HTC Flyer Now Available for T-Mobile


An FCC filing from June promised that the HTC Flyer would be headed to T-Mobile, but the tablet never surfaced for the magenta network. No in plain sight, anyway. T-Mobile has apparently been offering the Flyer to business customers for the past few weeks, but sales have opened up to all through HTC’s website. T-Mobile’s site still doesn’t list the tablet and no official release announcement was made, which is odd. But for the moment it looks like all interested parties can get their hands on the Flyer for $299 on a new contract or for $454 without.

[HTC via Engadget]

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  1. Too little too late… Seriously though???

  2. idk why business customers would want this

    1. cuz the old farts in charge of a lot of companies love styluses. :P

  3. HTC and Tmobile must smoke HUGE QUANTITIES of crack

    1. More like METH.

  4. this has been out for a while 

  5. What’s the point? I thought you could buy one at best buy for $300. I understand that’s a wifi only unit but that’s too much for a 7″ gb tablet. Seems they ask of these tablet manufacturers think these things are made of gold.

  6. Really needs to be half the price and have a honeycomb update already.

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