Press Shot Labeled as Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Carrier Branding Nowhere to Be Found


The above image doesn’t look much different than any other official Samsung Galaxy Nexus image we have seen before, but this one isn’t just any Galaxy Nexus. According to the astute men of DroidLife, this image has the distinction of originally having the file name “Verizon_SCH-i515.jpg.″ The image was located on Samsung’s website, and despite its name the device pictured lacks any recognizable Verizon marks. Two possibilities here: (1) the file is a placeholder image with Verizon included in its name for identification purposes for the people working on the Samsung website, or (2) like the Nexus devices before it, the Galaxy Nexus will be absent of the expected carrier branding, lending to it’s clean Google Experience roots. Sure, it’s a bit much of a fuss over a single image, but it is the Galaxy Nexus. We’ll take any excuse to talk about this beautiful device.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Hurry up already!!! And please be pure & clean.

  2. I’ll take it.

    1. Impressive. You’re three years old, and you can use a computer.

  3. Damnit! Just sell me one already. Take my money, please.

  4. *please don’t eff this up vzw!*

    1. Don’t worry, they will. It’s not a droid branded phone, so Verizon won’t bother with any promotion of it, or give information about it. That’s why all ads you see will be by Google and link to their Nexus page. Plus, it’s not like Verizon does a good job anymore promoting their own branded phones.

      1. The thunderbolt wasnt a Droid branded phone and did pretty good promoting that one..

        1. Wasn’t that because the Thunderbolt was the first LTE phone?

        2. As Nick said, that was only because it was the first flagship LTE phone they had, so they had to push it, if it wasn’t for that, it wouldn’t have got much promotion other than maybe a week long spot on their front page.

  5. Amazing how a web developer names an image and sparks all kinds of speculations.

  6. Just sell me the phone. Heck, you can brand Verizon on the Back (i’ll put a case on it), JUST PUT THE DANG PHONE ON THE MARKET FOR PURCHASE. I’m tired of hearing about freaking SIRI already.

    1. Yeah Siri is cool but you can’t really use it in real world situations unless you tell everyone around you to shut up which I doubt. That’s why I only use the Voice controls on my phone when no one is around.

  7. Google liked that blacked-out look of the front of the Nexus S. I’m pretty sure this phone will be the same, and the only way of doing this is to not have any carrier branding in front.

    Nov 17th can’t come soon enough!

  8. I guess I’m a glass is half empty guy right now because I feel there is no way verizon is not gonna slap there name on this device. It’s just a stock image. Thats my guess. But dang lets hope this is true!

    1. Didn’t happen with the Nexus S 4G so it won’t happen here unless Verizon changes the name.

  9. I can concur with the sentiment of “Just release the damned thing already.” Im waiting for that to jump ship from Sprint.

    1. What if Sprint gets it?

      1. Highly doubt that..

        1. Yeah me too.

  10. I still will be going with the HTC Vigor…

    I just like switching out my Memory Cards too much…

    1. Silly question: why do you need to switch it out so often? for images/vids/docs, isnt it easier to ‘port’ using cable rather than taking battery out to switch cards? curious…

      1. I agree and would also like to know the answer. I’m not questioning the reasoning…just curious how other people use their phones – gives me ideas of how else to use mine.

        That said, I don’t think I will be satisfied with a 16gb Nexus and no memory card. If that is my only option, I suppose I will have to research more cloud services. Amazon has a pretty cool music storage service that would free up some space for apps and pictures.

        1. I have a crap ton of apps and use google music service/dropbox and some other services for cloud computing…i just checked my 16gb card and only am using 1gb of space.

          1. I switch my cards out for movies… I have netflix, but I like to carry a few 32GB cards with me of movies for trips. I use Google Music cloud for music myself. But I switch cards out for movies and what not. I also like to keep different ROM’s updated and available to me via SD card, with all the trimmings.

        2. For myself, I often switch SD cards. If you have a lot of different ROMs, and backups (often more than one) for each one, especially if there are a lot of apps involved with each one, they can take up even a 32GB SD card pretty quickly. Personally, I prefer to just switch out cards rather than dumping everything onto a computer and then back. I realize that I am very much in the minority in this, but since you asked..
          Also, it is MY personal preference, some people don’t mind linking to a computer only, but I prefer to have removable memory. I can transfer, for example, a ROM and some themes onto an SD card that’s plugged directly into the computer, while at the same time using the handset to download something else, or listen to or watch something that is on the SD card in the phone in the meantime, etc.

    2. I prefer a mem card, then if I crash the phone or freeze it I am not SOL on the saved data. I’ve lost some important pics and docs from that before and now I am just paranoid.

  11. Actually this photo is on the Samsung web site under the Verizon model number so it is more than likely the real deal. Nexus phones don’t have branding on them, well nothing other than Google. That is how it works. Verizon will announce the date after they get all of the RAZR pre-orders in the bank. The Rezound is really aimed at a different target audience so it doesn’t really compete with the GNexus or the Razr.

    1. They always say Google and the manufacturers name but I think this one also might say LTE 4G on the back.

  12. Apparently you haven’t seen the back of the phone yet that has Verizon’s 4G LTE logo.

    1. But that still isn’t Verizon branding on the front of the phone though smartass….it’s just a 4G LTE branding, the word Verizon is absent

    2. I doubt that it will say Verizon just look at the only other Nexus that has been sold in carrier stores the Nexus S 4G on Sprint: http://cdn.androidtapp.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Nexus-S-4G-Back-View.jpg

      No Sprint name on it.

  13. Awesome. I hate those logos.

  14. i want a sd card slot on this thing….

    1. want in one hand, poop in the other, tell me which one is filled.

  15. can verizon hurry up and give a preorder/release date… becoming OCD checking this site for updates every 5 minutes

  16. I don’t even like having Samsung printed on the back side of my Nexus S so hopefully they put as little print on the Galaxy Nexus as possible! Just Google on the back would be perfect. Especially no carrier branding!!!

  17. I could care less if it says Verizon on it. I’m proud to be on Verizon, the country’s top cell phone carrier. Now if it said T’mobile, AT&T or Sprint on it, that’s another story.
    Besides, it’s whats inside that counts anyways.

  18. Looks like on or around the week of Thanksgiving here in the US on Big Red! Verizon marketing plan now circulating the interwebs.

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