HTC Rezound Shows Up in Verizon In-Store Ad


The HTC Rezound is expected to be announced at a press event this week, but it looks like Verizon is getting antsy. The handset has broken cover at Verizon retail locations, making an appearance in an in-store advertisement. Rumors point to the phone launching sometime between the 10th and 17th, with some saying the 14th is the date to watch. The Rezound showing off it’s Beats earphones and red softkeys ahead of an official announcement isn’t too surprising. The fact that Verizon is still advertising the LG Revolution and Motorola Droid Bionic is.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Come to me baby… This is the phone I want…

  2. If it has any hardware improvements like they did on the HP notebooks I will get one for sure. I fear it may be sofware only like the sensation. But if it has a pentile lcd it will be a letdown, I hope it has at least an AMOLED pentile, wvga or better. I would pick it over the razor for sure, the nexus? That is a tough one!

  3. It looks like an attempt by Verizon to bury the HTC Thunderbolt. Why else pair the Rezound with 2 original LTE devices.

  4. i don’t think carriers typically launch phones of this caliber on a monday. i think verizon needs to be careful how they release the nexus / razr / rezound so that they dont cannibalize each others’ sales. for the average consumer, diversity is nice and all, but how they going to differentiate these? (if $150 ear buds came with these, they’d be nuts to skip out on that deal)

  5. That is a terrible picture for an ad. Is Netflix even a selling point right now? They just pissed off a lot of people. More importantly, if you have a new high end phone don’t put it next to two other phones that look almost exactly alike. “Oh, that one has earbuds with red cords, it must be awesome!” The album cover doesn’t even utilize the whole screen so it looks like the Rezound has a smaller screen due to all the black. Lastly, Joe Jonas? You’d think they’d at least pick someone with a top 20 song and broader appeal. I had to look him up, but I’d bet that the people in his fan base willing to spend $299 on a phone already have iPhones.

  6. With beats they are going after people who want the best sound quality. I have a tbolt and have beats over the ear headphones, it is an Awsome combo. If the rezound can improve on that I’m in.

  7. Ugh, iPhone 3GS form factor but appearing to be shorter and fatter. Keeping this ridiculous name and then aping Samsung aping Apple may have just cost HTC a customer. I may be waiting till after the first of the year to get whatever is next on the horizon.

    1. http://ragefac.es/126


      you, sir, sound like an asshat. you’d not get a phone a.) because of a name, and b.) because it looks like every other smartphone shape ever? good god, what’s wrong with you?!

  8. this thing looks fake. “Revolution by Samsung”, “Bionic by Motorola”, stands to reason that the Rezound would be named in the same manner on an official ad, and therefore should be “Rezound by HTC”. Plus, why put this phone next to the Revolution and Crionic, seems like a stupid place to market them.

  9. They should’ve had the built-in music player or a full screen shot of the Beats logo on the screen instead of somebody’s album cover. (I’m assuming one of the Jonas Bros went solo?? Who cares?) This isn’t really showing off the screen size that way. I think there was a lack of thought put in when they put this ad together. Antsy indeed…

  10. Would love to see something new come out in the Dorid X2 form factor , longer less girth , the DX2 is just the right size but to old of hardware to compete .

  11. Ad is very squished lol

  12. I dont care, I just want the DAMN thing already!! :D

  13. The specs are there. Now all Htc have to do is make it work .There have been duds in the past like the Thunderbolt which was never able to resolve battery issues. Problem is with these devices is that manufacturers are under  great pressure to produce a miracle device that works perfectly in a very short period of time. Look at the BB 9800-the 9810 is a much better device. Very difficult to  mass produce these things without major/minor issues and recalls. 

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