Age of Defenders Brings Cross-Platform Multiplayer Tower Defense (Offense?) Game to Android Tablets


Cuketa has announced the launch of Age of Defenders, a tower offense/defense game that touts cross-platform multiplayer as reasons why you should look no further for a game in this genre. Users on Android will be able to play users on both Android and iOS tablets.

Like many games in the genre, it’s a top-down oriented game that has you defending your tower, with the big twist being you get to attack others’. It’s sure to blossom into one of the most popular strategy and defense games in the Android market.

All you have to pay for the privilege tovplay is $3. Unfortunately this one’s for tablets only due to the nature of the game. If you have a compatible device (easily checked via the Android market on the web) get to it. Also be sure to watch the trailer above to get an idea of what’s in store. [Market]

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  1. Damn… I have too many tower defense games.  Mach Defense, “Tower Defense by com2us” And a million more now that I have both ipad2 and galaxy s lol

    1. you got any tower defense multiplayer yet?

      1. which one is that?

        1. I believe Jonas was going for “sarcasm / snarky” since none existed prior to this game.

          1. indeed :)

  2. What makes this a “tower defense” game vs. a “real time strategy” game?

    1. I think its the fact you place down towers and don’t get to decide where your units go. RTS= you build the units and send them when you want. Tower defense you build the towers and the units flow at timed intervals. I haven’t played this game (looks awesome) but I would think it would be closer to a DOTA/LOL/HON game with out the heroes and adding the tower defense part. 

    2. Because RTS’s generally focus on building Armies to fight each other with basic base and defense setups. This game requires far too many elaborate defense towers and upgrades. Think of how C&C does it vs this

      1. I’d love to see a RTS like C&C on Android.

  3. What about galaxy note?

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