HTC Says the HTC Rezound Will Be Ice Cream Sandwich Ready


HTC has mentioned at their HTC Rezound event in New York City (see the announcement post here) that the new device will be Ice Cream Sandwich ready, meaning HTC will be working hard to put the new version of Android on the phone after Google releases the source code.

With 1GB of RAM, a dual-core processor and a 720p HD display we’d say this particular phone is about as ready as it will ever be for the long-awaited overhaul of Android. Unfortunately, no time frame can be had but we’re sure we’ll be hearing of HTC’s plans soon enough. Sit tight. [via]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Motorola DROID RAZR YouTube Video Confirms 11/11/11 at 11:11 AM

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  1. This is the phone I want. No need for Nexus or Razr. This is the same spec wise as the Nexus (minus ICS which it WILL get) but with expandable memory. They will have a bigger battery at launch I am sure. Google will make another Nexus and abandon this Nexus. HTC takes care of their phones.

    1. You must be high or something, let me give you a history lesson.
      It took Google 1 month to update the Nexus One to Gingerbread, it took HTC over one year to update the Hero to 2.1
      Also HTC have low quality parts in their phones (speakers are a good example), only marketing.
      Love the design though, black and red looks beautiful.

      1. HTC Hero was never a high end phone and thus it didnt get the love that their high end phones get such as Evo and Thunderboldt with more timely updates.  Expandble storage and bigger battery is big plus many want.  The Nexus S was the coolest thing to happen to android for many months prior to it then quickily forgotten with the Thunderboldt and other high end phones.  The Nexus seems to be the first with upgraded OS but then HTC follows fast with upgrades and better specs.  HTC’s track record for updating OS on high end phones is the best among all manufacturers.  Still on froyo on my Samsung Galaxy S phone :(

        1. It’s US carriers fault for Galaxy S update. Samsung is actually updating faster than HTC oversea. 
          Nexus S didn’t have cutting edge spec like dual core or LTE, but G Nex has it like HD screen, dual core, LTE. So it won’t be overshadowed by others until quad core, full HD, 100Mbps LTE phones come.

        2. The Hero was the highest end phone HTC had when it came out. Granted, their record has improved since then, but it’s still not at the level of a Nexus device: the Nexus One was the first phone to be updated to Gingerbread. The almost-identical Desire never even got an official OTA Gingerbread update.

          My Nexus S was not quickly forgotten. It’s first in line for an ICS update. Let’s see if the Thunderbolt ever gets it.

      2. By that thinking every manufacturer that has made a low end phone doesn’t update their products ever.

    2. Are u serious? Ur going to trust htc with updates and verizon bloatware? And give up a 4.65 inch hd screen with no buttons….. Must b a noob

      1. So you’re gonna go around calling people noobs cause they don’t like what you like??? Get a fricking life and get the hell out of your parents basement and go get some poootang pie or something !!!

      2. Why must everyone be a “noob”  when they don’t agree with YOUR opinion? You must be the CEO of Google Nexus land. Sorry to disagree with you all mighty one. This “noob” has learned his lesson.

        1. go look up webster’s again.

          1. You are entitled to your own opinion of course, i just dont see any reason to want this phone over a pure google experience that GOOGLE selected the hardware SPECIFICALLY for ice cream software, WITH NO BLOATWARE, with NO UI alterations by the manufacturer, With delayed updates…Im sorry if you can’t see why a nexus is better.  I guess i am more software performance driven….i prefer updated clean os.  So if you want this phone and when google os needs an update you have to wait til htc says its ready then verizon says its ready then go ahead your choice. Sorry if i offended you ;-)

    3. Sure they will have extended battery making this thick phone even thicker. I predict that Rezound will last shortest on standard battery among these three phones.

  2. i honestly dont care much for the Nexus never really “Wowed” me this on the other hand looks like my Incredible on roids …which is a good thing hopfully they do upgrade it ASAP and no bugs like the Thunderbolt …the only problem with this cell is that bunk ass battery wtf htc ?

  3. It is not the nexus…

      1.  he never said jesus was the nexus…whatever the hell that even means. if you can’t add meaning to a conversation, then do us all a favor and shut your mouth….

  4. What I am really wondering is how HTC and other manufacturers with their custom skins will adapt to ICS. Sense currently adds a lot of functionality and Aesthetic appeal to Android but with ICS that isn’t really necessary anymore (at least in my opinion)

    I wonder if they will take the Samsung route and just make minimal changes similar to how Touchwiz 4.0 is pretty spare.

    1. From what I’ve seen the Sense dialer/contacts still looks better, as well as the messaging app and the lockscreen, and the Sense 3.5 camera app is much better. Also, even though I don’t use the Sense launcher (Rosie), I think the Sense widgets are very good and better than anything else on the market with the exception of maybe the paid Pure ones. All of that could be implemented as a removable layer on top of ICS though which is what I’d strongly prefer.

  5. I wish they would have added a larger battery. 1620 just isn’t enough in a phone with an hd screen. Not to mention HTC is pretty crappy with updates so the good thing is you can root and run custom roms and that to get ics early.

  6. I love how you give an opinion on here and you get blasted with what people think is the “right” answer. Sorry it’s called an opinion for a reason. Use Webster’s to look up the meaning please. To everyone who “hates” my answer. No I don’t feel like walking around with a friggen 4.6″ tablet in my pocket. My Droid Inc has been a great phone with ZERO problems. Why would I jump ship for a Samsung? Well in MY OPINION Samsung has yet to build a decent phone. By decent I mean not cheaply made. HTC does build quality phones and that is hard to argue with…but I know my beating will begin with the fan boys. HTC does not take long with updates to its High End phones. The Hero was/is not a high end phone.

    1. hahah you quoted webster’s.

    2. I agree with you, but the Thunderbolt GB update took way too long.

    3. I’m an HTC Incredible owner, and have been since 5/10.  Have loved it until about two months ago.  Have somehow come up against an internal memory limitation that is hard to identify.  Periodically get “Low Memory” warnings, even though internal storage has 5 MB free and external SD card has 3MB free.  When the “low memory” warning appears, GMail stops syncing and other weirdness can occur.  This problem has been reported by many Inc users for months, with no good solution offered by HTC.

      Was hoping the OS upgrade to 2.3 (Gingerbread) would fix that problem, but apparently it actually made it worse–apparently, so many users complained that HTC/Verizon halted the OS 2.3 upgrade push…again (first push started in Aug and was halted, then resumed in early Sept and was halted again).  Here it is November, and I have never received the 2.3 OS upgrade…and now I’m not sure I want it, for fear of it making my low memory problem recur more frequently.

      I still like my phone, and I may get another HTC model in the future, but forgive me if I’m not quite as supportive as you.  HTC could have done a lot better with memory management and OS upgrade support on the Incredible.

      1. I have an incredible also and mine was doing the same thing.  I determined that it was a problem with my Adobe Flash 11 install.  I would uninstall that and see how much luck you have.  As for the subject at hand, I am still on the fence as to which phone I am going to buy.  They all sound awesome.  Up until 10 minutes ago I was going to be the Razr because it was scheduled to be ICS ready but now I am reading that the Rezound will also get ICS so I am stuck.  I guess I will just have to play with them to decide.

      2. i also have the incredible and my verizon guy told me that htc did not dedicate enough of the storage to apps that’s the reason i started to get low memory warnings, the only thing you can do is just delete some of the apps that are taking up too much space.  no worries on the new rezound being that they dedicated 4 of the 16 gigs to apps which is plenty for anyone

  7. new I’ve had HTC phones for 4 years. I am officially done. They made the phone longer than the tbolt…and still couldn’t make a thinner. Droid Razr, here I come.

    1. I don’t think it’s that they can’t build thinner phones, it’s just not their style. Each company has designers for their products, and personally I’m not a fan of really thin phones. I want something with a bit of weight, and a nice solid feel. Solid>thin imho

      1. You do realize that it is slightly thicker, and a lot longer than the thunderbolt, right? The battery should be bigger. It doesn’t have to be Razr thin…but to be twice as thick is ridiculous. I have been an htc fan for a long time. Touch, Touch Diamond, Hero, Evo, Incredible, Thunderbolt. That is the end of the line for me. They are making bigger and heavier bricks, while everybody else is improving their designs.

        1. I understand completely what you’re saying, I just like ‘industrial’ feeling devices :p

  8. I’m still on board for the Nexus, but for anyone that will be rooting the Rezound, they will have a wonderful device on their hands with the power at their fingertips.

    Concerns?  Battery and that it does not look thin at all.

  9. 1. Nexus
    2. Rezound
    3 Razr

    That’s how I see it. All three are very beautiful and capable phones. I am going to try out the Nexus and the Rezound  to see which one I like the most.

  10. HTC has disappointed me with the thunderbolt. It was released on froyo and was also promised to receive gingerbread by the first quarter ’11. There have been leaks and custom rooms, and I am rooted. But I don’t consider that timely, the stable update was just released what two weeks ago? That along with lack of an amoled display has me moving on to the galaxy nexus, Loved having that screen on my incredible.

  11. Can’t wait for this!

  12. my first htc was the incredible. i swear to myself, i will never use a htc again. 

  13. Wow, HTC is really trying to pull a fast one on Android lovers.  Thankfully everyone who reads this site aren’t idiotic enough to fall for their BS.  First off, while the Rezound will be a pretty decent device (good hardware specs etc.) it’s really one of those phones that you have to Love Sense in order to appreciate it.  Having been using Sense 3.0 with my HTC Sensation I can say that it sucks, IMO.  

    Sense hogs memory and tries to put Gingerbread in the back seat.  All my phone memory goes to maintaining Sense.  I’m so ready to go back to the Nexus line of phones; pure Android UI/OS.  

    Second off (and I’m sure some people have already commented on this) just because the phone is “Ice Cream Sandwich ready” doesn’t mean it will be getting the update anytime soon.  Both HTC and Samsung seem to love to keep users waiting on the Android updates.  People usually have to root in order to get the updates at a decent time.  Did the HTC Thunderbolt just get the official Gingerbread 2.3 like two or three weeks ago…smh.  

    I’ll be skipping HTC and Samsung from now on and strictly sticking to the Google Nexus line of phones thank you very much.

  14. ICS ready and it STILL has hardware buttons?

    Give european HTC device with 4.3″+ screen, ICS and no hardware buttons and 1080p Video recording!

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