LG Optimus 3D Gingerbread Update Brings Improved Data Speeds and Video Recording


The LG Optimus 3D is all set to receive it’s Gingerbread update with open arms but rather than wait, some ballsy XDA users have begun flashing a leaked official build for the device. While not quite ready for primetime, the leaked 2.3.5 build does clue us in on what we can expect once the official OTA begins rolling out for the Optimus 3D.

According to the leak, the update will bring improved HSPA+ speeds bumping up download speeds to 21Mbps down. Also improved are video recording adding video stabilization and better video quality. The gallery app has also been improved with faster loading and a new video editor has also made it into the update as well.

All in all, I’d say Optimus 3D users have a lot to look forward to once the official update begins making the rounds come November 21st. So, LG… where’s that Thrill update?

[XDA via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Why do we always get f*cked in the states when it comes to updates? Hopefully they bring it soon!

    1. xda-developers.com ?

    2. Maybe the US carriers are trying to see how the update will turn out in the other countries so that when it comes here, it’ll be perfect. Seeing as how most Americans don’t like to do things on their own. They don’t want any type of trouble where they’ll have to service the phone.

  2. Yeah my friend has a Lg Thrill which is exactly the same device. So when is Lg going to focus on the American Market as well? I mean to completely ignore their customers in the states is a serious mistake I would think for Lg. Has there been any word of when the update is coming? I believe carriers have some reason it takes longer to get updates on Android but if the devices are the same why wouldn’t they update them both together? I bet it will be some reason of possibly getting ICS instead but if that’s the route that Lg decided to take great but the poor Thrill owners would have that much longer to wait for any bug fixes and patches to their device not to mention the

    updated features sorely missing from Froyo. Plus faster data speeds is always a good thing especially on AT&T’s congested network.

  3. If anyone knows any info about the Thrill and gingerbread if you don’t mind sharing that would be great. I’ve been keeping my eyes posted on any info about this so far zero, zip nothing, nada, nil. The only information I keep seeing is about the Lg Optimus 3D. Apparently the American version isn’t worth LG’s time.

  4. Its the same product. Optimus 3d is Thrill. Is just that Americans need more fancy names.. You guys should see ur commercials from an outsiders view. Then it becomes clear why it has a different name

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