Marvel To Begin Releasing Digital Comics Same Day As Print Copies


In an attempt to rouse up new customers, Marvel announced that they would be bringing their full line of comic books (aside from third-party titles) to digital platforms the very same day the books are released in physical stores. Normally, the print editions have limited time exclusivity before they’re available to download digitally with downloaders waiting anywhere from weeks to months before catching up with their favorite heroes.

You can expect the entire rollout to complete sometime in March of next year. Now if only Marvel could drop the price of their digital comics to a buck-fiddy — then I’ll bite. Any of our reader current Marvel Digital Comic subscribers?

[Via Gizmodo]


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  1. how much are the digital comics now?

    1. Download the app, it is free.

  2. Sweet!

  3. Let’s all say “thank you” to Mickey Mouse for giving us these digital comics.

  4. The SliverSurfer is cooler than all those guys…ijust never could understand why they have not and do not use him much…when he can do more than all Superheros…

  5. I’ll continue to give my cash to my local comic shop.

  6. They got pushed into it cause both DC and Image are doing Same day as print releases already.

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