A Small Victory: Spanish Tablet Maker Beats Apple in Court


With the focus shifted to Apple’s legal battles with Samsung, a lawsuit that has been lingering since last November is making headlines today. Small Spanish tablet manufacturer Nuevas Tecnologias was accused of infringing on Apple’s iPad tablet design, resulting in a preliminary injunction on the sales of their NK-T slate and limiting sales to less than 200. Now a Spanish court has decided in favor of Nuevas Tecnologias, and the company is planning to file a lawsuit demanding compensation for losses caused by Samsung’s legal actions.

The verdict is rare considering Samsung’s troubles getting many of the globtrotting charges overturned. It is a small victory, though will likely have little impact on other patent lawsuits filed against competitors. Still, Samsung’s legal team may want to take a look at the work Nuevas Tecnologias’ lawyers did. Oh, and Apple, shame on you for being so cruel as to attempt to eliminate a small, local tablet maker that only expected to sell 15,000 tablets at most. Your iPad was hardly threatened.

[via WSJ]

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  1. “demanding compensation for losses caused by Samsung’s legal actions.”

    Samsung’s legal actions?

    1. I’m guessing he meant apple… Pretty confusing error tho

      1. I figured the same…   And why in the Crap would Apple go after such a small business?  bunch of douchbags!  Damn I hate that company.

    2. Yeah, I’m guessing that was supposed to be “Apple’s legal actions…”

      1. nope, crapple patented the protocol of suing samsung whenever they themselves gets sued 

  2. Good for the company. And shame on the judge who initially issued this injunction.

  3. Apple patented the loss of lawsuits.  They intend to sue over this.

  4. So Apple has that much control over the court system that Samsung can get sued when Apple loses a case?

    1. I think it was a mistake on Kevin’s part. He has to mean Apple.

    2. They meant Apple and not Samsung. Im a Samsung fan, not of Apple. Apple is too selfish to share a moment in the spotlight with another company even though their still business partners with Sammy. I give all the Android phone makers luck in the future with Apple.

  5. This story doesn’t make any sense.  Why are the losses caused by Samsung’s legal actions? Did you mean Apple’s legal actions?  Confusing story.

  6. I say this every single time Kevin.

    Proof read your articles you idiot.

    1. kevin,

  7. “Now a Spanish court has decided in favor of Nuevas Tecnologias, and the company is planning to file a lawsuit demanding compensation for losses caused by Samsung’s legal actions.”Did you mean for Apple’s legal actions?

  8. I was slitghtly confused about that typo too.  I’m sure he meant Apple but he should proof read.
    Glad for the small company that won tho.  I hope they sue the shit outta Apple.

    1. i second, third, infinity that

      1. I infinity plus infinity times infinity divided by infinity that.

        1. So you mean 1? Infinity + Infinity = (Infinity) x Infinity = (Infinity) / Infinity = 1. Any number divided by itself is 1. eL oh eL!! :P 

          1. Buttttttttt. Infinity is not a specified number, its a term to describe an multitude of numbers that go beyond measure sooo is it really 1 or just good old infinity? ;) or or actually Infinity plus Infinity equals 2Infinity then that times infinity equals 2infinity divided by infinity of which would simply make that 2Infinity. Or just infinity.

          2. no he di-int, he just appled my infinity

  9. Good for NT, Apple’s “There can be only one” mentality will only hurt the technological field if allowed to continue.

    1. can we have a group “fuck apple”

      1. fuck apple

  10. LOL when ALL your readers catch an amazingly glaring error on the first read, it’s pretty much proof that you don’t proofread your articles AT ALL.

    1. No, he goes back and intentionally adds errors so we’ll have something to talk about.

  11. I think he means apples legal actions

  12. WTF?! My brain hurts after reading this article.

  13. This article is a cluster duck…

    1. Apple is a fuster cluck.

  14. I’m looking at a review of it now and it looks nothing like an iPad. Apple just wants to squash all competition until they are they only one left. Hitler making phones and tablets.

  15. But why hasn’t he fixed this as yet?

  16. Good all companies should sue apple for lost sales and wasting their time. Maybe this is what Steve jobs ment by he was willing to spend all of apples $40b to destroy android  waste it all in the court system.

    1. I hope apple goes bankrupt

      1. Amen.

  17. Absolute greed… sick

  18. All those corrections and nobody mentioned the “globtrotting” typo? Must be a bunch of glob-loving fanboys… ;-)

  19. Here is the webpage for the tablet in question.. Congrats to the Spanish company.. I hope they sue CRAPple dry!!

    1. Whoah! That looks just like an iPad, too! Especially the Home, Menu, and back buttons… those look just like the ones that Apple puts on their tablet.

      By Golly, Apple should have won that suit. After all, they invented the rectangle!

      1. yeah the rectangle and the colors black and white.

    2. Wow!! That’s actually a really cool tablet. It has a port to add a USB device. You can add an external hard drive if you wanted. This tablet technically has the most space evar!! Unless there’s another tablet with USB connectivity.

      Too bad my G2 has the same amount of RAM. -_-

      1. Toshiba’s tablet has a USB port, the Viewsonic 10″ tablet has a USB port, and the Asus Transformer has a full-size USB port on the keyboard.

        Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I’m sure there are more.

  20. Why would they be suing samsung?

    1.  They mis-wrote the article.  They will put in a retraction 20 pages in the back 3 weeks later so no one sees it.  I read the same thing as you.

  21. This just made my day….

  22. Wtf this makes no sense please proofread before posting.

    1. Maybe phandroid should hire someone to write their articles. My 5th grader could do a better job than what they have now.

      1. We have come to expect this with almost every article they are churning out. Makes a lot of sense when they screw up articles and help spread misinformation. 

  23. Viva Nuevas Tecnologias!

    1. Que?

  24. I love Phandroid, but they really need to proofread before they post…’s starting to become just random unintelligible words now.

  25. Good God, man. You’re getting to be PocketNow-bad when it comes to your post, Kevin. Like, seriously. 

  26. Chill me boyos. It was just a typo.

  27. I am so disgusted by Apple and their entire team. They are the worst when it comes to stealing ideas but yet they are the first to litigation. I will never own another Apple product.

  28. i am really sick and tired of apple BS, i am now full on anti apple.

  29. Just reading the comments here, it seems people don’t really understand the concept of intellectual property. If an entity is infringing on your intellectual property it is your duty (in the eyes of your shareholders) to stop this. Apple is in the limelight because of their recent rampant success, but any successful company is going to run this way.  I am sure there are dozens of IP lawsuits filed every day by companies that nobody cares about and therefor that information never makes it to the headlines.

  30. Don’t mess with the Spanish!!  Dey will keel you!!

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