Nov 2nd, 2011

With the focus shifted to Apple’s legal battles with Samsung, a lawsuit that has been lingering since last November is making headlines today. Small Spanish tablet manufacturer Nuevas Tecnologias was accused of infringing on Apple’s iPad tablet design, resulting in a preliminary injunction on the sales of their NK-T slate and limiting sales to less than 200. Now a Spanish court has decided in favor of Nuevas Tecnologias, and the company is planning to file a lawsuit demanding compensation for losses caused by Samsung’s legal actions.

The verdict is rare considering Samsung’s troubles getting many of the globtrotting charges overturned. It is a small victory, though will likely have little impact on other patent lawsuits filed against competitors. Still, Samsung’s legal team may want to take a look at the work Nuevas Tecnologias’ lawyers did. Oh, and Apple, shame on you for being so cruel as to attempt to eliminate a small, local tablet maker that only expected to sell 15,000 tablets at most. Your iPad was hardly threatened.

[via WSJ]

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