!!

          The fact of the matter is that they took lower possible options than what was available.  The OMAP 4470 was available and spec-wise better.  Until we get the data, you have to assume that the performance is going to be less on a SAMOLED HD screen than it will be on a SAMOLED+ screen.  You would be a moron to think that it would perform better.

          1. The RAZR has an older 4430 in it. The 4460 is newer and better. It’s comfortable up to 1.5Ghz and can support 1080p video with ease.

      3. only thing i can really comment on is the pentile graphics part, don’t know about the other stuff. Anyone really talking about the phone seriously has said the pentile screen really means nothing in this case. The one complaining people are the ones trying to find something to talk about that is a “negative” since they love apple so much. ( ex Engadget and Gizmodo) Or are rebloging it from said people complaing with out actually seeing it for them self.

        Could it be bad? possibly, but people, like phandroid, who have actually seen the phone have said it makes no difference on this phone.

        But to me still doesn’t matter since i wont be getting the phone either way, as i have already said

    2. Don’t do it man. Every other phone is destined to have a 6 months cycle where they are good and up to date until the OEM comes out with something else and pretty much forgets about your phone and tries to sell you the new version. 

      Just look at Samsung and how they confirmed ICS for all their GS2(NEW)  phones but failed to even mention that the OG early 2010 Galaxy S can also handle it since the Nexus S with the same processor is getting ICS by Christmas.

      I understand that some need a huge memory card and I was angry about that with the Nexus S when I left the Nexus One with a removable SD card slot but if any Android is worth it, it is this one. Even look at the millions of iPhone users who only had 8gb and 16gb options for a long time.

      1. This is a point i’m also taking.  With the latest flagship from htc or sammy or moto or w/e you get about 6, maybe 9 months to a year but with the nexus you’re guaranteed a year of being the google flagship, then another year’s support pretty much.

      2. Honestly i don’t care about manufacture/carriers support anymore. They can all go blow themselves for all i care. To my list of requirements i should have also added ability to root and load CM7 ( or well cm9 when ICS comes out) on it. I will take care of my own support from now on. Fuck the manufactures and the carriers. I used to love HTC ( have the evo) and Sprint but i am getting more and more annoyed with them as time goes on.

        HOWEVER, if Google actually starts making manufactures live up to their promises of 18 months of support this will be a mute point as well….. BUT i am not holding my breath really.

        So yeah in short phone requirements for next phone:

        ICS or CM9

        ( sorry it took 4 days to reply been busy but still wanted to reply )

  7. I thought the GNex had a non-removable battery?

    1. no that would be the Razr 

  8. Why is the iPhone 4s sold out everywhere

    1. Its not.  Go to any VZW store and they have plenty.

    2. I work for Target Mobile and we have many of them

  9. Maybe a real dumb question, but:
    The ”options” button is now gone with the GN.
    But when i’m playing a game, or emulator like GameBoid…
    How do i open the options menu?
    Since you open and save through the options menu?

    1. Just like it did on honeycomb – a menu button pops up in the upper right corner when ever you need it. Works perfectly fine on honeycomb, probably will work better on ICS :)

    2. The app developer has the option to put the menu button on the top right or to make it appear at the bottom since those 3 buttons can move around you aren’t limited to just those 3 so fear not.

    3. Look at how the menu button showed up next to the other 3 on the tablet with 3.0, it can be the same on ICS with the GNex:

  10. I really hope ice cream and the screen reduce battery drain. 1750 battery wtf.

    1. I know I read that with moderate use you get 2 days of battery life. I get about 24 hours right now on my Nexus S.

    2. that is bigger than most batteries in phones with smaller screens. Hell the thunderbolt has a 1400mah battery.

  11. Everyone wants to phone to come out right now. I am glade that it is taking a little for this to come out. The phone had some bugs when they displayed it during there conference. So we should be glade they did not rush it out and had problems. You would be bitching that it has problem. Not like it wont when it is released like every other phone, but the main ones will not.

    1. It is going to have more bugs than normal since ICS is brand new and essentially you are beta testing it. People complain no matter what i would rather know a release and have the phone and let google send out updates to fix what bugs it has than wait in limbo.

  12. The more time rolls buy and the money I’m holding on to for this phone begins slipping away because of the holiday season, I’m going to get ICS on my Nexus S anyway so maybe I should just pass and hold out for the Note in Q2 of next year

  13. this has gone from embarrassing to painful to watch google release their next major o s upgrade.
    apple has the iphone google has the nexus.
    why is it apple can get it so right while google gets it so wrong?

    1. since google hasn’t released their next major OS upgrade you’re talking out your arse :)

  14. Slight comment here… if the VZW Version is going to be ‘slightly thicker’ than the other versions…. wouldn’t that mean they’re going to have different variants of the accessories as well? (anyone that has ever tried to put a phone in a dock, even with the slightest cases will know what I’m talking about ;) Will be interesting to see if these actually ARE for the VZW version.

    1. Yeah I was thinking about that same thing.  For the Nexus S the cases for that phone were horrible.  In the GSM Nexus S there were 2 models that were different size and the Nexus S 4G was different also.  Unless the case was made specific for your model it didn’t fit just right.

      At least since this is VZW they always have tons of accessories for their phones.  I just want a nice thin secure case that fits the phone perfectly.  I can do without all the mounts and such.

  15. I see all of these docks for it.  Does it not have a micro usb port?  I must have 7 micro usb cables in different rooms, my office, and vehicles with universal usb chargers that I have used to charge ALL of my Android phones to this point.  Having to pay 20 or even 40 for an additional charger is ridiculous. 

  16. Please stop linking to these kind of retailers who put up pre-orders for non released products. You’re just helping them game the SEO system.

  17. Nexus phones getting immediate updates unlike every other devices makes Nexus phones the best phone.

  18. No belt clip/holster?

  19. Wrong place…

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